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Tinlicker & Helsloot Reunite

Nov 17, 2020
Tinlicker & Helsloot Reunite
Dutch producers Tinlicker & Helsloot have collaborated several times already now, and they’ve joined forces again for “Tell Me” featuring Hero Baldwin out now on Be Yourself Music. The guys go in depth on how they met and how their relationship has grown over the years, and they also share their perspective on some recent and upcoming tracks. 
Jordi, Micha & Thomas – thanks for joining us today! Let's jump right into your new release, “Tell Me.” This one has more of a chilled out vibe to it – is that something that you were hoping to achieve with the track from the outset?
Tinlicker & Helsloot: We didn’t have a clear plan actually besides making a remix of a demo we made before. We started from scratch with a pitched down acapella and suddenly these chords came to mind. We added some beats and the vibe was born.
“Tell Me” sees you reuniting for another collaboration together. Can you tell us about your relationship with each other? How did you first meet, and what is it like working with one another?
Helsloot: Jordi and I met 12 years ago when I was about to remix one of his tracks. When I moved to Nieuwegein for a short period we started bumping into each other randomly and decided to produce some stuff together because I was a big fan of his experimental music. I met Micha when they started Tinlicker. Ever since we’ve been meeting up to drink beers and talk about music, which sometimes turns into a session without a clear goal. Then after a few days somebody starts texting that we should release it :P
How did you come to work with Hero Baldwin? We understand that you sent a demo to her and then she came back with the vocal – what was your initial reaction to it? How did you ultimately work with Hero to take the track to the final production that we hear today?
Tinlicker & Helsloot: Hero Baldwin literally fell out of the sky in 2015. We caught her and took her to the studio for a couple of studio sessions. After three years we decided to work together again.
Generally speaking, what is your workflow like together in the studio? For each of you, what do you think are the other's strongest traits?
Tinlicker & Helsloot: The workflow is to become one with each other. Talk about the deepest fears and secrets first – a studio session after a good talk is key. No bullshit so you can be how you want to be while creating stuff and work together as one.
Jordi & Micha, you guys have had a really amazing year of releases, and we have to ask you about your chart topping rework of Robert Miles - “Children.” What does this track mean for you guys?
Jordi: “Children” is one of those songs that reminds me of when I was a young kid. When I hear the song, it immediately brings me back to when I was 14 years old. Sitting there in my small bedroom in my parents house. I always thought it would be nice to play that song someday. And that day came in November, 2019 when Micha and I had to play in Prague. Before our show we edited the original “Children” track into a Tinlicker song just to play it for that one time. Never realized this was going to become an official track... we hope the world is ready for a Tinlicker version of “Children.” 
Can you take us through the decision to make your own version of “Children” and what it was like working on this track? How has it been seeing the amazing reaction, both in terms of all of the DJ support that it's been receiving and watching it hit #1 on Beatport?
Jordi: The decision was pretty clear. After our ABGT 350 set in Prague, I took a shower the next morning, I woke up too early and someone knocked on the door and gave me a letter. I opened it and there it was: make a remix of Robert Miles - “Children.” So, I made a remix in the hotel room on my headphones.
Thomas, can you tell us about the evolution of your career, and how you came to start the Helsloot project? We know that you've been around much longer than many people might realize!
Helsloot: I started producing dance music in 2005 as a hobby, and then I ended up playing gigs in The Netherlands. I used to play before or after guys that are big in the EDM scene right now. That’s how I met Quintino, Marc Benjamin, Lady Bee and Sander Kleinenberg, who I’ve been co-producing with for a long time now. Throughout the years I’ve always been making music for myself, experimental stuff that I used to forget about. Things changed when Jordi and Micha asked for demos for their sets which contained an early draft of “Because You Move Me.” After a massive amount of replies on the ID, we decided to work on it a little bit more and put it out as a collaboration with my new alias.
2020 has been a really big year of growth for you with Helsloot as you've seen tons of success across DJ support, streaming numbers, and other metrics. What have been some of the most important milestones for you to date with Helsloot?
Helsloot: Besides all the weirdness in 2020, it’s been great for me. My first solo EP came out on Poesie Musik. Two tracks have seen daylight on Lane 8’s This Never Happened label. And the response on the Paradise / Like EP with Tinlicker on Astralwerks was amazing.
Do you guys have any new music in the pipeline that you can tell us about?
Helsloot: I’ve made an official remix for Bob Moses - “The Blame” which will be released early 2021.
Tinlicker: We have two remixes upcoming, one for “Tell Me” and a remix for The Irrepressibles - “Let Go.” 
And lastly, while it's been a really difficult year, what have been some of your highlights? Anything that has you excited as we head into 2021?
Tinlicker & Helsloot: We decided to launch a Patreon page this year. And now we have many people supporting us in these weird times. Also we have a new studio and that will be finished in December. So we finally can reunite and finish all of these new songs we have created at home during corona time.
Buy or stream Tinlicker & Helsloot ft. Hero Baldwin - "Tell Me" on your platform of choice today: https://bym.ffm.to/bymds116.fum
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