Dr. Shiver & Jegers Team Up On "Rescue Me"

Jun 25, 2018
Dr. Shiver & Jegers Team Up On "Rescue Me"
Dr. Shiver is back with another big tune, this time teaming up with Jegers in a first time collaboration for the Italian producers. “Rescue Me” is ready for the big summer stages, and the guys have made multiple versions of the track depending on the environment that they’re playing in. Dr. Shiver and Jegers discuss these different versions, the creation of the track and some big upcoming plans in our story!
When did you guys first connect and what was your impression of one another?
Dr. Shiver: Actually it was David Allen introducing the guys to me. I still remember that day: I was working in control room A of our Art&Music Recording studios when David entered the room and told me: “Dude, you should definitely check out this Italian trio, they sent me a track that has some potential.” When I heard the track I immediately realized that David was right so I set up a meeting with Jegers. They arrived at the studio and we quickly established a good relationship; they’re all talented, young, smart and funny.
Jegers: As Bruno (Dr. Shiver) wrote, we first met David Allen, who later introduced us to Bruno. We quickly established a great relationship, so we decided to team up and finish the track together. After working really hard we finally completed it!

How did the collaboration begin and what brought you guys together to work on “Rescue Me”?
Dr. Shiver: As mentioned, David played me the draft idea the first time. When Jegers arrived at the studio, we analyzed the track and found out that the drop was very cool, but the breakdown was a little weak. Therefore I did a brand new breakdown, created a reviewed structure and together with them fixed the overall sound design. Once everything was ready, I finalized the mix and master.
Jegers: We thought that the track we proposed to Bruno could become something very strong! So we teamed up with him and thanks to his ideas and his studio equipment, we did some special toplines with exciting instruments.
What was it like working with one another on “Rescue Me”? Did you learn anything from through the production process?
Jegers: Yes, we did! Bruno has a lot of experience so it was very special to work with him. We learned how he organizes his workflow, what plugins he uses and we have exchanged ideas. It was all about sharing, and this is what great musicians have to do if they want to be successful.
What's your favorite element of “Rescue Me”?
Dr. Shiver: I really love the melodies of the track. I like both the drop topline and the breakdown chord progression. I am overall very satisfied with this track; from melodies to sound design, from arrangement to mix and master.
Jegers: Bruno is definitely right: melodies are the most important elements of the track. We love how he decided to change the breakdown! After that we did a great sound design, that is very important too. When we were satisfied with the final version, Bruno brought the track to a higher level by mixing and mastering it.
How has “Rescue Me” been going down in your sets? When do you like to play it?
Dr. Shiver: I actually have three different versions of “Rescue Me.” The first is, of course, the original. The second is a VIP “wabblish” version with the same breakdown but a different drop (actually this was the original drop because during the production process, Jegers found an even nicer drop, which is the one that we ended up using in the original mix). The third version is a mashup between Sikdope – “Snakes” and “Rescue Me,” where I used the entire breakdown of “Rescue Me” and the drop of “Snakes” to which I added the kick drums and the lead of the “wabblish” version. The first version is really working great in clubs while the second and the third are perfect both for clubs and festivals.
Jegers: Even if we have various versions of it, we think that the original mix is the coolest one. While we were finishing the track, we played it a lot in different clubs. People’s reactions were crazy also when the breakdown was vibing, a moment in which people usually “relax.”
What has been your all time favorite show to date?
Dr. Shiver: No doubt, my favourite all time show was my DJ set at last year’s Tomorrowland.
Jegers: Our best performance ever was at K-Klass in Como at the Halloween party. The club was particularly packed and the crowd was very powerful. They didn't even take a break throughout all the time that we played.
Any big plans for the summer for both of you?
Dr. Shiver: I have a lot of goals: from gigs to releases. June 30th I’ll be headlining together with David Allen at the Holi Dance Festival during the Molo Street Parade in Rimini. The whole event is expecting up to 100-150K participants, so we are very excited. David and I will use this event to introduce a new DJ set concept which includes live musician appearances; for this time we are having the great Luca Marchesin on the guitar and Kristian Vivo on percussion. On July 14th I’ll be headlining again with David at the Holi Dance Festival in Milan and this time we’ll bring with us almost an entire band composed of percussion, guitar, bass, brass (one trumpet and two saxophones) and me on the hammond.
Jegers: This summer we’ll travel around northern Italy for our gigs, in particular we’ll be in Como as we usually are. We’ll also work hard in the studio because we have big projects that we want to finish by the end of the summer. For now we can’t say anything about that, but we are sure you’ll like it!
You can download your copy of “Rescue Me” for free today! 
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