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Blasterjaxx Talk Monster Collabs & Remixes

Sep 21, 2016
Blasterjaxx Talk Monster Collabs & Remixes
Coming off a busy summer of touring during which they still managed to turn out many top notch productions, Blasterjaxx joined us to discuss some of their recent collabs and remixes. The guys dive into the inspiration, production process, and live set application for their work with DBSTF and Hardwell, as well as what it was like remixing Krewella and Daddy Yankee.

You guys have previously collaborated with DBSTF on huge hits “Beautiful World” and “Parnassia.” What’s so special about working with them?
Besides the fact that we're all from the same city, it's their experience and super dope producing skills that make us love working with them. In hardstyle music it’s very much about the mixdown, layers and frequencies. The amazing knowledge they have on this works so well to us. Not only are we good colleagues, but we are also good friends which makes things complete :)

What was the inspiration for “Hit Me”? What was the production process like?
For "Hit Me," it all started with the vocal. We received it during a studio session in LA and took it back home to continue working on it in our studio. While having a production day with DBSTF, we showed them the vocal and decided to use it for our collab. The production process went fast because we were all inspired by the vocal. The biggest pain was the mastering, haha!

What was it like premiering this track at Ultra this year? How have you been using this track in your sets since then and what’s the reaction been like?
Ultra has always been a good testing field for our new productions. We noticed on social media after playing there that “Hit Me” caught some attention from the people in the crowd and watching the livestream. Soon after, the first requests for the release started to pop up on our social media.

What was it like working with Robert (Hardwell) on “Going Crazy”?
It was amazing! We worked with Robert before on “15” and once again this one turned out really well. Robert is a very skilled producer and lovely to work with - we both have that 'Dutch rave' sound in our veins.

Can you talk about how this collaboration materialized?
Sure, it went pretty quick honestly. We started with the buildup and the drops and figured that Robert might like what we had so far, so we sent it to him. From there we did the voice clip and two days later we finished the whole tune in his studio.

What’s the reception to this track like? What was it like playing it on stage with Hardwell at Creamfields?
The track has been well received since the very first time we played it live. Playing it on the Creamfields mainstage with him was super awesome, and the first time we've seen Creamfields from the mainstage!

How did you approach your Daddy Yankee - “Gasolina” and Krewella - “Marchin On” remixes? How does the approach differ from producing an original?
Haha, “Gasolina” is something else. Both of us have loved this tune since we've been grinding girls to it back in our teenage years. Before we broke through, we used to play it in our sets when we mixed some hip hop and reggaeton in between our Latin house tunes. Since we played the mainstage at Tomorrowland Brazil this year, we thought it would be dope to give this tune a touch up and give people a nice blast from the past experience! It's easier to work on since you already have a red line for the whole production, and it's fun to do something different than normal.

Do you have a favorite moment playing either of these remixes this summer?
For the Krewella remix, it's the moment at the show where the first break is heard, people make that 'Aahw' noise which signals to us that we did a good job :)

“Gasolina” is always fun to play since this is probably the last tune people expect to hear at a rave. We love those surprise tracks!

What should we be the lookout for from you and your Maxximize label this fall?
We have some really dope releases signed to our label and just released the newest tune from Florian Picasso, which we think is an absolute gem!! So far we are really happy and thankful for the development of our label and all the DJs and people supporting it. 
If you want to hear more from Blasterjaxx, you can find all episodes and tracklists for their weekly radio show Maxximize On Air here.
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