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The Return Of Dakota

Apr 04, 2017
The Return Of Dakota
During Miami Music Week we had a chance to sit down with Markus Schulz at the SiriusXM Music Lounge, a talk we had been eagerly awaiting with the return of his Dakota project! On the heels of his Dakota release “Mota Mota,” we were thrilled to learn details of 'The Nine Skies' show that he has been hard at work at. We touched on his signature MMW events, the Coldharbour label Night at Space and his 10.5 hour Open-to-Close set on Sunday night at Heart, and we also looked into the upcoming release of the Deluxe Edition of Watch The World.
Quite the week for you, starting off with your Coldharbour event last night. How did that go?
It was fantastic. It was at Space and it was great because Space is kind of where my career started when I was there as a resident DJ. So it was great to bring the label party to the place where it all started for me back in the day.
Looking ahead, you’ll have your open to close event to wrap up the week.
And that’s another special event. For me, to do the closing party is special. Everybody has been rinsed, everybody has heard everything, everybody’s put their hands up, everybody’s jumped and done it all. But the closing party is an opportunity to let people leave Miami with one final impression. You can get drunk or do whatever and that’s your closing party, or you can do something special. It’s the last thing that people remember when they go home. I love doing the closing party and it’ll be a good one on Sunday. I start when doors open and I play until the last person leaves.
Can you talk about the return of Dakota with "Mota Mota" and your plan for bringing Dakota back?
Yeah, it’s part of a bigger project called The Nine Skies. It’s a show that I’m doing, Dakota – The Nine Skies. What I decided to do was to make a show, and then later on make an album based on the show. Normally people make an album and then go on a tour for the album, but I wanted to do a show and then make basically a soundtrack based on the show. The show is called The Nine Skies, which is the nine steps to ultimate enlightenment. The first step is Sky One – to be a good leader, you must first learn to be a good follower. “Mota Mota” is part of that chapter. “Mota Mota” comes from when soldiers are walking and have their cadences, there is a cadence called ‘Mota Motivation.’ The thing about Sky One, to be a good follower, I was thinking about what is a good example of a good follower and went with the idea of a soldier, so the first chapter is very militant. The beats are very militant, the riffs, the cadences. Also the whole thing is an audio and video art show, the even the visuals will be very militant.
And so “Mota Mota” isn’t necessarily indicative of what the other tracks will be like?
Right, because it evolves. At the beginning it’s dark, more sinister, more militant. The ninth sky is nirvana. There will be a big finale.
The Deluxe Edition of Watch The World is also coming out.
When I finished Watch The World, I still had a couple of songs that I didn’t release, so that’s on the Deluxe Edition. And being a DJ as well, there are other people’s music that I play, so I wanted to get these people involved in the project. I had them remix some of the stuff from Watch The World as well as some of the unreleased stuff. It’s a pretty exciting time, having Dakota kicking off and having the Watch The World project.
What are you most excited about for the summer ahead?
I think the Dakota show. I’m only going to do select cities because it’s audio and video and needs to have the right infrastructure. We’re going to take The Nine Skies to the right venues.
Markus Schulz will bring Dakota to life with The Nine Skies show at Dreamstate in San Bernardino, CA on May 27th. You can always find the latest from Markus Schulz in his weekly Global DJ Broadcast radio show and we've got all of the mixes and tracklists for you here.
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