Behind The Music: LNY TNZ

Dec 07, 2016
Behind The Music: LNY TNZ
On the heels of the video premiere of “Burn It Down” and ahead of the release of their FVCK GENRES EP on Friday, we caught up with LNY TNZ to look deeper into their new music. The guys gave us an inside look into their production process, the #FVCKGENRES mentality, and how it all comes together to make the LNY TNZ music so many love.
What was the inspiration for “Burn It Down”? Can you talk about some of the different elements that you incorporated into the track?
Because most people know us from the harder beats we bring, we wanted to create something more crossover. Something more like a real song instead of a typical festival banger. Making festival tracks is what we do and what we like, but this was something new for us. The challenge was: how do we make a real crossover song with that typical LNY TNZ identity? We really think we succeeded with this in “Burn It Down.” The song has a really nice hook with beautiful vocals.

Can you talk about what you go for with your productions, and the #FVCKGENRES mentality? What kind of freedom do you feel like this mindset provides you?
We don’t really stick to one single genre, but we try to combine whatever we like. We have been experimenting a lot with the 150 BPM and 75 BPM halftime drops. This combination really works great in our live sets. Combining different styles is making music varied and innovative. From this perspective we have developed our own music style and concept called “FVCK GENRES.”

For our new single, “Burn It Down,” we decided to jump on the 145 BPM sound. We haven’t really worked in this tempo before, but it felt good from the start. We will see what the future brings. We are open for anything and we just do what we like as long it has the right LNY TNZ energy!

Who are some of the artists that you looked up to when you were just beginning your careers? Are there any artists that you’re closely following and keeping up with today?
We have definitely been inspired by different artists. For example we have been a huge fan of Max Martin and Hans Zimmer. These two guys changed the world in pop and film music. Most people might have never heard of these names, but they have definitely heard their work. If you don’t know them, Google them!

What is a LNY TNZ DJ set like?
A LNY TNZ DJ set stands for madness and lots of energy. We really love to hype the crowd and we want them to give them all the energy they have got. People can always expect some new stuff and unreleased mixes and mashups!

Any upcoming productions or works in progress that you can tell us about?
We will release our forthcoming FVCK GENRES EP on December 9th on Barong Family. This is a 4 track EP with all different influences and cool featurings. We have a straight 150 BPM banger with Kalibwoy and a trapish halftime / double time track with moombah influences called “Hit ‘Em Hard.” “We got the skills, do what we wanna do, fvck all the genres “cuz we gonna mix a few…” is what The Kemist says on the track “Party General.” This really is the EP you guys have all been waiting for.

How’s next year looking for you?
We will be releasing a lot of new music. Solo tracks and some collaborations. We will probably be traveling a lot and we hope to play at a festival somewhere near you! If you are around, don’t hesitate and come and say hi to us!
The FVCK GENRES EP will be available this Friday, December 9th on Barong Family. 
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