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Dec 08, 2021

1001Tracklists Spotlight: LODATO

Today we’re closing out 2021 with a big Spotlight Mix from LODATO. The New York City based DJ/Producer is on the cusp of dropping another edition of his massive Bootleg packs and his mix features many of the signature edits that have been going off in his recent live sets. Read on to learn more about those shows, his remix of Offenbach's latest single, work with Spinnin’ Records, and much more!
LODATO, thanks so much for joining us today, and we’re so excited to close out 2021 with a big mix and feature from you! Reflecting on your year for a minute, what have been a few of the highlights?
Thanks for having me and for your support this year. The past year has been crazy no doubt about that, but a few highlights I would have to say: going #1 twice this year on Dance Radio & Billboard, finally being able to build my dream studio, expanding my team with “Big Night Talent,” and continuing to put records out with my fam at Spinnin Records!
You’ve continued to crank out the signature Bootleg packs and already onto Volume 054! With the return of live shows this year, we’re wondering what have been a few of your favorites to drop live recently?
Oh wow to think we are already up to vol 54 is crazy… for sure they are my secret sauce for live shows, so to name just one is not possible. The Zedd vs. ACRAZE vs. Dom Dolla – “San It” really set off the crowd last weekend, Drake vs. BYOR, Alle Farben, Damien N-Drix – “Sexy Hands” seems to be another crowd pleaser. I wasn’t able to find a version of “Cold Heart” that I was comfortable playing live so I made: Elton John & Dua Lipa vs. Tujamo x PBH & Jack – “Nasty Heart”. Tiesto & Ava Max vs. DubVision – “Motto This” I love as well... Ok I’m going to stop now before I just name the entire pack.
On the subject of live shows, what have been a few of your favorite sets of 2021 and what made them special?
I feel like every one of my sets this year has been special because it feels so good to be back playing in front of people. Playing with my idol Tiësto twice this year was definitely a highlight. Another was playing with Zedd this past September. I have also been throwing some secret pop-up shows where you have to DM on social media the night of to get the location and ticket link… These have been fun and exclusive; I am going to continue the idea through the 2022 year.      
You recently released your remix for Ofenbach & Ella Henderson. What did you like about the original “Hurricane,” and how do you feel you’ve made the track your own with your remix?
When Warner Music first sent me the original “Hurricane,” I thought it was a banger. Ofenback and Ella Henderson really made a dope record and I was honored to be asked to remix it. I definitely think the funky bass line I added is an identifiable LODATO signature move.     
In May of this year, you released a crazy music video for “Neon Lights” on Spinnin’ Records. Talk us through your vision for the video and the process to bring it to life.
Thank you! I feel like the idea just came to my manager and I pretty fast which started as soon as the hook was written. The first thing you think of when you hear the phrase “beneath the neon lights” is Las Vegas. So it was like, “We should shoot the video in Vegas, but let's not make it a typical boring love story.” My manager Jared said, “Why don’t we make it a ‘Future Las Vegas.’” That’s when hover cars, a hot Cyborg (Chloe Amour) and me fighting futuristic robots started funneling down the idea pipeline. We have Evan Larsen to thank for making our vision a reality. 
Turning our attention to your Spotlight Mix, how’d you approach creating a flow, and how might the sound compare to a club DJ set from you?
I try to give a blend of my club sets and my car sets so u can enjoy while driving but also feel like you can party in a club. I usually like to make all of my mixes or sets primarily consist of my own bootlegs which is why I started putting out the bootlegs in the first place. I would always get hit up getting asked for the version of a song they heard me play. Now everyone knows that if they heard me play it live or in a mix, that they could most likely find it in one of my recent bootleg packs.
Can you highlight three tracks or artists included in the mix and why they stand out?
Three artists that are in my mix:
  1. Really excited about EscApePlanBAYC, they are the first-ever NFT Bored Ape Producer/DJ Duo. These apes have a jungle feel/sound that stands out to me that I know the world will soon discover.
  2. Next I would have to say Sophia Body, I’ve been getting emails from her for the past year and getting pure fire every time.
  3. Last but certainly not least, Vinny Vibe has been pumping out tune after tune. It was definitely a killer 2021 for him. I just got to hear his new record “Running” that comes out in 2022 and it’s a monster!
We’re now over a year and half deep into the ongoing battle with coronavirus. What have been some of the key lessons you’ve learned about yourself in that time?
Keeping to a strict regimen is very important for success in both my personal and professional life. I’ve learned that if I keep a strict routine, it's hard for the outside world to disrupt my path.
And as we look ahead, how are you staying motivated and creative on a daily basis?
It all starts with a coffee lol, but really motivation is surely a major key to success. I think that it’s the harder moments in life that define us. So, if you are an artist and you didn’t quit during the pandemic, you are automatically already on the right track. To stay motivated, I always try to do something productive, even if it's small. If you have writer’s block, organize your music or clean up your desktop. If you feel like you lost motivation today, watch a YouTube video about something you didn’t know how to do.
What are some of your goals for 2022 and what has you most excited for the winter months ahead?
One goal that is the same every year is to keep learning and become a better producer every day. To hit the studio and keep creating. I’m most excited for my new releases on Spinnin Records that I have planned and some new collaborations that are already in the works!
Keep your eyes peeled on LODATO's socials and SoundCloud for the incoming release of LODATO Bootleg Pack 054!
Connect with LODATO: SpotifyFacebook | Twitter | Instagram
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Full tracklist info available at Lodato - 1001Tracklists Spotlight Mix 2021-12-08
Ofenbach & Ella Henderson Hurricane (Lodato Remix) Artwork
Ofenbach & Ella Henderson - Hurricane (Lodato Remix) WARNER MUSIC
10 jam7cv (66k)
Kim Petras - Future Starts Now (Lodato Remix)
3 jam7cv (66k)
Post Malone & The Weeknd One Right Now (Sophia Body Remix) Artwork
Post Malone & The Weeknd - One Right Now (Sophia Body Remix)
5 jam7cv (66k)
Neiked & Mae Muller & Polo G vs. Thomas Nan & Howen - Heaven Days (Lodato Bootleg)
1 jam7cv (66k)
Ed Sheeran vs. Meduza vs. Felguk - Bad Train (Lodato Bootleg)
3 jam7cv (66k)
Felguk Train Artwork
Felguk - Train HYSTERIA
Ed Sheeran Bad Habits (MEDUZA Remix) Artwork
Ed Sheeran - Bad Habits (MEDUZA Remix) ATLANTIC (WARNER MUSIC)
Bob Sinclar vs. Marten Hørger - Higher World (Lodato Bootleg)
5 jam7cv (66k)
Zedd vs. Acraze vs. Dom Dolla - Do It To San Frandisco (Lodato Bootleg)
1 jam7cv (66k)
Tiesto & Ava Max vs. DubVision Motto This (Lodato Bootleg) Artwork
Tiesto & Ava Max vs. DubVision - Motto This (Lodato Bootleg) STMPD / ATLANTIC
18 jam7cv (66k)
DubVision Like This Artwork
DubVision - Like This STMPD
Tiësto & Ava Max The Motto Artwork
Tiësto & Ava Max - The Motto ATLANTIC (WARNER MUSIC)
Calvin Harris & Ellie Goulding vs. Raven & Kreyn vs. Ellis vs. Thorne - Outside Orbit (Lodato Bootleg)
1 jam7cv (66k)
Drake vs. Byor & Alle Farben & Damien N-Drix - Sexy Hands (Lodato Bootleg)
5 jam7cv (66k)
Lodato vs. Chris Lake & Npc - Neon Lights From God (Lodato Bootleg)
1 jam7cv (66k)
Chris Lake & NPC A Drug From God Artwork
Lodato Neon Lights Artwork
Lodato - Neon Lights SPINNIN'
Elton John & Dua Lipa vs. Tujamo X Pbh & Jack - Nasty Heart (Lodato Bootleg)
6 jam7cv (66k)
The Kid Laroi & Justin Bieber vs. Alesso & Magnificence - Midnight Stay (Lodato Bootleg)
5 jam7cv (66k)
Anti Up vs. The Weeknd - Something's Blinding (Lodato Bootleg)
1 jam7cv (66k)
Chris Lake & Chris Lorenzo pres. Anti Up Something's About To Go Down Artwork
Chris Lake & Chris Lorenzo pres. Anti Up - Something's About To Go Down ULTRA
Bbno$ & Rich Brian vs. Nukey - Edamame Down (Lodato Bootleg)
1 jam7cv (66k)
DJ Kuba & Neitan X Bounce Inc. vs. Basstrologe - Watch Love (Escapeplanbayc Edit)
2 jam7cv (66k)
Gorillaz vs. Mike Cervello & Curbi - Good Drum (Escapeplanbayc Edit)
2 jam7cv (66k)
Farruko vs. John Dahlbäck & Nicky Romero - Pepas Pyramid (Escapeplanbayc Edit)
2 jam7cv (66k)
Farruko Pepas Artwork
Farruko ft. Victor Cardenas - Pepas SONY
John Dahlbäck Pyramid (Nicky Romero Remix) Artwork
John Dahlbäck - Pyramid (Nicky Romero Remix) SPINNIN'
Vinny Vibe Lone Rider Artwork
Vinny Vibe ft. PollyAnna - Lone Rider GEMSTONE (REVEALED)
28 jam7cv (66k)
Lodato & Bright Sparks vs. Swedish House Mafia - Good Child (Lodato Bootleg)
2 jam7cv (66k)
Swedish House Mafia Don't You Worry Child Artwork
Swedish House Mafia ft. John Martin - Don't You Worry Child EMI UK
Lodato & Bright Sparks Good Thing Artwork
Lodato & Bright Sparks - Good Thing SPINNIN'
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