Cato Anaya: The Return Of Cartel Recordings

Sep 14, 2020
Cato Anaya: The Return Of Cartel Recordings
After a three year hiatus, Cartel Recordings is back! Leading the charge alongside Kryder is none other than Cato Anaya. Having grown into a key figure with his releases on Kryteria, he’s elevating the Latin House movement with his turn at the helm of Cartel. To celebrate this exciting new beginning, we sat down with Cato to talk about his relationship with Kryder, the new weekly Cartel Radio show, goals for the label and much more!
Cato, thanks for joining us and what an exciting time with the relaunch of Cartel Recordings! What does this moment mean to you for Latin house music?
Hola amigos! It means the world to me! The Latin house movement has grown so much these last couple of years and now Cartel Recordings will be the home for it! There's been a massive uprising of new talent producing the genre and huge artists playing Latin house tunes on the biggest stages on the planet! The movement is legit baby, and we are coming with a bang!
You’ve become really strongly ingrained alongside Kryder and with Kryteria over the past several years. Thinking back, what was the first time you heard Chris’s music?
I’ve been following Chris since he released “Aphrodite” and listened to Kryteria Radio since the start. He has a way of giving music a fresh, energetic and groovy vibe like no one else. I am big fan of his art and I'm so grateful for the amount of support and guidance he has given my career.
What about the first time you guys met in person?
We actually met in a crazy way. Long story short, he came to Colombia on tour, I got booked to open for him and met him for the first time while waiting for the plane to a gig in Bucaramanga, Colombia. The airline shut down to protest and we had to wait more than ten hours at the airport. Ten hours with this legend was just amazing! We shared the love for dance music combined with Latin sounds and rhythms and had some laughs! Actually, that day I showed him my music including the first demo of “La Cumbiambera" which he later finished and became such a cool anthem for Latin house. We have become good friends since then.
Take us through a couple of the key moments since then that have led us to today where you will be A&R for the relaunched Cartel Recordings and also in charge of the radio show.
It has been an amazing process that has led to this. It's a true honor for me to be part of the Cartel Recordings team. Jason, Olindo, Chris… these are people that like me, live their lives through their love and passion for music. The first moment needs to be ADE 2018, I was given the task to assemble a compilation of Latin house music for Kryteria’s God Save The Groove album. We had amazing tracks from artists all over the world, true Latin house at its finest.
We also had a sold-out boat party on the Amsterdam canals, where I was headlining the mainstage with Benny Benassi, The Cube Guys and the boss himself. What a party that was!
And of course nothing can top Tomorrowland. Gives me chills remembering the energy and feeling. Such a beautiful opportunity Chris gave me by inviting me to his show at the Freedom / Axtone Stage to show the world what my music is about! The Latin house movement has been growing nonstop since then! I know soon we will get our sound with our artists to perform all over the world, count on it!
As mentioned you’ll be taking the lead with the new radio show, Cartel Radio! Talk to us a bit about what to expect from the show.
Yes! Cartel Radio is now the home of the sexy and delicious Latin house that we all love!  We have been working for a bit with all the team on this new project. I’ve had so much fun doing the Latin takeovers on Kryteria Radio.The support and awesome feedback in every episode from fans around the world and the hype in Latin America from young talent wanting to have a window to showcase their music was massive. So we had to do something dedicated to the movement and its artists.
It's 30 minutes of pumping tech, tribal & Latin house! Broadcasted on every social media through a new development called “Somnia” by my good friend Jan-Luc Blakborn. For some years now he has been connecting Latin America with artists from Europe doing masterclasses, education and its new branch called Somnia Talent Radio, the home of Cartel Radio. You can expect lots of cool stuff from them as well.
Is there a good promo email to reach you for tracks for the show? Is there anything in particular you are looking for in the music sent your way?
We have set a special link for all talented artists out there that produce house music with Latin sounds, going from tech, tribal, funky and deep house to some energetic tunes as well. Promos can be sent for the show at my email: 
What about for demos for the label? What are you looking for there?
The label has the same concept as the radio show! Latin house producers: send some fuego tracks over! We are looking for new music! Here’s the link:
Can you highlight a few of your favorite producers in the genre at the moment and why they stand out to you?
I'm really liking what's coming in this style from Latin American artists like Tom & Collins (Mexico), Allan Nunez (Honduras), Markem (Venezuela), Pauza (Cuba), Luke Nash & Sunday Noise (Peru), Franz Alexander (Chile) and of course from my home country (Colombia), Felipe Espitia, Sersh, Sebastian Reza, Alex Hoing & Bluckther. There’re so many!!! Hopefully you all can hear them in Cartel Radio.
What’s one goal you have for Cartel to accomplish by the end of 2020, and what’s another you’d hope to achieve in the long run?
We are working hard on having at least five to six releases this year! We are signing music as we speak! I have teased some exclusive Cartel music from my buddies in Spain Les Castizos in the first episode. Banger of a track! We need in the long run to make this movement of artists, fans, and music something truly massive. We have such a rich musical background in our culture and its unique flavor in each country. I think the vessel to take these beautiful sounds to the world is definitely dance music.
Anything else you’d like to share about the label, show, or personaly?
I’m also setting up this semester's releases for mysef! “La Hechicera,” a mix of house and salsa brava is coming up in October on the Mexican label Terms & Conditions, and lots of music coming out on Cartel!! Be sure to check my socials for updates! Thank you guys so much for the interview! Let's hope we can share a good whiskey and some tunes somewhere in the world soon. Adios!!!
Tune into Cartel Radio weekly on Fridays to hear the freshest in Latin house and catch up on all episodes and tracklists here:
Connect with Cato AnayaSoundCloud | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram
Connect with Cartel Recordings: SoundCloud | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

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Styline & Cato Anaya - Bailalo [SOSUMI (FREE)]
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