Dec 06, 2017
We caught up with Swiss duo WE THE SAVAGES to discuss their official remix of Jean Marie feat. Marta Sanchez & Flo Rida – “Basketball.” Premiered by Nicky Romero on Protocol Radio, the track marked a milestone moment in their careers and is another great example of their signature psy-house style. Read and listen on as you get to know WE THE SAVAGES!
Do you remember when you first heard the original “Basketball” and what your impression was? What made you want to remix the track?
Actually we were asked to do this remix. We found it cool from the beginning and we thought it could become cooler with our savage touch. Since Flo Rida’s music has always made us dance and sing in the past, it was an absolute pleasure to work on this remix.
What elements did you want to be sure to preserve in your remix? What did you want to do differently?
We really wanted to give our personality to the track, therefore we only preserved the vocals and the trumpet in the break. We added some warm guitars and an emotional piano to give a more realistic and authentic touch. Of course, then with the drop we cooked up some big basslines to smash everything as we really like to do in our productions.
What does it mean to you guys to have your first major label release with the remix on Sony? Where does that rank for you in terms of career accomplishments?
We surely achieved a big goal and we are very proud of this! We are very passionate and humble about our music careers so we see it as a checkpoint in what we know is still a long road ahead!
You’ve branded many of your productions as psy-house, so can you tell us some more about how that sound came together?
Since we come from electro house and we are also two of the biggest fans of the psy trance movement, we thought to combine the two things together and create something that is ours and unique.
What production aside from the “Basketball” remix do you feel best exemplifies the above sound and why?
“Indiass” is a perfect example where we tried to bridge the two genres together.
Looking deeper into your sets at the moment, what are two must play tracks or artists?
A must play artist would for sure be Timmy Trumpet, since he’s also trying to bring psy trance into EDM. With that said, we aren’t focusing only on this music style, but we always have our eyes on the crowd to understand what the people want. Lately we are playing a lot of Brazilian bass & G-house so we guess a must play track is “Gang” by Mark & Kremont – we really love these guys!
How’s 2018 shaping up for you guys?
We’ve spent a lot of time in studio working on our style and tracks. 2018 will be a year full of releases and we really want to bring our madness to as many stages as we can!
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