Tom & Jame Celebrate Debut Future House Music Release

Aug 05, 2019
Tom & Jame Celebrate Debut Future House Music Release
Over the past several years Tom & Jame have blossomed into two of dance music’s hottest producers with releases on Hexagon, Revealed, Heldeep, and more, but suprisingly hadn’t released yet on one of the industry staples for their sound. With “Something More” the Dutch duo have the perfect track for their debut release on Future House Music and we caught up with the guys to celebrate!

Hey guys, thanks for joining us today. How's your summer going so far? What have been a couple of highlights? 
Thanks for having us! Our summer has been great! Having a good year with lots of music being released the last few months and played some really cool shows. Our Asia tours have been a blast and also one of our highlights recently is one of our upcoming tracks that got played on the Tomorrowland mainstage. Good year, good vibes!
Let's jump into one of your latest releases, "Something More," together with We AM & Bad Nelson. Can you take us back to the beginning of this track – how did you come to collaborate together with them? 
We know Nelson from playing gigs with him in Switzerland and he’s become a friend. We also had a collab with We AM before and when they sent us the first version we loved the idea and knew we wanted to work with it. We tested it on the road and it immediately fit our sets! 
What was the production process like for this track? How did you take it from the initial inspiration to the final product? 
We Am and Bad Nelson worked on the track first and sent it to us so we could work on it some more. We added our Tom & Jame flavour to it – kept it banging, but groovy. It was finished pretty quickly, that’s how most our best tracks are made!
As this is your first release with FHM, how did you come to have this release on their label, and what has the experience been like working with the team?
We have known FHM for a long time and been in contact with the owners for quite some time actually, but our music up until now maybe wasn’t the best fit for the label. “Something More” was the perfect fit for us to have our debut release on FHM!
Can you talk to us about what it's like working with each other in the studio? What is the best strength that each of you bring to the table? 
In a duo you have two times the creativity! We like to work on ideas separately and then finish them together. Tom is really good with initial ideas to get a track flowing and also some weird sound design to make it stand out. Jame is more focused on the mixing and working out a track. This way we try to complement each other’s strength to the max! 
What's a goal of yours that you're looking to achieve in one year's time? 
We’ve been really productive the last year, we tried to let go of any productional boundaries that we had in our heads and that really worked out. Also we’ve been working a lot on making songs next to the typical Tom & Jame club bangers. We are right now finishing up all of the stuff we have and we hope to bring it to the daylight soon. Expect a Tom & Jame 2.0 with a new sound on the table! 
What are three tracks from other artists that you've really been enjoying this summer, and what about these tracks do you think makes them so special?
Don Diablo, Jessie J - “Brave” (Don Diablo VIP Mix). This track has some really good vibes in the break, but surprises you with a really fresh and dirty drop. We like to play it a lot and it always fits perfectly in our sets.
Axwell - “Nobody Else” (A-Trak Remix). We love how he switched the already groovy original to an even more groovy track. It turned out as a really unique remix with a real summer vibe to it, which we love! 
Meduza, Goodboys - “Piece Of Your Heart.” This track is definitely the summer anthem of the year. Loved the track so much that we decided to take our own spin on it and make an unofficial remix of it, which you can hear on our socials! It was a lot of fun remixing this track because it’s all about simplicity and really catchy vocals. 
And lastly, what has you excited for the remainder of the summer and rest of the year? Any upcoming releases or shows that you can tell us about?
We’re releasing a new track on Hexagon which we are really happy about. Brought the summer vibes on this one and it’s a real dance floor filler. Next to that we have a lot of cool collabs coming up, which we can’t tell you too much about yet… Show wise we’re doing some Asia tours at the end of this summer, which we are really looking forward to. Playing in Asia is always a lot of fun, discovering new cultures, and also the crowds and fans are really special with all of the love they give us!
You can buy/stream your copy of "Something More" on your platform of choice today:
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