Bigtime3 Celebrate "Moving On"

Sep 11, 2017
Bigtime3 Celebrate "Moving On"
Today we’re excited to be joined by Bigtime3 as they celebrate their massive SpikedGrin collab “Moving On.” The release, complete with plenty of standout remixes, has been doing damage on Beatport, peaking at #13 in the Big Room releases. The New York duo discussed their journey to the release, and what the milestone means to them and their future.
What brought you two together to form Bigtime3? Can you talk a little bit about your journey together leading up to this release?
We met over 15 years ago at this resort called Villa Roma in the Catskills Mountains in New York. Since then we have been best friends and have done everything together. We’ve always loved music and would always share new songs with each other when we heard them on the radio. Six years ago we started DJing the club at the resort just for fun, but it eventually evolved into a residency. It started getting serious two years ago when we started taking actual DJ and production classes to better our skills. Since then we have met a few amazing people that have taught us so much in terms of music theory, spinning and production. We are always learning and we have now built a studio in our house so we can work on projects any time that we want.

How’d you guys connect with SpikedGrin and what brought you together to collaborate on “Moving On”?
We were introduced to SpikedGrin through one of our best friends, Mike Matthews. We both share such a different outlook on music; we are more happy up-beat pop music and Spike is more of the dubstep trap artist. We were able to incorporate both styles into this track creating a catchy, happy and powerful tune.
Can you take us through the production process going from initial inspiration to final tweaks?
Music takes time – a lot of people think this stuff just happens overnight. “Moving On” was an idea that started last year in the summer of 2016 when we all were going through some rough patches in our lives because of breakups. Our pasts were holding us back and it was hard to let go of our situations. We were talking about how we felt when an idea was born.
There's a lot more to life than sitting down feeling upset all of the time. It was time that we let go of the past and continued life with a positive outlook. We got down the rough ideas in late July and we were stuck for a few months leading into the winter. Sometimes just looking for one word or two can take forever lyrically. We finally were able to finish all of the lyrics in January/February and then we set out to get the track mixed and mastered correctly. In April, we got the track mastered and we began sending it out to labels.

The release on Beatport is complete with a ton of amazing remixes. Can you highlight one or two and why they stand out to you?
Through our label 418 Music, we were introduced to a ton of talented artists in different styles. Two of our favorite remixes are the Dragos Remix and the StoneBridge & Damien Hall Remix.
Dragos gave the track a whole different feel slowing it down and really bringing out the trap feel in it. We usually mix this one into our sets to pump the crowd up even more.
The StoneBridge remix is beautiful. The melodies and the progression he encompassed into the track are just pure beauty. Also really exciting to note – StoneBridge has featured this remix in his sets on StoneBridge Saturdays on BPM (Sirius XM).

The success of the release has been massive on Beatport, moving into the top 15 releases in Big Room and Top 30 in Dubstep. What has that success meant to you?
Words cannot truly explain how we feel right now. Within the first week, to be so high up in the rankings is such an honor. We are overjoyed with all of the love from our friends, family and fans. This is everything that we have been working so hard for.

Can you rank the success of this release in terms of career accomplishments?
It is truly unbelievable how successful this release has been. We would have to rank this as the number one accomplishment in our career. “Moving On” was just an idea in our heads that now is being played on the radio. Every DJ wants to have their music on the radio and there is no better feeling of accomplishment then hearing your track played on the radio for the whole world to hear.
Many people just see the success from the tip of the iceberg and don’t see the hard work that has been put in below the water. This journey started years ago and continues to develop. We’ve spent countless hours and all nighters in the studio perfecting our music, nit picking every little detail until we got it just right. If you want to do things the right way and perfect your sound, it takes time and hard work. There are no shortcuts if you want to create something truly original and beautiful. A lot of people ask us how we’ve made it this far or how we were able to do these things and our answer is simple: patience, hard work and time.

What has you guys excited for this fall? Any upcoming music you can share and can we expect more collaborations in the future?
This fall we will be playing a bunch of shows in NYC and the Tri-State area. We are super excited to play our music for people so they can listen to the hard work that we have put in over the years. What gets us excited and one of the greatest feelings for us is seeing people enjoying and relating to our music. If we can help someone have a great time and/or get through a situation they are dealing with, then our job is complete. We are currently working on a few songs with some local talent including American Idol finalist Robbie Rosen and cannot wait until people hear a different style from us. You can definitely expect more collaborations between us and SpikedGrin in the future. Be sure to stay connected by following us on Instagram at @bigtime3.
You can show your support by grabbing your copy of the release from Beatport today!!
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