Andy Moor Reflects On 10 Years Of AVA Recordings

Jan 11, 2017
Andy Moor Reflects On 10 Years Of AVA Recordings
Last month Andy Moor’s AVA Recordings celebrated its landmark tenth year with a fantastic mix compilation: AVA 10 Years - Past, Present & Future. Mixed by Somna and Moor himself, the compilation is a showcase of the music that helped the label successfully bridge progressive and trance, their most recent releases, as well as their music for 2017! Andy Moor joined us to reflect on the label’s journey and highlight tracks within the mix compilation.
How does it feel to hit 10 years of AVA? What does that mean to you?
It’s a fantastic achievement, one that never really crossed my mind until we realized that it was 10 years old. We’ve been through a lot over the years, so it’s a nice milestone to reach.
What was your vision for AVA when you started the label?
It was to create a home for the progressive / trance niche within electronic music. There were many labels catering for both ends of the spectrum, but my vision was for a quality label focusing on quality melodic, progressive trance.
How has AVA changed over time from when it started until today?
Various styles have become popular, and then faded, so we have had to appeal to those areas whilst still staying true to our roots.
Can you talk about the state of the label today? What has you excited about the label? What do you think 2017 holds in store?
We have great people working within the label, and as artists, so I don’t feel that we have ever been in a better position to move forward and be creative as a team. Some of our artists are producing some wonderful music, and we are able to stick our neck out a little more and not release music that has to fit within the Beatport “Top 10.” Our label nights are expanding and everything is looking quite rosy.
What was it like making “Look Back” with Somna in celebration of 150 releases? What does this track signify to you?
We both produced this track in our separate studios and worked over the internet. Despite this being a popular way of doing collaborations, this was one of the first times I have done one this way. We tried to create a feeling of nostalgia with the track, but in an uplifting and memorable way. Using sounds and melodies that were modern, yet sounded familiar with roots in earlier trance. The track was a nod to the past 150 releases.
Where did the idea for the past, present, and future come from for the compilation?
We had a lot of great music to release, and believe that we have a unique back catalogue, and therefore for our 10 year anniversary, the compilation was born – one disc for the past, and two for present and future.
Can you highlight one track off of each disc and what makes this track stand out to you?
1. David West – “Make U Mine” intro. This brings back so many memories (maybe because it is one of the label’s first releases).
2. Andy Moor & Betsie Larkin – “Love Again” (Somna Remix). Fantastic remix from the main man Somna, of one of the label’s key releases.
3. Somna & Jennifer Rene – “Hands.” Stunning vocals creating a beautiful feeling.
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