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Bingo Players Drop New Single & 1001tracklists Exclusive Mix

Apr 01, 2016
Bingo Players Drop New Single & 1001tracklists Exclusive Mix
We are honored to present an Exclusive Mix from Bingo Players celebrating the release of Lone Wolf. Read on to learn the inspiration behind Lone Wolf and some of the artists and tracks Maarten wants to highlight in his mix.
What was the inspiration behind Lone Wolf?
It contains the sample of an old Japanese series called Lone Wolf. It’s a samurai-based thing - guys like Quentin Tarantino and Wu Tang Clan took samples from the Lone Wolf series. It’s basically a manga strip and evolved into a TV series and even a movie called Shogun Assassin, which I have the vinyl from. The music from the movie is really great. I was just browsing through the music and I liked the sample, so that’s where it came from. I didn’t think anybody in my whole scene had produced using a Japanese sample like that.
So you were into Japanese culture before you were into music?
I’m big into video games and if you’re big into video games, you kind of end up playing all these Japanese games. I bought an obscure PC system and all the games for that machine are mostly Japanese. Of course, I watched Akira when I was young. I don’t know, Japan and the whole Asian culture has grasped me, so this sample was a perfect fit.  
Have you played in Japan recently?
Well no, but my next date there is April 2nd. I’ve been to Japan once before and it was only for a day, but now I have a few days off with multiple shows. It’s going to be cool, man. I’m really looking forward to it.
Have you been playing the song in your sets?
Yeah, yeah. I tested it out a couple times and had to tweak it because I thought some parts may have gotten boring or had to be updated. Once it was finally done, I’ve been playing it all the time.  
How are you using it in your sets?
It all depends which party I’m playing. Sometimes I start off pretty slow, more deep, to bring the energy back. Especially if the DJ before me was hammering them with all the hard stuff, then I want to bring it back. I’ll build up. If the DJ before me ended a little bit slow, I’ll start a bit harder. I’ll play this track right after the deep, groovy stuff. It’s a good transition from the groovier stuff.
Do you think there will be any difference in how you use it in your sets during your Asia tour?
I don’t know if people will recognize it. I think it’s a pretty obscure sample, so we will see where it ends up. I had to translate what was being sung because I didn’t know the meaning and didn’t want to offend anyone. I just liked the melody and the vocals. The lyrics are about a mother and son, waiting for his father by a bridge. It’s not like other EDM stuff like, “Put your hands up.” We’ll see how it goes down in Japan; it’s a traditional Japanese style and dialect, so it’s not like how kids speak nowadays.
Was there anything that you felt was different making this track compared to some of your more recent productions like Curiosity and Nothing to Say?
I try and do something different every time and you can hear it. Some people swear by following the same formula, but I think for yourself it’s important to keep it fresh and do things in the moment that are totally different. For me, we’ve always made music that is different. If you compare Cry Just a Little to Rattle, those two were totally different. If people pick it up, they pick it up; if they don’t, they don’t.  For us, and for me now, it’s really important to keep it fresh. I don’t want to be stuck making the tenth and twentieth copy of Rattle or using the same synths and tempo. I think it’s challenging when you do something different.
Have other DJs been supporting the track?
W&W, Dannic, Laidback Luke, Chuckie, Tommy Trash, Henry Fong...many big names up till now. We will see how it goes. I remember with Rattle, we put out the preview on YouTube and people hated it. They were like “Thumbs down, thumbs down, thumbs down,” and “This isn’t like Cry Just a Little, what the fuck are you guys doing?” After that, we thought let’s pull the record and not release it. But I’m glad, Joorn from Spinnin said, “No no, no. Let’s release the song, it’s a good song.” I’m pretty thankful for that.
Do you think that the name Lone Wolf has any particular meaning?
No. I know you could think lone wolf because I’m alone now, but honestly I haven’t thought about that.  
Are there any other comments you want to share about the song?
I hope everyone likes it! Especially in Asia, I want to see how it goes down. It will be fun to see the crowd reaction.

Are there any particular songs or artists in your mix that you want to highlight?
The mix is basically songs that I play out live and a few Hysteria releases. Aylen is an up and coming guy. I think he’s the future - he can make anything. He’s really talented and has fresh sounds. He doesn’t use presets - he makes his own synths. There is a song in there called Primitive Rhythm. Everytime I play it live, the crowd goes crazy.  
Derailed by Kandy is a pretty weird track, but I really love it. The first time I heard it, I was like, “Hmm...this is a pretty weird track,” but then when I heard it two, three, four, five more times, we realized it was a great track. When I play it out, it’s done really well.
I’ve got a song from my man Henry Fong in there, too.
You and Henry are pretty close?
Yes, we are. We have the same management, so we see each other a lot and we’ve played a lot of parties together. Henry’s a cool dude. He’s a very friendly guy and a great producer. He can do a lot of things.  
How do you think this mix differs from your live set?
When I play live, I usually play around 90 minutes, so of course I try to put more Bingo Players in there. I’m not going to put Rattle in this mix because I want to highlight newer music with this mix. At the club or festival, if I didn’t play Rattle, people would want to kill me. When I play it and see people enjoying themselves after waiting for that track to drop, then I get energy again. I’m really thankful that everyone supported the track.    

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