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Blasterjaxx On "Black Rose"

Mar 01, 2017
Blasterjaxx On "Black Rose"
Ghost In The Machine” certainly stands out as an iconic Blasterjaxx track and fans can now celebrate the long anticipated follow up to that track. Again featuring the standout vocals of Jonathan Mendelsohn, Blasterjaxx dropped “Black Rose” this week. “Black Rose” marks the third track released off of their new XX Files EP and is one their fans will surely love. Get an inside look at some new Blasterjaxx music in our interview!
What does it mean to you guys to do an official follow up to “Ghost In The Machine” with Jonathan Mendelsohn?
Our first collab “Ghost In The Machine” received wide support from our fans, and we were really charmed by the sound of Jonathan’s voice. We met each other at EDC New York again last year and spoke about a new collab. Both we and Jonathan were really excited about that, and so it happened!  
What do you guys like about his voice for your productions?
He has an amazing voice and knows exactly how to use it. He’s a very technical singer and also lyric-wise he’s very strong.
Can you talk us through the production process for “Black Rose”?
Initially we made the first draft of the break for another collab, but that didn’t pull through. We sent it to Jonathan and two days later he had already come back with the acapella vocals. After that we worked through some different drops, just to get that right feeling.
On 1001 it looks like Creamfields Peru was your first live play of the track? What has it been like dropping “Black Rose” in your sets? It must’ve been a secret weapon of sorts for a while?!
Well actually, it was quite hard in the beginning cause the track has quite a long break and the fans didn’t know the track yet. It was just like with “Ghost In The Machine,” so we waited until the fans picked up the track a bit more.
How do you think “Black Rose” embodies what listeners can expect from and what your XX Files EP stands for?
“Black Rose” is a typical example of the Blasterjaxx sounds with great melodic breakdowns.
You guys have so many big IDs floating around the site too! Outside of that, any other big plans for 2017 you can share with us at the moment?
We’re planning to make all the big room fans very happy this year. Also with our Maxximize Records label we have some very good stuff scheduled for the upcoming months, can’t wait for that music to drop!
Blasterjaxx ft. Jonathan Mendelsohn - “Black Rose” is available to buy/stream on your platform of choice today.
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