Armada Invites Spotlight: Swanky Tunes

Oct 17, 2016
Armada Invites Spotlight: Swanky Tunes
This week during Amsterdam Dance Event 2016, Armada Music will host three special showcase Invite events on the 20th, 21st and 22nd of October. With over fifteen DJs plus special guests performing in a unique and intimate club setting, the events are sure to be some of the best during ADE. Armada's got you covered if you can’t attend as all the sets will be live streamed! On Thursday, Swanky Tunes headline what is sure to be an outstanding evening of music. To get ready for the start of festivities on Thursday, the trio joined us to discuss their recent productions, Showland Records, and excitement for the event. 
What does it mean to you guys to get to play at the Armada Invites?
You know, it’s always a pleasure to perform at parties like that. We’ve been working with Armada for two years already and glad to support our label partner during ADE. Don’t forget to follow us and watch the live broadcast from Armada Invites on Thursday!
How will you approach your set?
This will be a bit of a different set to what we usually play. And of course we’ll introduce new music from Swanky Tunes and Showland Records.
Can you talk about your latest release, Swanky Tunes & Tom Reason - “You,” which seems like more of a bass driven club record?
It was a bit of an experiment for us to produce a track like that, but you know we always love bass. Tom came to our studio just for one day and we worked out a few drafts together. The craziest part of the production was finding a breakdown vocal. After a long time searching, we decided to combine a few words from completely different phrases in one. Later we met with Tom again and finished our collaboration.
What was it like working with Dropgun on “One World”?
It can be described as good vibes. These guys understand what’s going on in music now and we were always on the same page during the production process.
How did it feel to remix Armin van Buuren? How’d you approach your “Heading Up High" remix? What aspects of the original did you know you wanted to keep?
As you know before we did remixes for Tiësto, Calvin Harris, Kaskade, Dada Life and many more artists, but let’s say all of them are from the “electro or progressive house music” side. To remix Armin van Buuren’s track was a challenge for us and an amazing experience. “Heading Up High” is a radio friendly crossover and we decided to not change that concept of the track. We kept its rock vocal made by Kensington and built up a new drop with a Swanky touch and trance mood around it. By the way, the remix has been broadcast on many radio stations in our country, so we guess we made it well ;)
What does ADE represent to you guys each year?
ADE is an essential part of the dance music industry. We were so amazed by ADE the first time we came. In Russia there was a lack of dance music, but when we got to Amsterdam, we stepped into a completely different world. We met a lot of new people, made new friends and finally got into the music business. That was very important for us and our careers and actually it is still important. We think this year will bring a lot of interesting things to everybody who attends the 20th ADE.
Are there any Showland Records artists should we be on the lookout for?
Keep an eye on Russian Rasster. He is a very talented producer and has a unique sound. His next release on Showland Records is scheduled for October 24th, right after ADE. Don’t miss it!

What else does 2016 hold in store for you guys?
So many things on our to do list. We’re about to sign the biggest deal for our new material. Also we’ll launch our own parties in Russia later this year. Our radio show Showland is broadcast in more than 30 countries and every month we have 3-5 countries added. We are hoping to reach 50 by the end of 2016. We pay a lot of attention to Showland Records' growth and that release schedule is busy until spring 2017.
If you want to fully experience the massive events, sign up for your chance to win a ticket to the Thursday, Friday, or Saturday event! You can check out the full livestream of the events at and head to our homepage during the events to enjoy some special live tracklisting!
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