Jun 24, 2021

1001Tracklists Spotlight: Shake Coconut & Wizzly

Shake Coconut and Wizzly step into the Spotlight to celebrate their latest release “Mad Love” on Darklight Recordings. The Spanish DJs/producers have come a long way since first meeting at a Spanish radio station and we take a closer look at their journey together from releasing on Dannic’s Fonk imprint to their latest bomb on Fedde Le Grand’s label. Turn it loud for an ID loaded mix and get ready to fall in “Mad Love” with these talents!
Shake Coconut, Wizzly, thanks so much for joining us to celebrate your new collab “Mad Love”! The track really caught our attention after Fedde Le Grand premiered it in his Exclusive Mix. How has the response to the release been like through your eyes?
First of all, thanks a lot for having us! It’s a pleasure to be on one of the websites we’ve always followed. It has been such a great honor to be premiered and supported by a legend in the music industry such as Fedde Le Grand on Darklight Recordings and his own mixes. We’re also really happy for the rest of the supports that we’re receiving on “Mad Love” from media, radio stations and DJs and we see that the track is working really well! It’s really cool to have all those people’s feedback on your work and for us it means a lot. We’re pretty confident that it will be played a lot of places during this summer as we hopefully go back to normal.
Take us back to when you first met or heard the other’s music. What was your first impression? 
This is a great question! We first met years ago working and collaborating for a radio show at a Spanish radio station in Madrid thanks to our common friend and host of that show, Neil, interviewing people we have always followed like Steve Angello and Nervo. Since then we have been working on some parallel projects for years. But when we started to know how each other works in the studio, and knowing that we usually have the same tastes, it was really quick for us to talk about doing some music together and dropping some ideas in the studio since we understand the scene in a similar way.
What brought you guys together to work on your first collab “Hit The Club” and what made “Mad Love” the right track for your follow up?
“Hit The Club” was our first approach working together in the studio after several parties and projects in the past that we mentioned in the previous question. Thanks to the great warm welcome that we had on Dannic’s label Fonk Recordings, we naturally started to talk about the next collaboration opportunity.
“Mad Love” was born since we have always wanted to make an approach to some genres (like future house with this track) that we have always had our eye on them, but from our personal point of view. So we decided to start working on it, and we came to a track which had all the ingredients, and our personal view and energy that describes us.
Looking closer at the track, can you each highlight your favorite element in the production?
Shake Coconut: For us, although we already loved the instrumental, we felt we were missing an important element with the acapella we used for the final version. We needed a powerful vocal to fill the breaks, and we tried to find an acapella with our mind on some ‘dance’ tracks from the 90s and 2000s that in Spain were a big success for that golden era. When we came to this acapella, we really felt in love.
Wizzly: One of the elements that I consider to be a key for the final version of the track are the triplets structure and the layering simplicity that we used on the drops. At the beginning we started all as a common composition, but for us it sounded a bit soft, and quite light, so the main energy we can see on the drops has been achieved using a triplets structure for the notes which makes the whole project a bit different from the things we are used to working with, and it was quite funny to make it that way.
Turning our attention toward your Spotlight Mix, how did you approach this set and create a flow?
Actually we feel really good doing mixes back to back, since all of us love to mix new and exclusive music which will be soon released. We do a lot of mashups or edits with old time classics just to keep it interesting. We are really excited for this specific one!
Looking closer at your music selection, can you highlight some of the music included and why it stands out to you?
We have included a lot of music from Spanish artists that everybody should keep an eye on such as Javi Reina, Juanjo Martín, Sansixto, Dgrace, Castion, ATLNTICA and Alenn... and other ones from international well-known artists like Guy Arthur, Relanium & Deen West, but if we had to choose… we are always fans to discover new and unreleased things, so our selection would be all of the IDs we’ve played!
For both of you this marks your debut release on Darklight Recordings. What has it been like working with Fedde and the team? What does releasing on Darklight mean to you?
Working with such a GREAT team that Darklight has, and being able to release music on Fedde Le Grand’s own imprint means the world to us. It’s been quite easy to coordinate with them, since we share our strict way of working. We’ve been fans of Darklight events and releases throughout the years, and to be able to see our work with them, it’s a really big honor for us. The team has done things really, really easily and Fedde is supporting the track on all of his latest mixes, so we are really grateful for this opportunity and we are really pleased to become part of Darklight’s artist roster.
Outside of collaborating with each other, who is someone you want to work with?
We’ve discussed this question and we have really similar tastes! We have always loved the Dutch music scene, and it would be really sick to work on a project with any of the international artists who are giving us the opportunity to share our music to the world, such as Fedde Le Grand or Dannic!
We’ve started to see live shows coming back across the world, so what effect has seeing those had on you? Do you have any plans for upcoming live shows that you could share?
In Spain we are still having a difficult situation regarding all of the restrictions, but we’re starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. We’re working on plenty of things, actually mostly focusing our minds on the end of the summer/start of the next season because we think that coming back to normality will be massive. We want to arrive in 2022 stronger than ever. We’re ready for the return of festivals and events that, to be honest, we have really missed a lot.
And as we look ahead to summer, what else has you excited?
What keep us motivated is to see people dancing again in clubs and events returning with all of those nice vibes around it. It would be really great to see them dancing with “Mad Love” as their soundtrack!
Download/stream Shake Coconut & Wizzly - "Mad Love" on your platform of choice today! https://darklight.lnk.to/MadLove
Connect with Shake Coconut: Spotify | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram
Connect with Wizzly: Spotify | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram
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