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Dec 17, 2021

Taking Off On TikTok: MORVN

Today we’re catching up with Mexican DJ/producer MORVN, who has an inspiring story of how consistent content creation on TikTok has enabled a fast rise for his music career. He gives us the lowdown on his hit track “Marina” and details his excitement for the months ahead!
Hey MORVN, thanks for joining us today! Starting off, can you please introduce yourself and tell us about your journey as an artist so far? What made you want to pursue a career in dance music, and how have you as an artist evolved over time?
Hey guys, thanks for inviting me. My name is Samuel Moran, better known as MORVN. I got started in 2011 trying to express myself through music, and along these ten years I’ve matured and evolved. I always thought that making a difference with my music style will give me the chance to reach all of my dreams.
Who are some artists that you drew inspiration from when you were first starting out, and who are artists that you're closely following today?
At the beginning I was inspired by Dyro, GTA, Steve Angello, Diplo and many others. Nowadays I would say that artists like Stephan Bodzin, IMANU and Buunshin are strongly inspiring me.
How would you describe your style and sounds as a DJ and as a producer?
I describe my style as a Mexican electronic communion. I don’t like to focus on a single genre or style and I love to always mix different electronic genres with Mexican regional music.
What have been some of your personal and/or musical highlights from this year?
During the pandemic I released “El Ritmo Popular” on XDM Records which is a combination of Mexican regional music and tech house. I love the tubas on this one. Recently I was making a lot of TikToks, remixing random sounds from other creators’ content, and then my most recent hit was born – “Marina.”
Your track “Marina” has gone crazy viral on TikTok! Tell us about this track and what it’s been like to see such a massive reaction there.
It's crazy how the algorithm can change your career in a second. I couldn’t believe how fast that video was growing. But making viral content forces you to keep doing it better and better, so it was a challenge too.
Marina” has also been streamed more than 500K times on Spotify and has earned a licensing agreement with Spinnin’. How does that feel?
That notice left me speechless. I couldn’t believe that Spinnin’ Records actually wanted to buy a license for my music. I checked that email more than ten times lol. It feels so good to know that we reach the correct ears through TikTok and it’s proof that making content constantly is a fast way to grow your community and put your music on the map.
For “Marina” you've also been working closely with the XDM Records team, who you have released several records through. What do you like about working with their team?
XDM Records is my family. They have believed in me since the beginning and it is such a pleasure to keep working with them.
Do you have any music in the pipeline that you can tell us about?
I have a bunch of songs that I would love to release next year and actually I’m preparing a lot of new music for my EDC Mexico 2022 set.
And lastly, what has you most excited as we look ahead to 2022?
I’m very excited to play at EDC Mexico, which is my biggest upcoming gig at the moment. I'm also working together with XDM Group to make a tour through Mexico next year.
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