Pessto Celebrates Huge Dannic Collaboration

Jan 04, 2018
Pessto Celebrates Huge Dannic Collaboration
Pessto has become a key figure in the Fonk Recordings family since the release of “Masego” last summer and he continues to truly ingrain himself as a leading artist on the label with the release of his Dannic collaboration “All The Things.” Kept under wraps for many months, the track has caused major damage in both his and Dannic's sets since March as an ID. Finally with the track and artist revealed and available as a free download as a nice Christmas present, we talked with Pessto about working with his role model on the incredible release!
You kept the collaboration under wraps for a long, long time. What has the build up to the release been like? Was it hard to keep a collaboration with your biggest inspiration quiet?
I'm always super excited when I have unreleased tracks to drop in my live sets. It’s like you have aces in your sleeve! On the other hand I’m always a little bit nervous about many aspects of the release. Like sometimes questioning myself when it's going to be released, why it takes that long… normal things really. For this one I was more than excited and it was a real struggle because a lot of people were asking about the track. Now I'm really happy that “All The Things” is finally released and we’ve received amazing reactions so far.
How’d the collaboration come together? Can you take us from its initial inspiration to final product? What was it like working with Daan?
This track happened a few weeks before MMW 2017. I was tweaking some ideas and wanted a repetitive melody that would go through the whole track while changing the release of the synth like in some old school tracks. When I finally got the melody, I wrote the chords and top melody around the drop synth for the breakdown and it sounded amazing. Immediately I sent a draft idea to Daan and he liked it a lot. We were sending parts around until we were happy with the final result.
Working with Daan was an amazing experience – it's a dream come true for me. Everyone who asked me about my dream collab knows that I always said that it would be with Dannic. This really showed me that you can achieve big things with hard work. I'm working hard to make 2018 even better, and I'm really excited about what's coming up.
There are some incredible videos out there of Dannic dropping the track live, including at the unbelievable Untold Festival [full set + tracklist]. What’s it like seeing Daan drop your track together on a massive stage like that?
It’s always a special feeling to see huge names playing your music at big stages. That inspires me to work harder to bring myself to those stages one day. There was some basketball game in my hometown and I was in the crowd there when I played the Untold Festival live stream on my phone. I heard Daan saying "Are you readyyy?" on a mic and then realised that he dropped our track. Me and my friends were screaming, but not because someone scored haha. People around us were like, “WTF?!”
Reflecting on your year, what do you think was your favorite gig, and why? What was a favorite music experience for you this year where you weren’t DJing?
Every gig has its own story and I really enjoy them. It's hard to choose favorite gig, but one of my favorite ones was when I was on warmup duties for Dannic at Serbia Wonderland Festival. Definitely one of my favorite sets I’ve ever played.
In April I was supposed to have a gig in Macedonia, but it was canceled when me and my friend arrived at the venue because of some problems. The manager of the club sent a car to pick us up and we went to some sick club in Skopje where a famous Serbian band was performing. That was one of the craziest nights ever haha, good things can happen unplanned!
If you had to pick the two biggest tracks of 2017, which would you pick and why?
CamelPhat & Elderbrook – “Cola.” It's just so outstanding of a track that no explanation is necessary. "Cola" was on repeat non-stop!
Axwell Λ Ingrosso – “More Than You Know.” If you check the aftermovies of some huge festivals such as Tomorrowland, the tracks behind it are carefully selected to reflect things that happened there. “More Than You Know” is that special track that I add while I'm thinking about my Summer 2017 Aftermovie haha and all those beautiful moments.
How’s your 2018 shaping up? What are two goals that you hope to achieve next year?
2017 was next level, I'm really happy about everything that happened. For 2018 I’ve already prepared some new music and I can't wait to show it to you guys. Two goals, hmm... I never talk about goals until I achieve them, but next year I would like to release tons of quality music, and hope to be able to travel and play music in some countries that I've never played in and meet as many of the people supporting me so far as possible!
Happy holidays and happy new year music lovers, I wish you all the best!!
Remember that you can grab your free download of Dannic & Pessto – "All The Things" here and in case you missed it be sure to check out Pessto's 2017 Year Mix above and find the full tracklist here!
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