Thomas Gold Unveils AU-1 Alias

Jul 16, 2018
Thomas Gold Unveils AU-1 Alias
After learning of Thomas Gold’s new house / tech house alias AU-1 in Miami this year, the anticipation for his new music was at an all time high. Man, was it worth the wait! Thomas kicked things off with his debut single “Oh Yo Bah,” returning to Toolroom Records after almost 8 years, and quickly followed that up with his slick rework of one his all time classics “Shake It.” With the project in full swing and a busy summer underway, there was no better time to catch up with Thomas!
Thomas, thanks for joining us to celebrate such an exciting project! How long have you had the idea for the AU-1 alias and what made now the right time for launch?
I’ve been carrying around the idea of creating a house/tech house alias for quite a while now. I love this kind of music and I have a history with it from my releases on Toolroom and others years ago. Also I have been playing some really cool afterhour sets lately (e.g. the Terrace at Space Miami), so I enjoy making and playing out this sound a lot.
Regarding the time of the launch of AU-1, I have been waiting for the moment that I had a certain number of productions ready, which was around March/April of this year. After having my first releases locked in with Toolroom, I was more than ready to finally go out and launch the project!
Are there any other artist or labels in the more underground world really inspiring you?
When it comes to labels, I’m a fan of Sola, DirtyBird, Defected, Repopulate Mars, Strictly Rhythm, CR2, Toolroom, Stereo Productions, and more! My sound is being inspired by the likes of Mark Knight, Eli Brown, Chus & Ceballos, Nic Fanciulli and many more…
Oh Yo Bah” marks the first release under the new alias. Can you take us through the production? What are some key elements which we may also hear as hallmarks in future AU-1 productions?
“Oh Yo Bah” is one of those groovy, rolling tribal tech house tracks. It all started with the vocal sample which I found somewhere quite a while ago. Once I had a rough idea of how the track should sound, it did not take much time to actually produce it. As I have always been a huge fan of percussion sounds, it was kind of easy to create those beats out of my sound library. So the drums are definitely one of the AU-1 key sound elements, also for future productions (you can hear it already on release #2 – the remix of “Shake It”). Arranging the elements of the track was not a big deal either, as with this kind of music, the track always has to have a nice and ongoing flow, and I love doing these kinds of arrangements.
It’s been almost 8 years between Toolroom releases for you! Obviously both your sound and Toolroom’s have adapted, changed, and evolved throughout that time but you’re back together again! What do you think makes your sound a good fit with theirs?
Wow, time flies haha! Yeah, sounds and productions have evolved on both sides, but I’ve always been in touch with Mark Knight and the guys from Toolroom – really nice people! They were always up for releasing new stuff from my side, it just had to fit musically. And now with the AU-1 alias, this is kind of a perfect match (again)!
You’ve also just released the AU-1 Remix of one of your all time classics “Shake It.” How’d you approach that remix and give it the signature AU-1 touch?
It was similar to “Oh Yoh Bah” – the difference was that there was no vocal sample, but a super cool instrumental loop, which marks the core of any “Shake It” mix. I took this and then added the AU-1 drum treatment (haha!), threw in some deep bassline to give it a bit more drive and then started messing around with delays and sound FX (which is always very important to keep the musical flow going in such a production). Again, it all came very easy and this is the absolute fun part for me when it comes to productions.
You’ve mentioned that you’ve got another AU-1 release lined up for the end of this month, so what can you tell us about this track?
I have a bunch of options actually – it will either be a single track or even a small EP. I’m still discussing with my team what we are going to do, but it will definitely be a bit different from the first two releases... a bit deeper and more minimalistic, as I want to show a bit more of my vision of the AU-1 project and its sound. Be prepared…
Do you have any plans to do any DJ sets under the AU-1 alias or is this just a production alias to release tech house and house?
Yes, definitely! I would LOVE to go out and play under the AU-1 alias, but at the moment, I’m focussing on putting out releases for a while. For now, I want to build the name and get it out there to people; but as soon as I feel ready, I will play AU-1 sets for sure. Super excited about that actually!
How do you see the balance between Thomas Gold and AU-1 moving forward?
Thomas Gold is still the main project so I will allocate a bit more time to that, due to the shows I play every month and also because I have a lot of ongoing productions at the moment. Nevertheless, I’m spending a good amount of time on AU-1 as well... Setting up a tech house project is coming 100% from my heart and it also means going back to my musical roots. So I guess that in the future, Thomas Gold and AU-1 will be well balanced out – just depending on releases and touring schedules ☺
And although it’s under Thomas Gold, the hype for the new collaboration "Orinoco" with Corey James is real as Steve Angello has started to play it consistently! What can you tell us about that track?
That’s also something I am super happy about – having a track out on one of those labels I grew up with! SIZE (and Steve himself) have always had a big influence on my music and productions and I have been getting a lot of support from them. So it is a great thing to have another release coming up on SIZE now. Corey (James) and I had both some rough ideas for a track which we just merged together and gave the production both of our signature treatments and the result sounds great! Steve instantly picked it for his label and it’s super cool to see him play out the tune all the time! So as you can see, with the Thomas Gold brand I’m also going back to some of my progressive house roots, and this is just the beginning ☺
You can buy or stream your copy of "Oh Yoh Bah" on your platform of choice today and you can purchase your copy of the AU-1 remix of "Shake It" exclusively on Beatport here.
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