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Carta: China's Newest Talent

Nov 08, 2016
Carta: China's Newest Talent
During ADE we had a chance to catch up with Carta, the newest DJ talent from China. Now signed exclusively to Spinnin’ Records, we caught up about his own ADE event, Carta’s Corner, as well as his performance at the Spinnin’ Sessions party and some of his big records. We looked ahead to his creation of “Aranya,” the theme song of Electric Jungle Music Festival in China, and his mainstage performance. After gracing the decks of Electric Junge Music Festival this past weekend, “Aranya” is now exclusively available in China.
CARTA's Corner is a pretty unique set up here at ADE, we've heard you have had some special guests come through?
We had Curbi play a set here and then we went back to back for a bit. Redondo came through as well, and then we had Mike Williams. It's been really nice.
You played Spinnin' Sessions on Wednesday night - what was that like?
When I first saw my slot (I was playing at 4:20) I figured it would be quiet because it's late, but then I remembered that the Dutch crowd parties super late. When I got to the club, it was packed and I of course was really happy. The Dutch crowd is also, let's say vey experienced, when it comes to dance and house music. They have been listening to everything since the 90s, so they know exactly what you are doing and it added some pressure.
Do you feel like you approached your set differently than knowing that?
Well, I knew maybe the first two songs I was going to start with and then I really just went with the crowd and saw how they were responding.
We're sure you dropped your original "Shanghai" at the party. What was the inspiration for that track?
It was a sample from a Chinese song that I used to listen to when I was a kid. It's been received really well. People expect it in my sets, especially when I'm playing around China, so I've been playing it last most times.
Now that you've recently started a new radio show, what's the plan with CARTA & CO [Carta & CO #1 tracklist]?
It will be a weekly show in China and then monthly worldwide. It's broadcast on sort of the equivalent to Slam! FM in China so it's weekly there, and then monthly on SoundCloud and for the rest of the world.
What's the track selection process for you with the radio show?
A bit of it is the tracks that I like to listen to, but most of the songs are tracks that I would play in my sets. I don't want to play any music that I don't like. I've talked to a lot of other people who may say something like, "I don't like it, but I'll play it because of whatever reasons," but for me it's more about if I like a track or not. If I like it, I'll put it in; if I don't, I won't. One section of the show is Carta in the mix, recorded live. You'll get the flow if you listen to it.
What was the inspiration for "Traffic 2K16"?
Tiesto has always been a guy I've really looked up to. Before I even really knew anything about DJing, he was one of the guys that I associated with dance music and DJing. It's super cool to actually do my own take at a track of his. At first we really didn't know what to expect because it's a classic track from a legend, but I think he approved it and we went with it! After the track was done, I played it out, it really worked, but I didn't know if it would get released or not because of the sample. Once it was approved it was just like, "Wow! It's happening!"
How'd you come to work with JETFIRE & Lost Stories on "India"?
The breakdown was already there because JETFIRE had done that with Lost Stories. When we were talking about doing a collab, JETFIRE came to me and showed me a bunch of breakdowns and I picked that one. From there, we worked on the drop for the track together and it came to life.
What other music do you have coming up?
"India" is in the process of getting cleared and then after that I have an anthem for Electric Jungle Music Festival in China which is like the second biggest festival in the country. Storm is like the Ultra of China, and Electric Jungle is like the EDC. I'm playing day one on the mainstage and I'm doing the anthem, so everything is really taking off.
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