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Mar 04, 2022

On The Rise: Maurya Sevak

Today we're joined by Maurya Sevak, a producer who's not even of legal drinking age and who used the pandemic to hone his craft in the studio. The results are paying off in a big way! He's fresh off the release of “Liar,” a huge future rave vocal track that's sure to continue his upward trajectory. Read on to get to know Maurya more closely! 
Producers are getting younger and younger! You have a lot of talent for someone so young. Where and how did you learn music production?
Maurya Sevak: I studied music production in Amsterdam at the Pioneer Pro DJ School in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. When I came back home to Toronto in March 2020, I took advantage of the downtime due to lockdowns caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and I started investing 12 to 15 hours-a-day on my craft. The grind is still on! Every day, I learn new things to continue enhancing my art form.
Who are your DJ heroes? Talk about how each of these DJs/producers inspired you.
Maurya Sevak: My DJ heroes are David Guetta and Armin van Buuren. They are the ones who first inspired me to start making music. Watching their Tomorrowland Belgium 2018 performances was quite emotional for me. Every time I heard one of Armin’s emotion-inducing trance records or a new, energetic banger from Guetta, I got completely mesmerized. It motivated me to make a path of my own, to someday stand in front of the people and be able to entertain them and enjoy those kinds of moments with them.
You seem to have a natural gift for melodies in your music. What instruments do you play? Do you have a formal music education?
Maurya Sevak: I take inspiration from every sound I hear! My brain subconsciously starts making tunes out of whatever I’m hearing. I play a little bit of guitar, which I took lessons for when I was very young, but the real work happens on the [MIDI] keyboard, for me.
How do you compose melodies and harmonies? What’s your process when writing a new track?
Maurya Sevak: I almost always start with the melody when writing a new track. Most melodies just come to my head and then I put them down in Ableton Live, using my MIDI keyboard and my Ableton Push controller. Otherwise, I just pick a key and play around with the keyboard to come up with one. If not a melody, then I either get some chords in my head or a vocal hook based on which I made the rest of the track.
Talk about your current release, “Liar.” What’s the story behind that piece?
Maurya Sevak: I get an insane reaction to the future rave sub-genre; the sound is so edgy and full-of-energy. I imagined myself behind-the-decks in a club, playing an energetic future rave drop and the crowd going into a state of trance upon hearing it. I had an arpeggiated melody come to my head during my vision, and that’s what made everything fall into place.
What are the next two or three releases you have coming-out in 2022?
Maurya Sevak: There’s a lot of new music coming! One of my next releases is titled, “X,” which is another future rave track that will be out this month. “X” is a next level of the genre, incorporating techno sounds. Thanks to David Guetta and MORTEN for bringing this beautiful sound to the world and for inspiring young producers like me. Following “X” will be “Air,” a truly emotional and uplifting trance tune. I have a lot more releases coming-out in 2022 and beyond, so stay tuned!
You can stream or download Maurya Sevak - "Liar" on your platform of choice today! 
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