Jan 03, 2018

GUZ Debuts New Radio Show

GUZ launched himself onto our radar in May of last year with his debut release “Play With Me Heart.” Released on Toolroom and with major plays by Riva Starr, TCTS, Mark Knight, and Oliver Heldens, it was an exciting signal of what was ahead! Following up with his first EP on Simma Black and then the absolutely massive “Get On Board” on Danny Howard’s Nothing Else Matters label, GUZ was firmly establishing himself as a force to be reckoned with in the house world. He’s since remixed Ferreck Dawn, dropped a slick collab with Simun, and just last week launched his new radio show GuzGrooves. We caught up with GUZ to discuss his new show, outstanding productions, and exciting future!
Why did you feel that now was the right time to start a radio show? Are there any artists or labels in particular that are inspiring you right now?
Honestly, it was never part of the plan to make a radio show, but I had some guest mixes on several blogs and radio shows and the feedback was great. Also it’s a simple way to force yourself to say updated to everything that gets released, because you have to find unique content. I can never settle for just a few promos and a couple of Beatport or Traxsource hits and go.

What can listeners expect from your show, both logistically and content wise?
I hope to provide the show monthly, but I can never really promise that. More likely it’ll be like a series of mixes from 001 to who knows how many. Sometimes every month, sometimes more, sometimes less. But the good thing is that you can expect all kinds of freshness in house music. The genre is so diverse, and I’m not going to be tied to boxes and subgenres.

What was the track selection process for the first episode of GuzGrooves?
Promo selection, checking my favorite producers’ discography for recent productions on Traxsource and Beatport and also checking the frontpage of 1001 to see if DJs I dig played some interesting titles.

Can you highlight a few tracks from the first episode and why they were selected?
Sure thing, there is a lot I can choose but let’s pick these 3:

1. Endor – “Indigo Indica.” Great great tune with balls and some kind of swag. The vocal is very, very small and not special at all, but is such a great combination with the melody. What else could you expect from Endor – awesome producer.
2. GUZ & Simun – “The Jam.” My latest single out on Sense Traxx with my buddy Simun. We tried to combine techy beats with some disco-ish funky stuff and we’re pretty happy with the result. Hope you guys like that one.
3. OC & Verde – “Flauta.” Great tune to close the groovy set with. I think there are plenty of ways and places to use this track in a set, but I tried to use it as a melodic ending track after all of the dancefloor head noddin’ grooves that are played before. Great melody, great bass, great beat. For sure in my Top 10 of 2017.
How does the radio show compare to what a GUZ live set is like?
Well I’m gonna be completely honest, there has not been any gigs yet, because until a few weeks ago I had another project as a duo so I didn’t have the time and the input to really set it up. All I can say is it will most likely be a little more banging and dancefloor orientated, but hey, that also depends on the night. Let’s see what 2018 brings, there are some gigs scheduled already so it’s very interesting to see how it all continues.
Looking into some of your own productions, “Get On Board” was such a massive track this summer! Can you take us through your mindset heading into the production and what the reception to the track has been like through your eyes?
I have no idea what I had in mind, but that is always the case. Mostly I start with a strong kickdrum and then I just start messing around with samples and synths. I remember I wanted to add a lot of cheeky mini-drops with all sorts of rave elements. That was all done in a few days, and then I spent like a week to find the right synth riff to place on the drop. It just didn’t feel completely right until I found the one that is used now. The reception has been great, it got me on Danny Howard’s radar to name one positive thing. More about that later…. ☺

You’ve got some new music coming soon on Glasgow Underground. What can you tell us about that track?
Yes! “Give Hope” is coming on Glasgow Underground. That’s more like a full-on tech cut purely for the dancefloor with a very, very driving groove. Also nice to mention that early January I signed a very housey tune to Get Twisted by my buddies Tough Love.

What else do you have on the horizon for GUZ in 2018? What are two goals you’d like to achieve next year with the project?
I kick off the year with a release on Get Twisted and then I team up with the Tough Love boys again for a big one on Nothing Else Matters. The promo will start soon so that’s going to be super interesting and fun to watch. Danny Howard and his team are pretty hyped for it so that is such a reward. Especially because finishing this tune took some time, including clearing and re-recording the sample that is being used.
Then I think the Glasgow Underground track will be out, and after that the follow up on Danny’s label is already 99% finished. This one has an amazing original topline, made especially for the beat I did so that is going to be special. Of course also the gigs will start and I hope I can keep up with making a lot of podcast episodes to share with you guys. Thanks for the time and the exposure to launch the first one, really appreciate it. Keep it up with your website, one of the nicest ones around!
Connect with GUZ: SoundCloud | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram
short link 1001.tl/rwm2bl
Full tracklist info available at GUZ - GuzGrooves 001 2017-12-27
Ferreck Dawn & Robosonic Nine To Phife (GUZ Remix) Artwork
Ferreck Dawn & Robosonic - Nine To Phife (GUZ Remix) KITTBALL
2 soundcollective (1.5k)
Ferreck Dawn Lately Artwork
Ferreck Dawn - Lately SIMMA BLACK
9 soundcollective (1.5k)
Sidney Charles Gone Artwork
Sidney Charles - Gone MOON HARBOUR
2 soundcollective (1.5k)
John Tejada Sweat (On The Walls) (Franky Rizardo Remix) Artwork
John Tejada - Sweat (On The Walls) (Franky Rizardo Remix) DEFECTED
56 soundcollective (1.5k)
GUZ & SIMUN The Jam Artwork
13 soundcollective (1.5k)
Endor - Indigo Indica NIGHT BEAST TRAX
5 soundcollective (1.5k)
Jaded Pancake Artwork
Jaded ft. Ashnikko - Pancake BLACK BUTTER
57 soundcollective (1.5k)
CamelPhat Magic Stick Artwork
CamelPhat - Magic Stick REPOPULATE MARS
19 soundcollective (1.5k)
Mason Maynard Simple Question Artwork
Mason Maynard - Simple Question SOLA
15 soundcollective (1.5k)
Havana Dub Tweeter (Piem Remix) Artwork
Havana Dub - Tweeter (Piem Remix) CUTTING EDGE
1 soundcollective (1.5k)
Latmun Footsteps Artwork
Latmun - Footsteps HOT CREATIONS
40 soundcollective (1.5k)
Paolo Martini Howsa Artwork
Paolo Martini - Howsa MOTHER
4 soundcollective (1.5k)
Ninetoes Deli Kadir (Shaf Huse Remix) Artwork
Ninetoes - Deli Kadir (Shaf Huse Remix) AVOTRE
11 soundcollective (1.5k)
Will Clarke Give Me Your Love Artwork
Will Clarke - Give Me Your Love SOLA
14 soundcollective (1.5k)
OC & Verde Flauta Artwork
OC & Verde - Flauta W&O STREET TRACKS
31 soundcollective (1.5k)
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