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[Premiere] Corey James & Teamworx - Funky Music

Dec 14, 2017
[Premiere] Corey James & Teamworx - Funky Music
Today we’re thrilled to bring you the exclusive premiere of Corey James & Teamworx – “Funky Music.” Out tomorrow on SIZE Records, “Funky Music” has been one of the most in demand tracks since its first play by Steve Angello in his BBCR1 Residency in May 2016, and we’re excited to not only share a first full listen at the track with you, but also get you some insight from both artists on the outstanding production! 
The anticipation for “Funky Music” has been palpable for over a year and a half now! What has the build up to the release been like for each of you since the first play by Steve on his BBCR1 Residency in May 2016?
Corey James: The build up has been crazy, we have had so much feedback and support already. We are all excited to finally give the fans what they have been waiting for.
Teamworx: Since the premiere on BBC Radio 1 we’ve managed to show restraint and not send the track to anyone but Steve. We’ve received dozens of requests for the promo and we’ve managed to keep it private in order to maintain the hype and not to ruin the anticipation for the fans and DJs. During the year and a half, we’ve received messages from fans asking what the status of “Funky Music” is and if the track will ever see the daylight and frankly until recently we didn’t know what to say. There’s one boss, his name is Steve, and he decides when it’s the best time to put out the track. We’ve trusted his timing and it was well worth the wait!

Can you guys take us inside the initial inspiration and production process back in 2016? How much, if any, did your hit “Make The Crowd Go” influence this production?
Corey James: “Make The Crowd Go” was a huge success for us. It's been a big part of Steve Angello's sets for a while now and it gained amazing support. We thought it would be a great idea to make a follow up with a similar feel/vibe and send it to Steve for Size. The production process was pretty similar, just going back and forth with sounds, ideas, etc. The Teamworx guys are super talented so it’s great to work with them.
Teamworx: Exactly. Funky Music” can be called the younger brother of “Make The Crowd Go.” It was obvious that following the success of that track we went straight to the studio to create the follow up record and you can clearly hear some inspirations from the track. With that said, we really wanted to provide something fresh with a bit of a different vibe than “Make The Crowd Go.” Even though the sounds may be somewhat familiar, the true art is expressed in the smallest details and we’re very happy with the result.

We’re sure sitting on a track for so long poses an interesting challenge for you guys, as you probably wanted to keep tweaking the production. Were there any significant changes to the track made for the official release?
Corey James: Yes the track was done and signed to SIZE early on, but while settling on the release date we wanted to tweak it and give the mixdown and master that extra 10/20%. Instead of “Funky Music” sounding great live, we wanted it to sound insane! I think we managed that if you compare older versions to the new one being released.
Teamworx: That's right. In August last year (2016) we already knew the track would be signed on SIZE and really until April 2017 we switched it up with quite a few versions. There's an advantage in a 'delay' in the release, you can measure if a track is successful or not over time. During that period we were playing “Funky Music” in our sets and the reaction on the dancefloor remained great! So in this case time gave us a good indication of the quality of the track. If you think back in the Swedish House Mafia days, those guys as a group and individuals would really build anticipation for every release rather than just releasing it and there's probably a reason! We're glad that the track is coming out now at a time we feel is best for “Funky Music.” It has this clubby vibe that’s perfect for everyone playing in the winter, more indoor clubs and not the big outdoor festivals.

Both of your music has become an integral part in all of Steve’s sets, so can you talk some more about what that ultimate stamp of approval from him means to each of you?
Corey James: To me it means the world and I know the guys think the same. Steve is a huge idol for all of us so his stamp of approval is a great feeling. I’m actually in Stockholm right now doing some studio time at the SIZE studio – I love it here. I would move here in a heartbeat if I could haha. Signing to SIZE was a dream come true and it still doesn’t really feel real, I can’t wait to for the journey ahead and hopefully many more releases to come.
Teamworx: Our story with Steve is like a fairy tale. Seven years ago Steve was the reason we came to Tomorrowland. We had missed a show of his in our country and we were looking for his next show on the internet when we found he was playing at Tomorrowland 2011. That year we followed Steve and his label and as aspiring DJs we decided to go to Tomorrowland which opened our eyes to this gigantic dance music scene. That was the moment that we decided to leave everything and dedicate our lives to creating music and producing so that one day we might be on that stage. In 2016, after five years, though still not on the stage, we were on the dancefloor at the mainstage while Steve played three tracks of ours in his set. That was an ultimate sign that we're going in the right direction and we really feel that the seed we have planted is now blossoming and certainly growing fruit thanks to the boss Steve Angello believing in our music.

Each of you has also enjoyed a monumental 2017 and we’re sure to see you in our Top 100 Producers this year, but can you mention a personal highlight or achievement from this year that you are especially proud of? What is a goal each of you are hoping to achieve in 2018?
Corey James: That would be amazing to be in the Top 100 Producers for 1001... my personal highlights this year would be Creamfields (my home festival) and playing alongside Steve at his Printworks show in London. It was the first time that all of my family and friends got to see my show – I’ll never forget it. My goal for 2018 is to keep releasing the best music I can and try to keep pushing boundaries. I would also like to visit some of my favourite places around the world and meet some more of my amazing supporters.
Teamworx: It might sound funny, but we think our biggest achievement is the fact that we're now corresponding on our private Whatsapp conversations and phone messages, saying "Hey brother" to artists who we once only counted as our idols (they still are haha). Previosuly we felt light years away from being close to them or we never even thought we might reach them some day. Without a doubt our collaboration with Nicky Romero and ADE made us realize how far we've come and how much you can achieve with hard work. With that said, there's so much more to work on and we look forward to 2018 and showing you some of our new work!
Corey James & Teamworx - "Funky Music" drops tomorrow, Friday, December 15th on SIZE Records!
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