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Jun 03, 2021

GT_Ofice & LINNEY Deliver With The Soundtrack To Your Summer

After impressing together earlier this year with MIME on “YOUNG HEARTS,” GT_Ofice & LINNEY are back with a slice of vocal house heaven! “Tastes Like Summer” transports you right into the warm glow of the California sunshine and basks you in feel good vibes. To celebrate we caught up with both artists to look closer at their chemistry and the response to their collabs!
Caine, Caitlin, thanks so much for joining us to celebrate your new single “Tastes Like Summer”! You guys previously worked together with MIME on “YOUNG HEARTS.” How did that track come together?
Thanks so much! Really excited for the world to hear our song. We started working on “YOUNG HEARTS” in December 2020 and it was one of those songs that just came together really quickly… I think the week we finished the vocal production, the song was mixed and mastered and sent to distribution – that might have been one of the quickest turnarounds I’ve had in a while. Means we had something special. Synergy is real. 
What was the response to that record through each of your eyes?
It was super fun to see the response on social media. We had a ton of dancers creating videos to it and the song got some Spotify love as well. I think overall it’s a feel good song that lots of people can relate to. 
What brought the two of you back together for this follow up? 
Caine and I became friends after the last release and in addition to his production skills, I admired how creative he was when it came to marketing and promoting the song. He’s a beast! 
What made “Tastes Like Summer” the right fit for this collab?
I’m based in Los Angeles and Caine recently spent a couple months out here to escape the tail end of New York winter. We wanted to channel that classic California summer vibe with this song, so that no matter where you live, for 2 minutes and 53 seconds you can experience it too. 
Can you highlight your favorite element in the production and why it stands out?
We love :47 when the production shifts, the song opens up and it literally feels like a wave has washed over your body. I love when what I’m singing and what the song sounds like completely align to make you feel the same thing. 
“Tastes Like Summer” has already started hitting radio rotations in the US! Do you still remember the first time you heard one of your tracks on air? What’s the feeling like for each of you when you hear your music on the radio?
LINNEY: Last fall I had a song on BPM and it felt like all of my friends had heard it before I did. One day I was driving and I saw the text shift to my name before the song came on and I literally had to remind myself to keep driving, I was so excited! 
GT_Ofice: January 2021 was the first time I heard my song play on the radio, it was “YOUNG HEARTS” with Mime & Linney on the Chainsmokers show on BPM. It was probably the best day of my life hahaha.
Caine, “Tastes Like Summer” represents the first track on your new label CAINE Records. Can you tell us some more about your vision and plan for the label?
I am officially launching CAINE Records on October 31st of this year to help independent artists get their music heard. I have a marketing background and feel I can help others! I plan on having some big name artists dropping singles on my label, but helping the little guys at the same time! Can't wait to share more about my label in October!   
Caitlin, you’ve worked with a lot of electronic artists including many in the trance scene. Can you highlight one of those releases and what made it special to you?
I think one of my favorite songs I’ve released is “Electric Kids” with Tritonal. I wrote it with one of my best friends, Leena Regan, after going to Dreamstate SoCal. We were channeling that unity we felt at the festival. A one-ness. And I was always brought up on the idea that every single person has something unique to offer the world – no matter who they are or where they come from. No one is the same. I kept thinking about how each of us vibrate at a different frequency, and it doesn’t seem far off to assume that each of us omit a different color aura in how we hold ourselves. The song is about that idea – of all of our colors joining together to light up the sky. 
We’ve started to see live shows come back across much of the US, so what effect has seeing that had on each of you? Are there any plans for upcoming shows or performances you can tell us about?
We can’t officially announce anything yet, but there are some plans in the works! Potentially as soon as this fall. 
And as we look ahead towards summer, what has you inspired, excited, and motivated?
LINNEY: I’m excited to travel some more and really take advantage of all that California has to offer. The best songs come from the greatest adventures. 
GT_Ofice: I am excited to travel and work with different vocalists! Also pretty pumped that I will be dropping a new single every month! 

GT_Ofice & LINNEY - "Tastes Like Summer" is available to download/stream on your platform of choice today! https://ffm.to/tasteslikesummer
Connect with GT_Ofice: SpotifyInstagram | Twitter 
Connect with LINNEY: Spotify | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram
short link 1001.tl/sj6gj2

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