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Rootkey Talks Return & "Black Sheep"

Sep 11, 2020
Rootkey Talks Return & "Black Sheep"
Today we’re joined by Italian producer Rootkey, who’s marked an exciting return to electronic music with the release of “Black Sheep” on Carousel Muzik. After taking a few years away to focus on his productions and develop his artistic identity, it was an exciting time to talk about his new sound, goals, and debut release!
Alberto, thanks for joining us today – great to see that you’re back releasing music! How has life been for you as a producer in the COVID era? While this surely presents many challenges, what have been some of the highlights of the past few months for you?
Thanks for having me. Production in the COVID era has been very intense, but smooth as ever. One of the challenges was not being able to travel outside of my country. I personally think that traveling is very important to find inspiration and creativity. I tried to work as best I could to finish tracks and work on new ideas.
Can you talk to us some more about your background in electronic music, taking some time off, and your return this year?
These past few years while I stopped releasing, I focused a lot on my production skills and worked more on my style, my sound and my identity. I felt ready to come back and I decided to start releasing music again. I’m very proud of that.
What has been your top career accomplishment to date? And what are your next major goals? 
To date, my greatest professional achievement is my latest single “Black Sheep,” which is seeing a lot of support and a lot of positive feedback from the public. I have many major goals, but first of all I want to work even harder to be able to release more tracks. The biggest goal I have would be the chance to play my music abroad on a tour. 
Focusing back in on your new music – we’re loving “Black Sheep”! Can you tell us about the production for the track? What did the initial sketch look like and how did you progress to the final track that we hear today?
“Black Sheep” wants to give the feeling of freedom and diversity. The initial sketch started from the bottom of the track that I wanted to keep very important and simple, putting small details that characterize the song. Fx, pads, sounds sampled by me, editing, vocals... these are the real magic of the song that give life to the final product that we hear today.
How does “Black Sheep” represent where you’re headed with your sound as a producer currently? Are there any other artists in the same sphere who you are looking to for inspiration?
“Black Sheep” is a very important point, a departure for my production path. It establishes a more serious and elaborate sound, while I'm trying to continuously experiment and offer something fresh. There are no specific artists who I am inspired by, but I try to take inspiration from various musical worlds.
Do you have any other upcoming music that you can tell us about? 
There will be a lot of news coming. Very soon there will be releases with special collaborations, new and fresh sounds and each of them will express important emotions both with sound elements and with singing. I'm looking forward to showing them to the public.
How have you been using your extra time at home during this pandemic? Do you have any tips or tricks to share for people looking to maintain their positivity and creativity during this difficult time both inside and outside of the studio?
In quarantine I was able to dedicate myself totally to the studio, not being distracted by anything else, except for example the gym. One piece of advice I can give to the people within the studio is to be strong and to focus now more than ever on future projects. As for outside the studio, try to take as much care as possible and protect yourself, to minimize damage and return back to normality as soon as possible.
As we look ahead for the future, what is one goal that you’re hoping to achieve by the end of 2020, and one by the end of next year?
By the end of 2020, surely the goal is to release one or two new tracks. By the end of next year, I’d like that everything will be completely back to normal. I hope to be able to do gigs abroad and of course leave good feelings in people's hearts.
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