Bart B More Talks "Ipanema" Edit

Aug 11, 2016
Bart B More Talks "Ipanema" Edit
Considered by many to be one of the top songs of summer 2016 and initially known simply as Ipanema - "Ipanema," Bolier's track received a club friendly edit from Bart B More worthy of a release on Spinnin'. Bart joined us to discuss his first impressions of the track, the purpose behind his edit, and more!
When did you first hear “Ipanema”?
In a promo! Then, it was just named Ipanema - “Ipanema”, I really had no idea who was behind it.  I thought whoever it was would just release it as a one off weird alias track.  I didn’t know it would be linked to an artist I already knew of… I recently found out Bolier is from Holland and I feel a bit silly now that I had been talking with him in English on Twitter!
What were your first impressions of the song?
Harmonically it sounded really nice. The sounds just were really well glued together, and I liked the groove of the track.  It has an almost tropical feel, but with a strong backbone.
How did your edit come to be?
I was listening to promos in preparation of my newest mix. When I first heard the track, I immediately thought it was well produced, but the way it was sort of structured didn’t really fit quite right, so I kind of edited it solely to fit my mix!  I made it a bit more “housey”, whereas the original has long breakdowns… but for the mix I had a nice flow going so I wanted to keep that groove. I made the breakdowns a bit shorter, and alone that made it more accessible for a housey dance floor.
How did it get an official release?
I’m in close contact with the guys at Spinnin’, and when I heard they were the label releasing the track, I was like, “Oh nice… I actually made an edit of that!” They asked me to send it to them, and they loved it. Spinnin’ said they would promo it, and if it got enough buzz with DJ’s then they would put it on the release!
Have you looked at the track support? It’s crazy! W&W, Michael Calfan, Oliver Heldens, Firebeatz, SJRM, Eddie Thoneick…
And they all played my edit? Oh awesome, that’s great.  I’m not so good at keeping track of these things…my head seems to be always stuck in some unfinished track.
It seems like a perfect summer track.
I felt the same way about it.  I really have to give all the credit to Bolier though.  He did all of the work, he created all of the unique sounds and hook, and I’m glad my bit was released as an edit. I saw it named on social media as a ‘Remix’ earlier, and I felt like that word would be taking too much credit.  All I did was alter it, add a bit of percussion, but to officially call it a remix I think would be a bit too much.  It’s a well done on Bolier!
What else have you been up to this summer?
This whole summer I’ve been mainly focused on new music.  It might be a consequence of not putting as many tracks out.  For you to be noticed, you need to constantly stay visible on the release front.  After last year when I wasn’t releasing a lot, I guess that resulted in Bart B More falling in the shadow a bit.  That resulted in fewer gigs, but more studio time, which has been really nice for me.  I love to be in the studio.  I also hope to start DJing and touring again soon because that’s also a great aspect of making music.  You want to hear and play your music out there, live.
Now I’m really trying to focus on finding my next single. I’ve got so many IDs and so many drafts, but they are all like 80-90% done.  I’ve got so much music right now, I don’t really know what to finish. It’s overwhelming sometimes.
At a time like this, is there anyone you would trust to help looking for the right direction?
Firstly I try to figure it out myself, but there are a couple of people that I talk to on a regular basis, the Chocolate Puma guys.  They always give me feedback on my tracks, and I also recently sent a track to Laidback Luke.  The way his sound is going and the specific track that I made, it could be a potential fit for his label.  The first reaction has been really good so maybe that’ll be one I end up releasing, but you never know.  I make the decisions for my own music so I can release whatever I want.  It’s always super helpful to have production feedback.
To hear the latest from Bart, enjoy his latest Mixtape below (tracklist here).
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