Jul 22, 2016

Yves V Gears Up For Tomorrowland

Yves V discusses some of his recent productions and the V-Sessions brand ahead of his busy weekend at Tomorrowland where he holds a residency in his native country of Belgium. Enjoy learning about his collaborations with Dimitri Vangelis & Wyman and Laidback Luke, his radio show, and curating his own stage at one of the biggest festivals in the world! 
How did your collaboration “Daylight” with Dimitri Vangelis & Wyman come about?
We see each other a lot at shows and we were just talking about doing something, especially for Tomorrowland. Dimitri had an idea about the break with the whistling, so we just started working together on it. I think the end result, for me, was like the real Tomorrowland feeling. That’s why we put it in the Tomorrowland Brazil aftermovie and the feedback was really good. We’re very happy with the result. It’s fun to work with the guys. I love them and we always have a lot of fun on tour together.
When you were making the track, did you think that you were onto something early on?
Actually, no because I’m not always right. Sometimes I think a track will be huge, but in the end it doesn’t end up working that well. The thing that I had with “Daylight” from the start was the vibe. It just reminds me of the summer and Tomorrowland. The vibe was there from the beginning and I knew that there was something there.
Can you talk about your ID collaboration with Laidback Luke?
We started this at the end of last year. I had a drum track that I sent to Luke, and he loved the idea, and added a cool melody to the drop. We’ve been playing it for quite a while now and it works very well. It’s going to be released very soon actually, at the end of the summer. I’m very happy, and also Laidback Luke is an amazing guy. It’s an honor to do a track with him because he was always one of my examples. I love the way he DJs and just the way he thinks about music. He’s still such a nice guy. He’s into music for the same reasons that I’m into - he loves music and he loves DJing. That’s the most important thing, I think.
Do you have a particular goal or purpose for each episode of your radio show, V Sessions?
I started the show a few years ago, and also at that time I started to host my own stage at Tomorrowland. Back then it was a very small stage, and now it’s one of the biggest indoor stages. It has the same name as my radio show. For the show, it’s totally different from my live sets. I try to put all of the tracks that I like in there - new stuff and also a classic of the week, where I try to find a track that inspired me from the time I was starting. But still, my radio show can go from deep house or tech house to hardstyle. It doesn’t matter, if I like it, I’ll play it in the show.
Do you feel like you get to show your greater musical interests and the diversity of what you like?
Yeah, I think it’s good for people to not only hear what I play live, but also what I like to play when I’m going out or driving. It’s bigger than that.
How much time goes into preparing each episode?
Quite some time, actually. The mixing doesn’t take that long, but searching for the music always takes some time. I get a lot of promos and always try to find some cool tracks from there. It’s something that I’m doing all week when I’m on the plane, at the airport, hotel, or wherever. I’m checking all of those tracks. But I like it. At the end, it’s all about music, so for me it’s not a job to make it. It’s fun.
You mentioned how V Sessions is the name of your radio show, but also your brand. Did you know initially that you’d be building V Sessions into a brand that would last?
No, the thing was, I had the opportunity to host a stage. And for me, it was obvious to call it V Sessions. It’s going very well, and the feedback I get from the show is quite nice. It’s still growing, and I hope for it to grow even more in the coming years. Who knows what we can do. I’m happy with where it is now and keep on working on the brand, so we’ll see.
What was it like when you were initially choosing the lineup for your stage at Tomorrowland?
It was quite easy. I first try to find friends or colleague DJs who I work with. I talk with the organization, so it’s not only my decision. Besides that, I also try to invite some guys who I really look up to. For example, a few years ago I had Eric Prydz closing the stage. For me, that was such a big honor. He’s one of the best producers out there. At the end, I always try to have a lot of friends around me. It’s all about fun for me.
Is Tomorrowland the biggest event of the year for you?
Yeah, for sure. I’ve been playing there since the second edition so I have a very special bond with the festival. Also, the organizers are good friends of mine. When I play in Belgium, all of my friends and family come, so that makes it really special. And the production is out of this world. Definitely one of the highlights of my year.
How does it feel to be a resident DJ of Tomorrowland?
It’s a dream come true. When I started at Tomorrowland, they gave me a chance at the mainstage. I was playing in front of only about 3,000 people though. When I told my friends that I was playing at Tomorrowland, nobody really reacted. They were like, “Okay, that’s fun.” Back then, Tomorrowland wasn’t that big. Now, it’s crazy. Everywhere I travel, sometimes people don’t know Belgium, but they know Tomorrowland. I never thought it would become this big. I’m very happy to be part of it.
And you’ve grown alongside it.
Yeah, it’s been about ten years now. With their evolution, I was slowly doing the same.
You can gear up for Yves V's sets this weekend with his live set from Tommorowland Brasil (tracklist here).
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