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Mar 17, 2021

1001Tracklists Spotlight: Jamie Roy

This month, Jamie Roy kicked off a new chapter on Ultra Music with the release of "Something" and we're celebrating! Groove away to his Spotlight Mix which is full of fresh house cuts from the likes of Inner City, Josh Butler, Bontan, DJ Sneak, and many more, while you read on to get an inside look at his work with frequent collaborator Jay De Lys, the sounds he stands for as a DJ and producer in 2021, and his exciting future ahead.
Jamie, thanks so much for joining us to celebrate “Something”! The record is the start of a new chapter for you on Ultra Music, so how’s the excitement for your work together with the label?
Thank you for having me. It's literally been the best experience with Ultra especially during the pandemic as I wouldn't normally have the time to work on such a big project with touring, etc. so I feel when everyone hears the next few singles and finally the album they will hear I've given it my all!
What made “Something” the right record to kick off your work with Ultra?
Haha you will have to ask Ultra that. I think though it's because it has massive appeal to a lot of people. The way this happened was all so quick, as I gave the track to James from Solardo on a flight to Ibiza and that night it was played at Ushuaïa. The video went crazy online, then two days later I played it to my manager and he sent it to Ultra and they signed it in straight away. 
You’re back together with Jay De Lys on the track and the two of you have a clear chemistry! What’s it like working together?
I love working with Jay, we have become such good friends over the years and it seems to get easier as we go along making music together.
Taking things back, do you remember the first time you met?
The first time we met was in Ibiza actually. I had managed to get us both playing on a boat party in 2017, was great looking back even after years. And from there just chatting over messages. 
What effect, if any, has not playing live shows in a year had on you as both a DJ and producer? Have you felt that your sound has changed at all? 
Massively. The next few singles are all completely different from the next. That's what I love though, being able to showcase more sides to my sound and my influences 
Looking closer at your Spotlight Mix, can you highlight three artists included and why they stand out to you?
DJ Sneak, Ian Pooley and Sidney Charles – three legends of the scene. I always have loved to play older underground gems in my sets.
Take us through a day in your life right now. What’s your routine like, and how are you maintaining inspiration and creativity with your music?
I have a new studio in Manchester which has been the place I have been making my album. It's really been great to focus in there and try to forget all the madness in the world at the minute. 
We’re missing clubs and festivals as we’re sure you are too! It’s been great to see you already announce some shows for later this summer and as we draw on some more positive energy ahead of those, could you share a few of your favorite all time gigs?
When I played Ushuaïa in 2019 for Nic Fanciulli as his resident at the club, and also BPM last year was a massive highlight in Costa Rica. Oh and Printworks just before the pandemic hit was fantastic :)
And as we look ahead, what else has you excited and is keeping you motivated?
Just knowing that when the gigs come back it's going to be 10x better than before, I can't wait to party with everyone again. 
Download/stream Jamie Roy & Jay De Lys - “Something”: https://ffm.to/s0mething
Connect with Jamie Roy: Spotify | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram
short link 1001.tl/qqxszu
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