Otto Orlandi: Honing His Craft

Jun 28, 2017
Otto Orlandi: Honing His Craft
Otto Orlandi joined us to celebrate his new track “Volcano” as we got a better understanding of what drives the rising Italian producer. He discussed his work with legendary songwriter Curtis Richa, star vocalist Melanie Fontana, and the show that’s most inspired his dance music productions.
You’ve successfully experimented and produced in many genres, so what was the initial inspiration and vision for the production that became “Volcano”?
“Volcano” was not the product of a random moment of musical inspiration: with this song, I had a clear vision in my mind. I wanted to release this tune around the end of June/beginning of July. People are then getting tired of work and they are starting to get ready for summer. I wanted “Volcano” to be the tune that puts people in a good mood and gives them a little taste of the summer about to come.
Where and how in the production process did ADN’s vocal factor in? What makes Adrian’s vocal unique to you and why did you feel it was the right fit for the track?
ADN came in after the musical part of the song was already done. I was looking for someone with the right tone for the vocal part. I then found out that his smooth and impeccable vocals would be perfect for “Volcano.” That really helped to make “Volcano” an ideal track for relaxing while at the pool or at the beach.
What was it like working with Curtis Richa and what did you learn most from your work together?
Curtis is an extremely capable songwriter. He has worked in the past with artists of the caliber of Jennifer Lopez, Rihanna, LL Cool J and many more. Working with someone who is that experienced just makes everything simpler. What I liked about him most was the energy and passion he puts into his work; I want to keep that kind of attitude every time I step into the studio to record.
Going back one release to the hit “Don’t Miss You” – what’s your favorite thing about that track?
My favorite feature of the track is the vocals. Melanie Fontana is an incredibly talented singer who also writes for worldwide famous artists such as Britney Spears, The Chainsmokers and Krewella. I love her vocal tone and how she executed the vocal parts of “Don’t Miss You.”
We saw you were recently in Vegas during EDCLV – was there any particular artist(s) who stood out to you?
I was indeed at EDC Las Vegas to check out the work of some fellow artists. I believe that Armin van Buuren’s performance was the one that stood out to me the most, even if trance music is not my favorite genre. I truly enjoyed his music this year, it was full of energy and had the right blend of trance and mashups so that everyone could enjoy it.
Was there ever a show you attended as a fan where afterwards you knew you wanted to produce music for a living?
I think that The Chainsmokers’ DJ set at Hakkasan on the last day of EDC week 2016 was the show that inspired me the most to produce music. Their set was perfectly balanced between club bangers, rap tunes and commercial club music. The change in vibes was never abrupt, and all of the remixed songs were pure fire. I aspire to produce music on the same level and I’m set on reaching that point in the next few years.
What are you looking forward to most this summer?
I’m really excited about the upcoming tracks that I have in store for this summer. I’m planning to release one track, again featuring Melanie Fontana, by the end of July, then one more by the end of August. I think that these tracks will be the culmination of the work I have done this year, that’s why I am really excited to show everyone the product of all of the effort we’ve put in.
We noticed that you have not performed in a while at any clubs or festivals. Are you planning any tours or shows for this summer?
I am not planning to perform at any shows or festivals soon. At the moment, I am completely focused on my production work. All I want to do now is focus on my music and take it to the next level. Right now, I am not interested in fame or world tours, but things might change in the next few months depending on how my production work goes.
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