Sep 27, 2021

Alexander Popov Reunites With Paul Oakenfold

Alexander Popov, the label owner of Interplay Records, has been putting in tons of work to grow both his own brand and his label's. Now an independent label with two sub-labels, Interplay has been making waves with their releases, covering trance as well as a diverse set of sounds like deep and melodic house, and they're showing no signs of slowing down. Alexander has just released a huge collaboration with Paul Oakenfold on Interplay titled "Angel," and he joins us to discuss the track, label and much more in our interview! 
Hey Alexander, thanks for joining us today! How's everything going with you, and what have been some of your highlights from this year so far? 
This year was intense for me. I've made a lot of new music and already have released some of the tracks, which I’m really proud of. My latest track is a collaboration with Paul Oakenfold, released on my label Interplay. I feel like I’m going back to my roots in sound with singles like "Era" which was  released on ASOT, and "Adagio" which was released on Interplay. However I'm also trying to experiment, like in my collab with Kitone titled "Control Me." Armin van Buuren made a great mashup with this track and has played it many times at different festivals including Tomorrowland.
Can you talk to us about your record label, Interplay? Take us all the way back – when did you decide that you wanted to start the label, and what was your vision for it?
First in 2015 we began a radioshow and compilation series, also named Interplay. At that time I started thinking about a label as well. And in 2017 we launched it under the wing of Armada Music.
How has the label changed and grown from when you first began until now? 
Now it's an independent company. This year we started two new sub-labels: Interplay Global and Interplay FLOW. Also we opened a studio in Moscow and kept making showcases in clubs and at festivals. We're building a brand with events, a studio and a record label, which provides a few releases every week.  
Who are some artists who have been releasing on the label that you think we should be paying close attention to? 
There are a lot of talented artists on the label. Some are established names like LTN and Eximinds, and some are rising and promising artists like Ahmed Helmy, D72, Ruslan Radriges, and Whiteout. By the way, I have a new collaboration with Whiteout coming in October on Interplay!
You've also just launched a new sub-label, Interplay FLOW! Tell us about the sounds that this label will represent as well as the plan for the label going forward. 
Interplay, as we know, is a trance record label, but we are going to cover more sounds and FLOW is the first step. It's focused on a deep, melodic and progressive house sound. We've signed a lot of exciting tunes from Sound Quelle and Ghostbeat by LTN (his second name), so I just can’t wait to share all of this new music.  
You're fresh off a huge release – a collaboration with Paul Oakenfold titled "Angel." When did you first meet Paul, and how did you come to work on this track together?
I first met Paul a few years ago at a show in Russia. We spontaneously played b2b and after the party we decided to work on a collab together. In the beginning of 2020 we released "With You" on Armada, and at about the same time we made a remix for Rompasso together. Later I made some remixes for Paul's singles, and now we finally have released another collaboration, called "Angel," which goes more to our trance roots. I’m happy that we made it and released it on Interplay, and feel truly grateful to Paul for the trust and friendship. He is actually one of the artists who made me fall in love with trance music when I was a teenager, and I’m blessed to work together on music nowadays.  
Take us through the production process – what was it like working on the track, going from the initial idea to the final production? Do you have a favorite element of "Angel"? 
After releasing my radio-friendly collaboration with Paul Oakenfold last year called "With You," I thought it would be great to make a new one which will be a real trance track and I shared this idea with Paul. My personal favorite element of the track is the lead melody. I get goosebumps every time I play "Angel."  
Do you have any new music in the pipeline that you can tell us about? 
I have a lot of great new music prepared for the end of this year and for the next year. My new album compilation Interplay 2021 is coming at the end of October and I’m thinking about a new artist album for next year. So make sure to follow my channels for updates.  
And lastly, as we look ahead, do you have any plans that you can share for the rest of this year and next year? 
We keep building the Interplay label and brand. We plan, and I hope, to have a chance to make a few club showcases in the coming months. Also looking forward to my set at the ASOT 1000 Festival in Moscow and of course I can’t wait to get back to full touring mode!  
You can stream or download Alexander Popov & Paul Oakenfold - "Angel" on your platform of choice today!
Connect with Alexander Popov: Website | SoundCloudInstagram | Facebook
Connect with Interplay Records: Website | SoundCloudInstagram | Facebook
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