Sep 07, 2021

Taking Some "Time" With D'Amico & Valax

We're celebrating the release of "Time" together with D'Amico & Valax, who highlight the production and exciting plans ahead in their interview! After speaking with the Italian duo in June following their Sirup Music remix competition victory, they’ve kept the momentum going strong. Read on for the scoop on their new release on Dirty Dutch, work on their radio shows, incredible live set from Costa Dei Trabocchi, and much more!
Hey guys, it’s great to catch up with you again. How’s your summer been since we last spoke in June after you won the “Take What's Yours” remix competition?
It’s a pleasure to be here again guys. Our summer was good, we had a lot of time to finish some new music. Unfortunately, here in Italy, the Covid situation hasn’t allowed parties yet. So we’ve just stayed in the studio preparing a lot of new upcoming music. Summer is made for some rest and relaxation too, right?!
We’re here celebrating your new release “Time.” How did the track come to life? What was the initial inspiration and sketch?
We are super happy with this release and with the official video. The track was born with the idea to go back to parties, to have fun with friends in a club. This desire, these emotions, maybe people forgot. And the message of the mannequins is that of people stuck in a nightmare.
Reflecting on the finished production, what are your favorite elements in the track?
The piano is an instrument that you can never miss in our productions, but also the groovy bass and all of the elements that move the song to a disco dance of the past.
Can you highlight another D’Amico & Valax release and what makes it special to you?
At the moment we are totally focused on the “Time” release because we really feel that in this song our emotions came to life, but also don’t miss the “Take What's Yours” Remix on Sirup. 
This summer you also released a spectacular live stream from Costa Dei Trabocchi. Tell us some more about that experience and bringing the set to life.
We had the big opportunity to perform this live set with the wonderful view which is characteristic of Enrico’s hometown. The desire to go back and play music, and make people dance is really big. It was an amazing experience, I think one of the first of its kind. Playing music, enjoying the peace and quiet of such a suggestive landscape.

What effect has seeing the return of live shows in many parts of Europe and the United States had on you guys? Do you have any plans for your own return to gigs?
It was strange, in a positive way I mean, thinking that we are slowly returning to a normal life that seemed distant was so nice. We only hope that also in Italy we will start again as soon as possible.
You’re also staying busy with your own radio show. What’s the approach for finding new music for and putting together the show?
Yeah, we have a monthly radio show that runs on several national and international radios. We receive many demos and promos each week, and therefore we have to be very selective because we can't play everything that we receive.
And as we close out summer, let’s look ahead. How is your fall season looking?
We have a lot of new upcoming music, something already signed and something we have just finished. So, fingers crossed!
D'Amico & Valax - "Time" is available to download/stream on your platform of choice!
Connect with D'Amico & Valax: Spotify | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram
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