Cosmic Gate's SW4 Exclusive Mix

Aug 03, 2017
Cosmic Gate's SW4 Exclusive Mix
Today, in association with The Gallery, we are excited to present Cosmic Gate’s Exclusive Mix & Story. August is an exciting month for the legendary duo as the excitement for the September 1st release of Materia – Chapter.Two builds in addition to the growing anticipation for their performance at The Gallery Arena at South West Four on Sunday, August 27th. Enjoy their reflection on Chapter.One, a look into the new tunes on Chapter.Two including another brilliant Emma Hewitt collab, and their storied history with The Gallery.
Can you highlight three artists included in your mix and why they stand out to you?
Let’s see, there is a lot of our own music in the mix, but the first guy we’d like to point out is Eskai from San Francisco. He did a fantastic remix for our collaboration with JES on “Fall Into You” from Materia – Chapter.One. Just great work and for sure a guy you should keep an eye out for.
Furthermore we always love Grum’s work. His Rework of Tears For Fears – “Shout” is one of the most outstanding covers of the year for us. He always hits this spot right between trance and progressive and his DJ sets are on point as well. Someone that still knows what the word warm-up and build a vibe means, which is rare unfortunately…
Last but not least it’s Anjunabeats artist Jason Ross that stands out for us. We were planning to collaborate on MateriaChapter.Two as well, but couldn’t get something finished in time. We’re sure we will do something together in the near future. He’s a cool guy and a good producer whom we expect to hear a lot from in the future as well.
Can you talk a little about your history with The Gallery? How has their night at Ministry of Sound played a role in shaping your career?
Our history with The Gallery really goes back soooo long, starting some time in the early 2000s in the third room or something. To make a pretty long journey short, for a few years now we’ve been headlining the main room two to three times a year. Without overstating it, we can say The Gallery for sure is one of our absolute favourite club nights worldwide! The consistency that The Gallery nights at Ministry of Sound hold for us is just extraordinary. We are happy to know that we have a home in London where we are always welcomed in to share our ideas of modern trance and club music. 
What's been the reception to the Materia – Chapter.One album through your eyes? Now that the tracks have been out for a while, what's your favorite to play live?
We think the reception has been really good, the singles have been performing great and fans and critics have been so positive about it. Chapter.Two is ready for release in a few weeks and we hope to satisfy our fans with this one as well. It’s always a very exciting time when new music gets released. To take something we have been working on for so long, and then to share it, it always feels like the first single or album basically. Like every other musician, we are excited, curious, maybe even a bit tense to see if people like what we did. It’s never a given and maybe drives us in doing what we do for so many years now...
Can you take us through the initial inspiration and production process of your new single "Tonight”?
The process of writing a vocal song in all honesty is basically always the same. There are two ways, it’s either the singer/songwriter writes on one of our demos, or we get the vocals and start writing the music under it from scratch. That’s how it was with “Tonight.” Emma sent us this hook line just on a basic piano; we liked the vibe of it right away, and started working on the music. We kept adding more and more instruments and drums, layering, arranging, turning it more into the track that we all know now… what can we say, things just happen when you are inspired by a song and so it was with “Tonight.” We are just happy to have her back on board and soon back for the Materia – Chapter.Two tour as well!
What does reuniting with Emma to work on a track mean?
Well we have such a long and successful history, so what can we still say? It seems our music and her voice just add up to each other perfectly. The feel that her incredibly unique voice and her special kind of songwriting adds to our music seems to be a perfect match once again if we are allowed to say.
We’ve gotten so much support and love for “Tonight” since its release. It’s always an incredible feeling if the fans feel what we feel. It’s just awesome for us to see fans sing along to the song now only two weeks after release!
What can people expect from Materia – Chapter.Two?
Chapter.Two surely walks in the footsteps of Chapter.One, which is logical actually as together they are one complete album. The music is supposed to tell one story, like a book that is released in two parts. On top the production process happened in a relatively short range of time, furthermore we have worked with several artists from Chapter.One in Chapter.Two again as well. We think it’s a perfect continuation to Chapter.One, but adds certain aspects on top. What we for sure can say is that Chapter.Two is very clubby again, basically eight of the nine tracks are pure food for the dancefloors. Listen to our Tomorrowland set, three tracks in there in addition to “Tonight” are from Materia – Chapter.Two as well and we hope to find a lot of them in some 1001Tracklists in the future :)
Turning our focus towards South West Four, what does playing the festival this year mean to you?
We have only played SW4 once so far, and just have the BEST memories! The big tent we played at was rammed and the crowd was beyond ecstatic. Some sets you have the feeling you can fly and this was one of them! We can’t wait to be back this year, see you guys at the end of August :)
Chapter.Two of Materia is available to pre-order today!
Cosmic Gate take to the stage at South West Four on Sunday, August 27th as part of The Gallery Arena. Check out the full lineup below and be sure to secure one of the last remaining tickets here:
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Cosmic Gate & JES - Fall Into You (Eskai VIP Intro Mix) [WAKE YOUR MIND (BLACK HOLE)]
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Mrmilkcarton - RIP [ADRENALIN ROOM]
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Grum - Shout [ANJUNABEATS]
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Impera - Flex [VAYPOR (ARMADA)]
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Above & Beyond ft. Justine Suissa - Alright Now (Above & Beyond Club Mix) [ANJUNABEATS]
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Cosmic Gate & Ferry Corsten - Dynamic [WAKE YOUR MIND (BLACK HOLE)]
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Cosmic Gate & Emma Hewitt - Tonight [WAKE YOUR MIND (BLACK HOLE)]
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Jason Ross ft. Lauren Ray - I Will Be There [ANJUNABEATS]
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Cosmic Gate - am2pm (Extended Mix) [WAKE YOUR MIND (BLACK HOLE)]
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Chicane ft. Moya Brennan - Saltwater (Kryder Remix) [ENZO]
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Third ≡ Party ft. Paul Aiden - Veins (Club Mix) [RELEASE]
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Cosmic Gate - Exploration Of Space (Cosmic Gate Third Contact Remix) [WAKE YOUR MIND (BLACK HOLE)]
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