NEW_ID's Exclusive Mix

Aug 27, 2018
NEW_ID's Exclusive Mix
NEW_ID has been busy enjoying one of his best summers to date! Highlighted by his ID filled Tomorrowland set, Dave Winnel collaboration “You See The Trouble With Me,” and with an album on the way, there was loads to celebrate in his Exclusive Mix!
Devi, thanks for joining us today! How’s your summer been? What have been some highlights?
Hey guys, you’re welcome and thanks for the invite! All good here! I’ve had a great summer so far with a lot of highlights, but for me my gig in Ecuador was something special. I’d never played in South America before and the gig was just perfect. I headlined and the DJ booth was on a castle. 8,000 people went mental!
Besides that I’m working on an album and I went into the studio with Matt Simons – super exciting times for me at the moment!
And of course not to be forgotten playing the Axtone Stage at Tomorrowland. I prepared a lot of new ideas, it’s always a bit scary but at the same time, I’m always excited to play new stuff. Does it sounds good? How are the reactions? In the end it went really well so I’m looking back on a really great summer.
We’re still loving your big Dave Winnel collaboration “You See The Trouble With Me” and wanted to know if you still remember the first time that you heard Dave’s music and met him? What was your impression?
Dave is an amazing, chill, humble guy. I think the first time that I heard about his music was when Axwell sent me his latest stuff two years ago. I was like “Wow, this sounds sick.” He is originally from Australia but we got in touch and he said he moved over to Amsterdam. I live there as well so I invited him to my house to chill. We ate some bitterballs and shared some ideas on music, it felt like we were on the same page. We both have our own sound, but we felt that it could blend really well together. Also a funny thing is that he couldn’t find a place to live for a certain period so when I was on tour he lived at my place
What led you guys to work together on the track and can you take us inside the collaboration?
After enough bitterballs it was time to hit the studio together. It’s always really funny how an idea develops. It didn’t start with the cover at all. We had that Joris Voorn kind of loop that you hear in the main break. After that we were looking for a nice vocal loop and I was always a big fan of the cover Black Legend did of “You See Trouble With Me.” So we sampled the “can feel nothing” part that really gives that emotional vibe for the break. Later we tried that percussion thing and it worked so well! It didn't feel like a straight rip-off, but still a really fresh train future house sound. So yeah really happy with the outcome. It just works big time in the club.
Can you tell us some more about your growth alongside the growth of the Axtone family? It seems like the touring brand of Axtone has come on really strong and given you and other Axtone artists a well deserved platform to DJ at festivals and clubs consistently around the world.
It’s an amazing opportunity that Axtone has given me for several years now. It really helped building my own sound and brand. It’s cool to see the fans come up with NEW_ID T-shirts (even though I don’t have any merchandise) at several places. They gave me of course some directions, but in the end you need to do it yourself and you need do what you love. That’s really important. In the end NEW_ID is my baby, I’m really excited to build more on my own brand with an upcoming album and maybe in the future my own label with only clubby trainhouse tunes :)
Specific to Tomorrowland [Full set + tracklist here], you premiered a lot of new music!! Can you tell us some more about “Heartbeat” and “Stay”?!
The “Heartbeat” vocal and break has been on my studio desk for a long time. I started it with the guys from Volt & State, but we couldn’t finish it together. Unfortunately they split up and the track was almost dead. But I couldn’t let it go somehow, I've always really kept faith in some parts of the track. Now that EDM is slowly fading away, I feel it’s a good time for these kinds of tracks. You can close your eyes and not have a track where people are yelling at you the whole time. It’s more about the tension and vibe than that big drop that’s waiting for you. I love that it’s coming back finally! To play this record at Tomorrowland… I really had goosebumps. I know that fans were waiting for a long time on this one. I think it’s close to finishing and that’s why I also put it in my 1001Tracklists Exclusive Mix!
“Stay” is a track I started with my brother. He has his own indie band called Silent War and we really wanted to do something together. He is crazy good on the guitar and on songwriting as well. We really have a bromance haha. It’s not that typical club track but more like “yeah maybe for an upcoming album? ;-)”
With your remix of Matt Simons – “We Can Do Better,” what elements of the original did you want to preserve in your take and how do you feel that you’ve made the track your own?
The funny thing is that I didn't use any elements of the original! Only the vocal. I wanted to try something new, only good MJ vibes that screamed instant summer. Matt was so excited about the remix that he came to the studio to finish it up together. It was the first time for me that an original artist is so involved. Really cool!
It’s not really a clubby track, more something to listen to in the car or at the beach. I like to mix it up, making only club tracks gets a bit boring sometimes. My motto is to always I do what I like, don’t assume anything, expect the unexpected.
What’s coming up for you next? Can we find you at ADE again this year?
I have so much music that I want to put out soon. A lot of trainhouse tracks are coming like “Heartbeat,” “Lovestruck” and some new ideas as well as the album that I’m working on. And of course I will be at ADE. Finally to the gig by bike, what more can you ask for! Hope I can announce some plans on ADE soon...
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