Sep 06, 2021

Catching Up With Sagan

Sagan's been a busy artist during the Covid lockdowns. He's transformed his performances from DJ sets into live sets with a full band, and he's also been experimenting with unique future house sounds that are pushing the genre forward. He's fresh off the release of "All My Life" together with fellow Ukrainian artist MalYar on Future House Music, and he joins us to share his perspective on the new track and much more! 
Hey Sagan, thanks for joining us today! How has your year been going for you and what have been some of your favorite moments from this year so far?
Hello 1001Tracklists and everyone who is with us now! I would probably celebrate these two years with a total revolution in my life. Of course, one of the main factors for everyone in the world was probably this virus that took away so many innocent lives and still continues to ruin people's lives, but I believe that everything is starting to slowly recover now and that the world will shine back with new colors soon! As for me personally, the main event of these two years and my life in general was in October 2020 when my first son was born, my wife and I named him David. Now I know what real happiness looks like :) With his birth, thoughts in my head just turned over and I started looking at things from a different angle. I mean that now there is a huge responsibility that makes my brain work at 100% all the time. Apart from that, there are so many interesting projects that I am currently working on and I hope to tell you about them in more detail in the near future. It is also good news that people can travel again and attend various festivals, and it is very cool that we can play parties again. This summer I performed at many festivals and it was very cool!
Since we last caught up, you launched your own label, Tempus Records. What made you want to start the label, and what are you looking for in the tracks that you're releasing through Tempus?
Yes, I launched my own label Tempus in the summer of 2020. I release both my own tracks and the tracks of my friends there, but I can't say that it’s a 100% commercial project, it’s more like a kind of an outlet for myself. I’m going to put more and more effort into promoting and developing this project in the near future, but for now this is kind of a toy that I dreamed of back at the beginning of my career! These are times now that sometimes a label doesn't really play a big role for the artists and I think that in a few years many labels might no longer be on the market. Even now, this is already happening – artists are self-releasing their songs to platforms and millions of people are listening to their music on Spotify and so on!
You've also enjoyed recent releases with Future House Music, Hexagon and Spinnin' Records and other major labels. Can you talk about your approach to releasing music and what makes a particular label the right fit for one of your releases?
Each label has a certain stylistic framework that it adheres to and you don't need to be a scientist to understand that dubstep should not be sent to a label where deep house is released :) In my earlier tracks you could hear more of a future house sound and when I started off, there were only two or three labels that supported this music: FHM, Hexagon and sometimes Spinnin’ Records. Now there are many labels that support this genre, but you need to go further and experiment with a new sound and FHM is one of those labels that allows you to do this! If you listen to my latest release "Sunglasses" and the new "All My Life" that just came out on FHM last week, you will hear that this is clearly not a typical future house sound and I have great respect for the team for believing in these tracks!
Future House Music · Sagan & MalYar - All My Life (feat. Dan Soleil)
Let's dive into your brand new track, a collaboration together with MalYar on Future House Music called "All My Life." When did you first connect with MalYar and what were your initial impressions? How did you come to work on this track together?
We have known each other for a long time, we’ve played together at the same festivals in Ukraine. Yaroslav is a very talented and funny guy, you can easily find a common ground with him. Once we exchanged our unfinished demos, we decided that we must work together on "All My Life"!
Take us through the production process for "All My Life." Where did the initial idea come from and what was it like working on the track from start to finish?
Initially "All My Life" was a demo and it had a different title. We spent a few weeks in the studio working on it and we finally achieved the sound that was playing in our head! But the vocals that were on the track then – we didn’t quite feel it. So we sent the demo to FHM and the guys contacted Dan Soleil who sent a new vocal demo, and it was amazing! I fell in love with these vibrations and after hearing these vocals in the mix, I realized that now the track is 100% complete. Very proud of this work!
Do you have any other new music in the pipeline that you can tell us about?
During the quarantine period, I had enough time to focus on new music. I experimented a lot, found cool sounds, even tried myself as a vocalist. In general, I can't wait to share this with you :)
We hear that you've been upgrading your live performances with live instruments and musicians. Can you tell us some more about your performance plans?
Yes, this is part of what I had in mind during the quarantine. It became damn boring for me to watch almost every single DJ just stand at the deck with their hands up instead of really feeling the music and giving 100% during a live performance. I can’t say that I’m any special because I did the same, and I admit that from time to time I will continue to do so because some performances have been planned in advance and the plans did not include bringing the band with me, but in the near future I’m going to do live performances only where everything will be played by my band live. This is so cool. People want a show, not a DJ who plays pretty much the same thing as the guy in front of him.
And lastly, as we look ahead, what goals do you have for yourself for the rest of this year and 2022?
I’ve always had one goal – to bring my music to as many people as possible. I also want to visit as many countries as possible, do a lot of cool shows there and I’m also planning to release my debut album next year!
You can stream or download Sagan & MalYar feat. Dan Soleil - "All My Life" on your platform of choice today! 
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