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Heartfeldt Radio & More

May 09, 2016
Heartfeldt Radio & More
We caught up with Sam Feldt who talked with us about Heartfeldt Radio, playing clubs and festivals, and his rapid rise in dance music. Be sure to also check out his new edit of Feel The Love from Janieck, out now! 
On the Switch to a Weekly Radio Show
It was a big decision for me to do the weekly radio show because I used to do the mixtapes like every month. It can be kind of challenging to find 20 tracks that are really good every week, but it’s a lot of fun and I enjoy making the shows. It was a big decision, but it’s worked out really well.
Preparing Each Edition of Heartfeldt Radio
It takes me a couple of hours every week. Sometimes you have a great week and you stumble across 20 great tracks. You’re on Spotify, Shazam, and you’re like, “Okay, I’m going to put that in and that in.” Some weeks you have to really go out and hunt for them. You grab some old tracks and blend them with the newer stuff. Every week is a different challenge. It’s cool.
The Flow of Heartfeldt Radio Episodes
I always mix in key and that makes the show one big flow instead of just track, track, track. I like to build it up - techy, then deeper, maybe then a couple of future house or progressive tracks towards the end. Sometimes I close with something weird. It’s hard to mix that in during the set, but it’s easier to end with it.
Differences Between Heartfeldt Radio and Live Shows
There’s a bunch of differences between my radio show and my live set. There are many tracks in my radio show I wouldn’t play live. I’m really, really picky about my live set. I only want high energy, emotional, cool tracks to be in my set. In the radio show, I put a lot of stuff that is just for your listening pleasure. For the live set, I want it to be high energy too. I want to bridge the gap between my genre - tropical house, melodic house, whatever you want to call it - and the mainstage. In order to do that, I have to keep the energy up.  

Playing Festivals vs. Playing in a Club
In a club, I’m a bit more open format. I can play more of my old tracks or other older tracks. I go with the crowd. At a festival, you can see them jumping, but that’s it. You can say something, but you don’t get anything back because you can’t hear them when you’re up on the stage so high. I play different at a festival, a bit harder, more commercial, more accessible. When people come to a club show, people buy tickets to come to see you. They know your music, they know your tracks, and they’ll sing along to them, so I play them. At a festival, they might just be walking by and think, “Hey this is cool, I might stand here for a while.” It’s a good introduction to my kind of music.
Most Inspirational Show
I don’t think you’ll know the artist, he’s a guy called Billy the Kid. He’s really famous in Holland. I was on holiday in Portugal when I was 17 and he was playing in a club called Kiss and I remember seeing him play there and thinking, “Oh! I want to be that guy.” That was my inspiration to start.
Rising Quickly in Dance Music
I just try and enjoy my rise. I did Miami last year and played some pool parties. I went from the pool parties last year to the second biggest stage at Ultra at a decent time slot this year. It’s cool. It’s an amazing journey. I can only enjoy it. I have a bunch of new music that’s coming out. I released my new track, Shadows of Love recently and I’ve done a bunch of remixes. I just did Coachella and I can’t wait to play at Tomorrowland. Touring and music is my life right now.
Check out the latest from Sam Feldt, his Janieck - Feel The Love edit out now! 

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Full tracklist info available at Sam Feldt - Heartfeldt Radio 017 2016-05-06
Petit Biscuit - Alone [ELECTRO POSÉ]
AZ_Music (138.1k)
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Ferreck Dawn & René Amesz - Lord [SPINNIN' DEEP]
Vertex (61.8k)
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AS I AM ft. Jedd Roberts - Closer (Terrence Parker Remix) [AXTONE]
AZ_Music (138.1k)
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AZ_Music (138.1k)
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The New Coast - Lost In Your Love (Alex Schulz Remix) [LAB]
AZ_Music (138.1k)
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Volkoder - Sensation [SUARA]
AZ_Music (138.1k)
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Tube & Berger ft. Juliet Sikora - Back Drop [KITTBALL]
AZ_Music (138.1k)
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Autograf ft. Patrick Baker - Future Soup [SELF RELEASED]
AZ_Music (138.1k)
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Floral - Need To Feel Loved (Alle Farben Remix) [INDIANA TONES]
AZ_Music (138.1k)
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Frank Pole ft. Kris Allen - Some Days [THE BEARDED MAN (ARMADA)]
AZ_Music (138.1k)
9 Pre-Save
Franco De Mulero & Alex Laviano - No Phase [GET DOWN]
AZ_Music (138.1k)
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Thomas Schwartz & Fausto Fanizza - Dawn To Dusk [ANJUNADEEP]
AZ_Music (138.1k)
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Moi Je - Fais Rien (Petit Biscuit Remix) [PROFIL DE FACE]
AZ_Music (138.1k)
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Alex Session - Tamsin [FOMO]
AZ_Music (138.1k)
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Lulleaux ft. Duncan De Moor - Fade Into The Sun [DIRTY SOUL (BE YOURSELF)]
AZ_Music (138.1k)
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