GMAXX & D3FAI - "Boomerang"

Oct 19, 2016
GMAXX & D3FAI - "Boomerang"
GMAXX & D3FAI are two young producers who recently had their collaboration included in the Revealed ADE Sampler. They discuss their influences, what it was like making their collaboration, and becoming members of the Revealed family. Enjoy the read and check out their collab!
What does it mean to you guys to have your tracks included on the Revealed ADE Sampler?
GMAXX: Well first of all, it’s an awesome feeling and it means a lot for me to share the ADE sampler with some of my favourite producers like Maddix and JAGGS.
D3FAI: It means a lot because Revealed is my dream label! Also I'm proud to be part of this ADE Sampler with lot of huge artists who I admire.
Can you talk a little about the inspiration and production process for "Boomerang"?
GMAXX: For this track, it was a bit difficult, but I worked a lot to bring energy on the entire track. It was good to work on this track and I learned some cool things and definitely working on the drop and break was the best part. My partner sent me the MIDI of the drop and I reworked it by making the final result using some cool and fresh sounds. I always find inspiration by listening to the Revealed Recordings stuff and I'm really satisfied with the final version of the track .
D3FAI: Usually to get some inspiration, I watch Hardwell's sets which give me so much positive energy and then the ideas comes up on my mind. For “Boomerang,” it took around two and half weeks. I had so much fun, it's definitely my favourite production at the moment.
Can you talk a little about what it was like having your tracks premiered on Hardwell On Air and being welcomed into the Revealed family?
GMAXX: I have no words for that. Since I started producing, being part of the Revealed family was my main goal and dream. Definitely having one of my productions being premiered by my idol is such a big accomplishment. All I can say is that there is no better team than the Revealed Recordings team.
D3FAI: It was something unique, I had never felt something like that before. The love and support from everyone was the best feeling ever. I felt very welcomed on the Revealed family for sure.
D3FAI, what was it like seeing the video of Hardwell playing your VIP Edit of “Lethal Calabria” at the last I Am Hardwell show?
D3FAI: It was the best feeling ever, totally gave me goosebumps while watching it. The crowd reaction and of course seeing Hardwell enjoying it - it's something that I'll never forget.
What are your proudest productions, and why?
GMAXX: My proudest production so far is this release "Boomerang" and also some of my unreleased stuff which I'm very proud of because it has my time and hard work on it.
D3FAI: My proudest production so far is my “Lethal Industry” remix. Because of that remix, I got in touch with my biggest inspirations - Hardwell and Tiësto.
Who are you guys influenced by currently? Who do you think you’ve learned the most from production wise?
GMAXX: Currently I'm more influenced by Hardwell and Dannic, but there is no better thing than creating your own style. I learned a lot production wise by listening to tracks from Hardwell, Dannic, Avicii, and Swedish House Mafia, as well as watching video tutorials.

D3FAI: I'm influenced by Hardwell a lot - he gives me so much inspiration while making music. I've learned a lot of production from him, and of course from video tutorials. 
"Boomerang" is available now as part of the Revealed Recordings ADE Sampler 2016! Download/Stream here: Be sure to also check out the Revealed Records 1001tracklists ADE Exclusive Mix here.
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