Exclusive Behind The Scenes: R3HAB x Vini Vici Mega Collab

Aug 05, 2019
Exclusive Behind The Scenes: R3HAB x Vini Vici Mega Collab
Today we’re thrilled to present an exclusive double interview with two of the biggest names in dance music, R3HAB & Vini Vici. The uber talented artists are fresh off the release of their massive collaboration “Alive” which seamlessly blends their different styles. Our interview with the guys is loaded with unique insights and cool facts so read on for an extra special look inside their worlds! 
Hi guys, thanks for joining us today! Let's jump right into it – how did you come together to work on this track? 
R3HAB: We actually just met at a festival in Italy where we were both playing. One of the first things we all said to each other was that we should do a collab, and that it would be dope to have it on my label, CYB3RPVNK. A few months later, Vini Vici sent me a demo that they thought worked well for both of our ‘profiles’ if you will, and that’s what I ended up finishing with them and that became “Alive.”
Vini Vici: The idea for a collaboration popped up straight away when we met in Italy. A few months later (together with Pangea & Dego) we felt that we finally had an idea that might work for both worlds, and the rest is history.
How do you think that your styles complement each other and how would you describe the track that resulted from this collaboration?
R3HAB: Our styles are different but complement each other in a way that their sound kind of takes my music to a more psy-trance-ish direction than what I’ve done before, which was super fun and interesting. I mean, the track is 100% fun, just listen to it. The drop just makes you smile, you know?
Vini Vici: We think that the fact that our styles are so different from each other makes the final result super special. It was definitely challenging as this type of fusion has never been done before, but we are extremely happy with the result. Art has no rules!
When and where did you first play the track out? Was it still a work in progress, that you've since turned into the final product, or was it finalized the first time that you played it? What was the first reaction like?
R3HAB: It’s was already about 80% finished when Vini Vici played it for the first time when closing Tomorrowland Winter. The first time I played it was at this huge festival in China. The crowd went crazy as soon as I started playing it. To watch the whole crowd  jumping up and down going crazy for the first time playing a new song is always the best feeling.
Vini Vici: We have had the main idea laying around for almost a year, but we all wanted to be sure on it before dropping it for the first time. The first big event where we played it at was Tomorrowland Winter.
What's been your favorite moment of the summer so far? 
R3HAB: Impossible to pick one moment, especially since festival summer is still going on. I can tell you, though, that I’m really looking forward to Summerburst in Sweden, and to the August Japan shows. Always a great crowd in Japan, and the food over there is amazing haha.
Vini Vici: This summer season is EPIC! Very hard for us to choose a moment. Maybe launching our own Alteza stage at Tomorrowland. This was a very special milestone for us.
Are there any upcoming tracks, tour dates, or other highlights that have you particularly excited for the remainder of the summer?
R3HAB: I mean, I defer to my last answer haha, but yes of course I also have a bunch of new music on the way, including “Alive.” Haven’t released that many originals this summer, so I have a few of those in the pipeline that I’m very excited about, both in the realms of house and more pop-leaning tracks.
Vini Vici: We are basically almost all the time on tour, so no changes here, even though lately we do focus more on our own Alteza nights and stages.
On the musical side, not too long after our release with R3HAB we will release another collaboration thtat we are really excited about with trance Legend Paul van Dyk and another classic Vini Vici banger before the end of the year. Things are just getting interesting ;).
You can stream your copy of R3HAB vs. Vini Vici ft. Pangea & Dego - "Alive" today! https://cybr.at/alive
Connect with R3HAB: SoundCloud | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram
Connect with Vini Vici: SoundCloud | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

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