Night Service Only: CID Talks New Single, New Label & Bright Future!

Jun 24, 2019
Night Service Only: CID Talks New Single, New Label & Bright Future!
Having already solidified himself as one of the top producers in dance music, CID started an exciting new chapter in his career last Friday with the release of the debut single on his new label Night Service Only. The track, which shares the same name as the label, is a statement of the forward thinking dancefloor driven music CID plans to consistently release. The response from DJs and fans alike has already been massive with “Night Service Only” already charting Top 5 in both our Top Trending and Most Heard Charts. We sat down with Carlos to discuss the new single, new label, and his big plans for the future!
Carlos, thanks for joining us to celebrate the launch of your very own label! How long have you had the idea for Night Service Only, what were some of the steps that you needed to make to turn the dream into a reality, and what makes now the right time for launch?
I've always wanted to launch my own label, but it was really about timing. I started playing with the concept of "Night Service Only" about two years ago and while we toyed with the idea of launching it then, the time just didn't feel right. I spent some time focusing on the branding side of the label, and then I started to put aside some track ideas that fit the vibe I wanted to go for sound wise. I think the biggest step to really get this all in motion was when Spinnin’ said they wanted to partner with me on the label. They have such a well oiled machine, and I knew with their backing, we could get this music spread to a much bigger audience.
The label kicks off with your own single by the same name. Tell us a bit more about that track. You’ve been road testing it for a while now, so what statement do you think it makes musically for you and the label?
Once I had the label name down, I was trying to figure out what would be the best track to launch the label with. I had been talking my friend, DJ/producer Mednas, who gave me the idea to make the first single the same name as the label.  From there it all just clicked for me. I wanted the first track to not only be the same name, but to also be a sort theme song and motto for NSO. That's when I came up with the vocal concept "We Listen To Music At Night." To me that’s not only a declaration that the label's focus is music or night clubs, but also a constant reminder for myself to stay firm with the sound that I want to deliver on the label.
Are there any other artists or labels who you are drawing inspiration from for how you would like Night Service Only to run and/or the music to sound? What do you think will help differentiate your label from others out there?
Definitely, I always admired labels like Steve Angello's Size, Axwell's Axtone, and more recently Don Diablo's Hexagon. Sound wise, what I am doing is different, but I am definitely drawing inspiration for how those labels were run, and the excitement that surrounded each release. Those labels all focused on quality, and weren’t afraid to finetune tracks until they were perfect. Sound wise I am really trying to create my own space and sound, not copying anyone else out there, but making music that stands out, and is still playable by a large pool of DJs and fans. Another thing that I think is really important in differentiating myself and the label is quality control. We live in a time where music is so disposable, people tend to just throw out content and see what sticks. I'm really focused on making sure I stand by every release, and take the time to A&R, giving my input on each release I put out from other artists.
Talk to us a bit more about the branding behind Night Service Only and staying true to your NYC roots.
When I first started toying with the idea of launching my label, I really struggled to figure out a name for it that was meaningful to me. New York is such a big part of my life, I've always been fascinated with it and that was something I wanted to incorporate as a theme for the label. I always find myself taking the train late night, and there would always be these signs for "Night Service” schedules, I thought that played well with the direction I wanted to take the label sonically, and that’s when it all clicked for me. It’s not only the idea of music for nightclubs, but an ode to the inspiration from all those late nights after the club, taking the train home.
What can fans of yours expect from the label in terms of release frequency, releasing artists, and other branded concepts (you’ve already got the radio show!)?
I am really focused on consistency with the label. My goal is to have new music out every 3-4 weeks. A big part of the branding for me is the clothing side. I am tired of seeing generic DJ merch (I'm guilty of it as well). So I am working on building a clothing line that I would wear. I really worked hard on developing the branding for NSO, and I want to build the clothing side of it so it can stand on its own. I want people who might not even be fans of the music or the label to just think its something cool to wear.
We’ve been hearing some big IDs that we think have CID or Night Service Only written on them. What can you tell us about your own upcoming music and some of the label’s?
I've been testing out a ton of new music over the last few months and a lot of that will come out on NSO.  After the first release, I am coming pretty quick with the second single "Rock The House" to make sure we get it into DJs' hands before Tomorrowland. Then we have a really cool EP from my Italian brothers Fraanklyn & Fole that I've been testing out for months! Expect A LOT of new stuff coming this year!
If we were talking one year from today as summer 2020 started heating up, what would be two accomplishments that you’d like to be able to say you had with Night Service Only by then?
I think 1001Tracklists has become the standard for DJ support and charting, so the obvious accomplishment is for the releases to chart here!! Aside from the obvious streaming and stat goals, a main goal I have in mind is to start having my own Night Service Only branded club nights in different cities, and eventually curate NSO festival stages. Helping develop other producers/DJs through the label, and then be able to bring them out to play at the shows is something really important to me.
You can stream "Night Service Only" on your platform of choice today!
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