Sep 22, 2016

[Exclusive Premiere] Rodg - "Vice Point"

Ahead of the release of his debut album High On Life next Friday, we are excited to premiere one of Rodg's album tracks, “Vice Point.” Rodg took some time to talk with us about the track and what to expect from the album. Enjoy “Vice Point,” a proper progressive trance record and get excited for his debut album release - we surely are!
What was the initial inspiration for “Vice Point”? What was the production process like?
The initial inspiration for “Vice Point” was the plucky melody I came up with. I come up with all different kinds of melodies all the time. I tried a couple of different styles for the bassline on that melody, and this groggy, almost disco-ish bassline really spoke to me during the production process. But with those, the track wasn’t finished and a bit repetitive and boring, so I added some more melody as you can hear ;-)

This track really seems like a proper progressive track, was that what you were going for? Did you have a particular vibe or mood in mind when producing “Vice Point”?
Well like I explained previously, it’s more or less trying out different ideas until I find what fits best. I don’t have a particular vibe or mood when producing in general, but most of the time what comes out depends on the mood I’m in. So it’s a bit the other way around.

Do you remember the first time you played this track live? What was the reception like? Did you feel like there was anything that needed to be changed?
I definitely do, it was the last record of my set at A State Of Trance Utrecht/Netherlands [tracklist]. I played a lot of records for the first time there, and had a lot of tweaking to do on all those tracks, but not on this one. It sounded like I meant it to sound in the studio. For me it’s absolutely important to road test records before releasing them. You find out by playing records for a crowd if you did the arrangement right, or maybe wrong. Also after you hear the record on a big audio system instead of on your monitors at home, you realize final mixdown things that may need to be tweaked.

How have you been using this track in your sets recently?
I don’t play it in every set, but I definitely played it a couple of times over the summer. It depends a bit on the mood of the crowd, the record I played before or what I’ll be playing later on.

How would you describe the album as a whole? What can listeners expect?
Expect a “Rodg” feel over a lot of different genres of dance music. Mainly it’s progressive trance but features a more techno record (“Dream”), two records that are more on the chill side (“Parachute” with Manu Zain and “Islands”) and - for Rodg standards - quite a strong trance record (“Indulge Me”).
Out next Friday, you can preorder High On Life here.
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