R3SPAWN's Exclusive Mix

Jun 07, 2018
R3SPAWN's Exclusive Mix
“It's great to come home to the label that believed in my music from the very beginning.” We are delighted today to be joined by R3SPAWN as he celebrates the release of “Hijacked” on Revealed Recordings! Read on to get an inside look at his massive collaborations with LoaX and KEVU as well as his selection of  some of the best big room tracks at the moment!
How did you approach your Exclusive Mix and how does the track selection compare to a current live set of yours?
My Exclusive Mix has a lot of tracks from my fellow friends and producers from Revealed, some tracks I really like and of course my latest release on Revealed. I try to keep my mixes a bit big-roomy as that's what people know me of. My live sets mostly have a blend of various styles where I progress in style as I get further into the set. For example, I start with some progressive and some softer big room stuff then I'll progress into harder big room, go to trap, and in the end I mostly close with some hardstyle. But this all depends on the crowd and even country, depending on how they respond to the switches in genre. I might end up playing progressive the entire night or even trap. As long as it has power, as that's what I want to stand for, power!
Can you highlight three tracks included in the mix and why they stand out to you?
Syzz & Hard Lights – “90s Better.” I love Syzz's mixdowns, they're always super tight and everything just sounds right. Combine this with their unique style and it's an instant hit.
REGGIO & Funkz – “Parallax.” REGGIO's style is super unique and that goes to show in this track once again, the unique way of build-ups, his own unique drop sound. The guy's really just one of a kind. I just love it, no other words are needed.
KEVU & Bad Nelson – “Papooya.” This track just has everything that a bigroom dancefloor killer needs, those sing-along catchy vocals and that nice aggressive drive in the drop.
What does it mean to you to return to Revealed with the release of “Hijacked”? Is the return even more special now that you are solo act and not a duo?
It means a lot to me, it's always great to come home to the label that believed in my music from the very beginning. They've always been really supportive and a great team to work with! The return is indeed even more special since I'm now a solo act. Even though I always produced the drops for R3SPAWN and did the sound design throughout the entire track, this is a nice confirmation that I'm capable of doing this myself.
Can you take us through the inspiration and production process?
I always find these questions incredibly hard as to me all I'm doing is testing things out over and over. I never really step into a project with a voice-memo or anything or have something in my head like “Yeah, this kind of melody is what I'm gonna do right now.” No, I'm more of a button-presser and tweaker haha, I just open the piano roll, set a couple of notes in there to get something going, then worked on picking a nice preset and tweaking that and later came back to alter the melody. This all varies from project to project though, each project has a different production process for me.
What’s your favorite element in “Hijacked”?
My favorite element would be the break and the unique vibe in the drop. I just love LoaX's breaks, they're one of a kind and sound so perfect!
Last month you released a collaboration together with KEVU. Do you remember the first time that you heard their music and met them, and what was your impression?
We kind of actually went into the “big scene (meaning: releases on big labels)” at the same time, but I knew them way way before that when I was still performing under an old alias of mine and they were still performing under “Kerafix & Vulture.” As time has passed, me and the guys from KEVU have really bonded. The first time I met KEVU was at ADE last year, a great couple of guys that are super down to earth. Cool guys!
What was it like working together on “Raise It” and how do you feel that you guys were able to find a nice balance between your styles?
As some people might already know, “Raise It” was made in the project of KEVU & Mykris's remix of “The Show Must Go On.” I edited the drop leads, changing a lot of the elements in there and changed the leads while keeping some of the old ones as supportive layers. Then we made a new breakdown for the track and boom, “Raise It” was born!
Can you highlight a recent YouTube tutorial or demo session you’ve done that you feel is especially insightful, and why?
A lot of demos I receive in my mailbox often have a lot of problems with the reverb, where it's either lacking or simply way too much. I always refer them to my sidechained reverb tutorial on YouTube. This is such a neat trick where you keep the dryness of the sound while creating this massive reverb, it's basically the best of both worlds! I urge anyone having issues with this to check that out on my YouTube channel.
Any other big plans for this summer that you would like to share?
Right now my management and I are working on setting up a nice set of gigs throughout the world. Some have already been set up in parts of Asia. It's going to be a blast and I'm super looking forward to it! Other than that, the summer will be a lot of hard work in the studio next to the touring.
You can buy/stream your copy of LoaX & R3SPAWN - Hijacked on your platform of choice today!
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Full tracklist info available at R3SPAWN - 1001Tracklists Exclusive Mix 2018-06-07
MountBlaq & WYKO - Matraka [FREE]
7x 0x 1x
Syzz & Hard Lights - 90s Better [REVEALED]
72x 3x 3x
Wildvibes & Martin Miller ft. Arild Aas - Far From You
5x 0x 1x
Dave Mak & Cytrax - Black Diamonds [REVEALED FREE]
13x 1x 1x
KAAZE - I'm Coming Home [REVEALED]
36x 1x 2x
13x 1x 2x
10x 0x 1x
SaberZ - Together [TNC]
9x 0x 1x
Window & SRome - Blow Up [QUARTZO]
7x 0x 1x
Maddix - Lose Control [REVEALED]
62x 3x 2x
Quintino & Curbi - Get Down [SPINNIN']
131x 1x 1x
KEVU & R3SPAWN - Raise It [FREE]
5x 0x 1x
KEVU & Bad Nelson - Papooya [REVEALED FREE]
19x 1x 2x
REGGIO & Funkz - Parallax [FREE]
Diriger (81.2k)
8x 1x 1x
Skytters & Swede Dreams - Drum Roll [EXPOSED]
13x 0x 1x
Dannic ft. INNA - Stay (Dannic & LoaX Remix) [SPINNIN' REMIXES]
57x 0x 1x
Daniel Roots - Lose Control [MOON]
5x 0x 1x
Hardwell & Steve Aoki ft. Kris Kiss - Anthem [DIM MAK]
109x 2x 2x
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