Sam F Reflects On His Big 2017

Nov 08, 2017
Sam F Reflects On His Big 2017
Sam F has been enjoying a breakout year in 2017. From his biggest single to date “Limitless” to the recently released “Wavy,” Sam has found a unique sound that works wonders in DJ sets, on the radio, and when listening at home. In celebration, we caught up with the rising star to take a deeper look at his signature productions.
This has been a big year for you production wise with major releases seeing serious airplay, so what has 2017 been like through your eyes?
2017 has been a great year for me. From radio play, to hitting number one on iHeartRadio charts, to getting big syncs, I’m super grateful for everything that has happened thus far and can’t wait to see what 2018 has in store.

Can you talk a little about your musical background and growth as an artist to where we are today?
I played piano and bass as a kid growing up. When I was 16, I started dabbling in Reason and Logic, but didn’t get serious till about four years ago. I’ve definitely stepped up my production game and attention to detail this year.

“Limitless” really has been a true hit. When you were initially making the track, did you have any idea or intuition of the widespread success the track would have?
When I made “Limitless,” I felt like it was one of my best songs to date, but I had no idea it would be as big as it is now.

Following up on the success of that track, you released a massive “Limitless” remix package. Can you highlight one or two of your favorite remixes and what you like about each artist’s take?
My favorite “Limitless” remixes were definitely Eliminate and Goshfather’s. They both took such a fresh approach when they remixed it. I loved Eliminate's trap twist – it goes off so hard when I play it live. Goshfather gave it a dope disco vibe that I would have never expected and executed it perfectly.

“Wavy” sees you return to work with Sophie Rose and it’s clear that there’s some chemistry there. What do you makes her voice so unique and well suited for your style of productions?
Sophie Rose is one of my favorite singer/songwriters to work with. Her voice is so amazing and we vibe really well in the studio.
Can you take us through the production process of “Wavy”?
I co-wrote the lyrics and melodies with Sophie and her friend Jacqueline Young. Then, Tasty Treat and I got in the studio and it took a couple of sessions to wrap it up. We tried a bunch of different drops till we landed on the final one, which we were all really stoked about.

For those unfamiliar, how would you describe a Sam F DJ Set?
A Sam F DJ set is a fun and interactive party experience. I tend to mix it up a lot and will jump from genre to genre. I'd say most of my sets consist of 40% house, 20% future bass, 20% trap and 20% hip hop/random nostalgic shit. I love to mix hip hop with dance music, since I grew up as a hip hop head. I definitely play a lot of my boy Eliminate's music in every set.

What do you have planned for the rest of 2017 and beginning of 2018?
Be on the lookout for my next EP on Dim Mak as well as some free bootlegs of ratchet hip hop songs. Expect a Lil Pump remix and maybe even a rap side project in the near future!
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