Shane 54 Celebrates "First Time"

May 22, 2017
Shane 54 Celebrates "First Time"
Last week Armin van Buuren premiered a very special track on A State Of Trance [tracklist], Shane 54’s new single “First Time.” Now out, the full release package includes remixes from David Gravell, Simon Alex, and Kukuzenko. The track is another exciting edition to Shane’s solo profile, which already includes his acclaimed weekly International Departures shows and has seen regular touring in 2017. We caught up with the Hungarian star to get his insight into “First Time” and his exciting 2017 happenings.
What was the initial inspiration and sketch like for “First Time”?
As with most of my songs, I wanted to do something a little different. I started first with finding piano chords that I liked and then started to craft a production around them. When the vocal came together, I liked it because it had a unique edge. Having those two key elements was a nice start but there was a lot more work to do.
Can you take us through your work with the vocal and completing the track once you had that?
I’ll be honest, this was a pretty hard track to crack. There were a lot of ways I could’ve gone with this song, and I kind of wanted to explore every path before committing to one specific direction. The arrangement practically changed up until the very last render. Mixing was tough too, but it finally all came together.
What does it mean to you to have “First Time” premiered by Armin on A State Of Trance?
It means a lot. Armin is such an icon at this point that he represents more than just a person. He represents something everyone is aspiring to be, and having his support for this record is a huge deal to me.
You’re featuring a nice diverse remix package – what do you like about each of the three artists' takes on “First Time”?
Selecting the right group of remixers on a release is something I take very seriously. It’s important that each remix brings something unique to the song.
I just knew that David Gravell’s signature sound would propel this song so that it would live comfortably in a big room trance environment.
Kukuzenko has been a secret favourite of mine for quite some time and his remix came together quite serendipitously. I put the acappella of “First Time” over an instrumental he was working on, and it worked perfectly. One hour later, there it was: the first remix of my soon to be next single!
Simon Alex is one of those guys who is coming up fast in the scene. A friend recommended him as someone to check out and before I knew it he had won a big remix competition and was remixing some guys that I really respect. Having his mesmerizing remix on this package is a great get.
You’ve enjoyed a nice run of solo shows in the US this year with more upcoming. What’s it felt like to return to normal touring again? Any favorite moments from the shows you’ve played in 2017?
I have much spent most of my life as a touring artist, so it is my natural element. Getting back in front of a crowd was incredible. As for highlights, headlining San Francisco's Ruby Skye was a huge deal for me, but the first solo show at Exchange in LA, where I know everyone (from the crew to the owners and technical personnel) was truly something special. When I stood on that stage and shouted “Hello LA”…well, that was a moment that still sends chills down my spine. I just love being on the road. I have shows coming up in Chicago, Denver, the Bay area, and more to be announced.
Anything new with your weekly show, International Departures?
I recently started streaming International Departures, on Facebook Live. It’s a lot of fun. I've been meaning to do it for a while, but somehow never got to it. It's so much easier to listen to it this way, and the feedback is more instant. I love it!
Shane 54 - “First Time” is available to buy/stream on your platform of choice today!
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