Mar 19, 2021

Nathassia: Goddess Is A DJ

Nathassia is known and praised for her multiculturalism, which emanates a rare quality through her stunning vocal performances and worldly influences that are prevalent in her music. She has grown to be a stunning product of her Eastern and Western influences as she is of Dutch and Indian descent, and has been supported in the industry by well established artists such as DJ BL3ND, Andi Durrant and Blasterjaxx. Since the release of her latest productions like “Change The World” and “In My Head” which featured D3FAI, Nathassia has received substantial coverage on stations like KISS FM and has catapulted her herself into the spotlight. 
Hey Nathassia, thanks so much for joining us today! To start off, can you introduce yourself and tell us a bit more about your background in music production and DJing?
Thank you so much for having me! I am Nathassia, I was born in Gouda, which is a historical city in the midwest of The Netherlands and incredibly famous for its cheese! I am only half Dutch because my mother’s heritage is Indian, but she was raised in Surinam, South America. I grew up as part of a large multicultural family and I have incredible memories of family parties that went on for days with a band playing loud Surinam music in the house. This meant I had a diverse upbringing as my mother’s family live in both Surinam (South America) and The Netherlands. My father is Dutch through and through, therefore I spent my childhood either listening to Surinam music like Soca, Indian music and of course Dutch dance music like hardstyle and EDM. All of these musical influences have found their way into my own music productions.
How long have you been working on the Nathassia project and what have been some of the defining moments in your career?
I moved to London from The Netherlands to set up my studio and release my first official album Light Of The World in 2017, which included three club hit singles with big support from KISS FM in the UK.
Defining moments for me would include being the first electronic music artist to perform live inside the Luxor Temple in the Valley of the Kings in Egypt, at the Nefertiti International Fashion Festival. It was incredibly special as it was the first time in history that live music was allowed at this sacred place. I also got to meet many of my lovely Egyptian fans, some of whom had travelled over 600 km just to see me perform. To top it all I also got to meet the princess of Egypt! I was also immensely proud to be described by Mauritius Times as a role model for multiculturalism.
What sounds does Nathassia represent today both as a DJ and as a producer? Are there any major inspirations and influences on that sound?
Music press has described my music as, “electronica fused with elegantly crafted world music and an uplifting pop sensibility that ties commercial dance sounds to that of world cultural music.” To be honest that sums it all up perfectly. All of my inspirations so far have been because of my family upbringing.
Together with D3FAI, you’ve found really good collaborative chemistry. Can you tell us some more about working together and highlight one of your favorite collabs?
It all started at ADE in 2019 when I was introduced to D3FAI by Tony Byrne from Single Minded Promotions. Our first collaboration together was “Change the World” which gained a space in the top 20 in various global EDM charts including Beatport. The music video was playlisted on Club MTV, MTV Dance International and Clubland TV. Following on from the success of “Change the World,” our follow up single “In My Head” was released in February and has had a flying start. It is currently #9 in Club MTV's Big 20 and recently top 10 in the Beatport Big Room chart.
During COVID you’ve really fine-tuned and ramped up your Goddess Is A DJ series. Tell us a bit more about the background behind the live stream concept and how it’s developed over the past year.
Lockdown forced me to think outside the box and I was determined to find new ways to livestream to my fans all over the world. I dusted off some old Pioneer CDJs and found a new passion! Things went really quickly from there, my team and I have been pleasantly surprised to see my ‘Goddess Is A DJ’ show evolve from live streaming from my house to a monthly show on the EDM Festival Channel of DI.FM, to a monthly live show with a big production streamed from my TV studio in London. The icing on the cake is that I have recently partnered with the Maestro platform who facilitate livestream events for the likes of Coachella, deadmau5 and The Grammy Awards!
Can you compare and contrast the routine and preparation needed for your live streams to a live DJ gig? Have you found your track selection to differ at all?
The track selection is the same for my DI.FM mix and is curated with the livestream in mind, which means I have already imagined them being performed live. Each track needs to move me both physically and emotionally! In preparation for the live show, each track has its own theme for the live performance, and I choose the accompanying props & choreography. Depending on the music style of the track, I make up additional synth melodies or beats on Novation Circuit, or if the vibe feels right, I play live instruments like drums or darbuka. I also create visuals and lighting to reflect the mood of the song. For my own tracks, I sing live, so it’s quite a process to complement the live DJing! You can watch past shows on demand at
Looking closer at your Goddess Is A DJ sets, who are three must play artists in your sets and why?
Don Diablo, as every song is epic. David Guetta continues to be a trailblazer even after all this time, plus I adore Zafrir for the traditional sounds in his productions and I am looking forward to his forthcoming collab with Afrojack.
While quarantine and COVID life have been very tough, we’ve found a lot of positives bubbling beneath the surface. Besides what we’ve already discussed, what were some of your highlights over the past year?
The highlight has been the extra time I have been given to really develop my live stream shows, so that I could connect even more closely with my fans. I also created a forest themed homemade vocal booth for my home studio, which has come in very handy plus I finally found time to start my certified Black Magic Colourist training course!
And as we look ahead to brighter times, what’s coming next on the music front and what has you excited for 2021?
I am working on my new Nathassia artist album out later this year. I am also looking forward to building my ‘Goddess Is A DJ’ EDM music projects whilst working on several productions to follow up from my debut remix of “Star Sapphire” as ‘Goddess Is A DJ.’ On the live show front, I am excited to push the boundaries for both ‘Goddess Is A DJ’ Live & the Nathassia Devine Show. Goddess Is A DJ Live is the last Saturday of the month at and The Nathassia Devine Show is every second Saturday of the month at
I am also very excited for my next single release “Rainmaker” with GAR out soon on ArchangelUK!
You can presave Nathassia & GAR - "Rainmaker" today!
Connect with Nathassia: SoundCloud | Facebook | Twiter | Instagram
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