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Aug 30, 2021

Solardo Celebrate "Power" With Exclusive Mix & Interview

Today, we’re celebrating with Solardo, who have one of the hottest records in dance music at the moment in “Power”! Out now on Ultra Music, it’s a tantalizing collaboration with Maur, whom the British duo have been championing on their label for over a year now. Truly a summer anthem, we were grateful for the chance to hear the track live at The Brooklyn Mirage during Solardo’s set the other weekend. Turn it up for Solardo’s Exclusive Mix, which kicks off with “Power” and features big cuts from Papa Marlin, Detlef, Seb Zito, Loco & Jam, and many more, and enjoy our interview which highlights all that went into the production of “Power,” their close relationship with CamelPhat, and much more!
Mark, thanks so much for talking with us today! How’s the excitement level to be back on tour in the US?
You know I’ve played Miami, LA, and Chicago recently, as well as Boston last night and it just feels amazing. Everyone is well up for it!
Without a dancefloor to test your tracks on over the last year and a half, where is the Solardo sound at? Do you feel that it’s changed at all?
I’m not too sure as of yet. We’ve made a lot of tunes across the board that are a diverse range of sounds and honestly I just need to test them. You really can’t tell until you play them out and we’ve had so long without shows, it’s hard to know. It makes you question them even more I’d say. We’ve even got some tunes with some big vocalists, but we’ll have to see. When you’re not used to playing them day in and day out, the tendency is that you can start overanalyzing. 
You’re celebrating the release of “Power” tonight! Talk to us some more about discovering Maur and their hit “Set You Free.”
Initially, one of our A&R guys sent some tunes over and when we first heard “Set You Free,” we thought, “F*cking hell this is good. Let’s hear some more tunes from these guys!” We heard two more tunes and instantly I felt that we should sign them for an album. If we got behind them, and really pushed them, got their tunes exclusively and played them to everyone, they would become massive. Then the pandemic hit so we couldn’t do that, but luckily the tunes they released did so well. It’s a real testament to how good the tracks really are. If you get a track and you can’t play it live, and it still goes well and people still buy it, it’s how you know it's a really great production.
What made “Power” the right track to collaborate on and how did the production come together?
They were sending me loads of different ideas and tracks and with “Power” they sent me the loop on a beat. Basically they did the bassline bit and a topline synth, and I really thought it had some potential. Originally it was done as a remix for another artist, but we ended up changing a variety of things – new piano, bassline, and just started building the tune up. 
What happened was that the original chorus we had on it we thought would be huge, but then another artist released a track with the same vocal. We went to loads of different songwriters to find a new chorus for the track. So it’s really taken a long time to get there with this one. We’ve actually got some really big songwriters on there now. We’ve got Camden Cox, Autumn Rowe and Moya. They delivered so well. I go into quite a lot of sessions with songwriters, and it’s really hard to come out with a catchy top line, but with this one they just nailed it! Personally I think it sounds better than the original vocal we had! 
It’s definitely a bomb in your sets as well from the first videos we’ve seen! Looking closer at your live sets, are there any other tracks that really stand out?
We’ve got a tune with Calvin Harris as Love Regenerator. It’s called “Rollercoaster.” We did that tune well over a year ago and just kept pushing it back, but it’s finally aligned and it’s coming on the 19th of September.
You’re back together tonight playing with CamelPhat. Taking things back, do you remember when you first met Dave and Mike or heard their music? What was your impression?
We have the same agent and I remember when they were doing their first tour wearing the wrestling masks. We had the chance to warm up for them in Sheffield on a Tuesday night. We went there and there were literally like only four people there for the show, and I just thought, “At least I’ve not got a wrestling mask on.”

But from there we just started playing loads of shows together and as we both got bigger I think the first big moment was in 2018 when we got the joint residency at Hi in Ibiza. They were in the front room with Eric Prydz and we were doing the club room. The following year we took things over ourselves and it’s just kept building.
What do you think makes you guys such a good fit together sound wise?
Well we actually live really close together physically. Mike and Dave both live about half an hour from my house. We’re just normal guys from the Northwest of England. We’ve got the same mentality – friendly, open, chilling, speaking, that sort of thing.

We all have been on a wide sort of path with our careers, music and ideas in electronic music. Mike and Dave, particularly Mike, came from a different genre. I came from a different genre, so we both sort of arrived together at the same place having gone through different things and I think that really makes sense why we’re at a similar place today.
Do you think we’ll ever see another Solardo x CamelPhat collab like “Accelerator”?
Both of our sounds have changed quite a bit since then, but Mike has hopped on a tune that I’ve been working on actually, going to try it out tonight! Both of us are thinking at the moment, “Will it work or won’t it work?” I’m pretty sure it will work, but it’s meant for a big, big stage, so we’ll have to see tonight!
Solardo & Maur - "Power" is available to download today! 
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Full tracklist info available at Solardo - 1001Tracklists Exclusive Mix 2021-08-30
Solardo & Maur Power Artwork
Solardo & Maur - Power ULTRA
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Papa Marlin & Bondar - Moving Night
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Detlef Dub Clap (RN ISMO Remix) Artwork
Detlef - Dub Clap (RN ISMO Remix) ISSUES
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Lost On Mars - Flow Sister
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Seb Zito Gimme That Summer Love Artwork
Seb Zito - Gimme That Summer Love (Extended Mix) SEVEN DIALS
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Disaia - You Never Why
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Loco & Jam - Trippin
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Ammo Avenue - Physical
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Papa Marlin & Bondar ft. Marina Lecomber - In Space (Papa Marlin Edit)
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Tennan Happy Hour Artwork
Tennan - Happy Hour SOLA NAUTS
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Mauro Venti - Say Less
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ELDON - Resonate
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Sera De Villalta - Pop & Lock
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Killa Kalm - I Am Somebody (ID Remix)
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