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Aug 09, 2021

Justus Rolls On With ID Loaded Future Rave Residency Set Live From Dutch Waters

Justus is back for episode 002 of his 1001Tracklists Future Rave Residency with a massive set recorded live on Dutch waters! Fans will remember his set from March atop a frozen lake, where Justus brought the IDs to heat things up! Now with summer in full swing, he’s got loads of new productions and edits to showcase in this spectacular mix shot from inside a boat! Check out his interview to get an inside look at bringing the production to life, his work together with rising stars HEADER, exclusive news about one of his hotly anticipated IDs, and much more!
Justus, great to have you back as part of your Future Rave residency! You’re coming to us today live from the waters in Holland! How did you pick the location for this set and what made it special for you?
I’m so happy to be back on 1001 with a new live set and I feel so honoured! I was just looking for another location in The Netherlands, and then I thought about the set I did on the frozen lake in my hometown, so I was like, “Why don’t I just record another one on the same place in summer time when it’s not frozen?” So I took exactly the same spot, but then on a boat this time! 
Take us through how you put the music together. You know you’ve got 30 minutes to work with, so what were some must plays and what were some new IDs and edits you dropped? 
Every set I record must be like 70 percent new IDs, so every time I record a new set it feels like a showcase of my new music. I try to come up with something new all the time and surprise the people who are watching the set. I played some very cool new IDs like my edit of “Opus” by Eric Prydz, but to me the most special one – and also the one most of the people have been waiting for – must be my new one “Astro” which was previously called “Cornfield Chase.” It’ll be out very (very) soon on Spinnin’ Records, I’m so excited for that!
This summer we’ve seen you teasing a massive Future Rave remix of Tiësto’s “The Business.” What can you tell us about your take on his hit? Is there any chance of an official release?
It actually started when I was thinking of making a new video for TikTok, then I posted it and the reactions were so good, so Spinnin’ wanted to post it on their Instagram too and asked Tiësto if he likes it. He liked it a lot, but we didn’t come to an official release of it. To be honest I never expected him to actually reply though, so it was a huge surprise for me!! So fingers crossed for a remix of his next big hit. 
You’ve found a really nice chemistry together with the HEADER. Take us back a bit first. When did you first meet the duo or hear their music? What was your impression?
We actually got connected by the Spinnin’ A&R and then we directly were like, “Why don’t we just organise a ‘Future Rave camp’ and go into the studio together for a week?” And then “Spectre” was born and we released it on Spinnin’ Records. They’re really good producers so it’s super nice to work with them! Now we have many more songs together, so stay tuned for that...
As you mentioned, you released your first collaboration together last month. What made “Spectre” the right track to work with HEADER on and what do you like most about the production?
I had this song that I wrote with Jaimes, who also sings on other tracks of mine, for a long time already, but then I was a bit stuck in the production process. So I worked on it with HEADER during our ‘Future Rave camp’ and we came to the version like it is now and decided to release it together on Spinnin’. What I like the most about the production is the melody which directly kicks in after the strong vocal and then straight into the drop which has so much power! 
We’ve started to see live shows returning in various places around the world, so what effect has seeing those come back had on you? Do you have any plans for live shows that you can share?
That really gives me an optimistic view of what's to come this year and makes me even more eager to finish and release those club bangers! We have plans to start doing live shows again. For me the past 1.5 years was all about making new music, so thanks to that I got many requests from promoters and clubs to do a show. At the moment my team and I are working to make those happen! 
And as we head deeper into August, what’s on your horizon looking at the end of summer and quickly approaching fall?
New music! We’re working on so many releases right now and I can’t wait to share them. And of course I’m so much looking forward to getting back on tour and actually playing them live, as I never got the experience to play all of my new tunes live in front of a crowd and see their reaction, that will be a magical feeling! 

Justus & HEADER - "Spectre" is available to download/stream on your platform of choice today!
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