Andrew Rayel: Taking A Moment On Tour

Apr 24, 2017
Andrew Rayel: Taking A Moment On Tour
A few weeks into his MOMENTS tour we caught up with Andrew Rayel, who has nicely carried the momentum from his standout Ultra Music Festival set into incredible album centered shows. On the cusp of his second studio album which is set to be released May 5th on Armada, we got some perspecive on how Rayel's new tracks have been integrated into his sets and received by fans. Enjoy some insight into his very special MOMENTS tour shows, his use of live vocalists, and his excitement as he gears up for massive dates across North America including big shows in L.A., Washington, D.C. and New York.
What was the opening weekend of the MOMENTS tour like through your eyes?
Andrew Rayel: It was absolutely amazing! I can’t believe that only a few months ago we were discussing all the production details, the design of the stage, the whole concept (etc.) and it’s happening right now! We had a soldout show at the first date [after Miami Music Week] at the San Jose Civic Center with more than 3,000 fans, and a packed club at Stereo nightclub in Dallas after that. Those shows came to create some of the best “Moments” we’ve ever had so far. There was so much energy on the dancefloor all the time. Everyone was dancing and singing along, which is awesome, taking into consideration that a lot of the music from the album was exclusive and not yet released. My new studio album, MOMENTS, is not even released yet. It’s released on May 5.
Can you talk a little bit about how you are approaching your MOMENTS tour sets where you have extended sets vs. a festival or a typical club show?
Andrew Rayel: Well, for the “MOMENTS” tour I play three hours in most venues, and we have a lot of hard-ticket venues which operate differently from nightclubs. So it’s definitely a different vibe. I tend to play longer versions of the songs and let the whole set breathe more. Also I’ve created a couple of special edits of the songs that you can hear me playing only at these shows and nowhere else, because they were edited to match the visuals, creating some specific moments in the show. There are some real surprises during the show, but I don’t want to give it all away. For typical festival or club shows, I mix tracks faster because usually I have less time. I also tend to keep it banging most of the time, when at the “MOMENTS” show it is more of a journey.
Can you talk about the added benefits and challenges of bringing out live vocalists during your set such as you did with Jonathan Mendelsohn? Is that something that you plan to continue doing throughout the tour?
Andrew Rayel: I love having vocalists joining me onstage. It creates a certain mood. It almost feels like a concert and I definitely like to bring more diversity into my show. Obviously I can’t do it all the time because technically it is harder, because a vocalist and a DJ need two different types of setup onstage to make it sound good. It’s a little bit of a challenge to find the right balance. I’ve known Jonathan now for a couple of years. Together we did our legendary track, “One In A Million,” that a lot of people like, and I did two other tracks on the album with him, “Forgiven” and “Home.” Knowing that Jonathan is an amazing live performer, it totally made sense to bring him out on tour with me, so he’s going to be joining me at all the biggest venues.
Really curious to know what the reception was like to your new vocal tracks this past weekend – what did you notice from the crowd when you played the tracks with Angelika Vee, Emma Hewitt, Mike James, and Christina Novelli that you debuted at Ultra?
Andrew Rayel: It was absolutely amazing! It’s insane that I’ve premiered all those tracks only a week before San Jose at Ultra Music Festival in Miami, but they were dancing and going crazy like they knew every single beat, every single note and word.
You have some incredible support acts along the way throughout your tour. If you had to pick one or two to highlight and encourage your fans to get out early and see, who would you pick and why?
Andrew Rayel: Yes, as support for the “MOMENTS” shows I chose a few of my good DJ friends and very talented producers like David Gravell, Ruben De Ronde and Ben Gold. To be honest, I would advise the fans to get to the venue as early as possible because all of the DJs touring with me are super talented and know how to deliver amazing sets. Ruben is an incredible act and knows how to start and handle the room followed by energetic acts like and David and Ben, and they definitely know how to rock the dancefloor. I’ve been a fan of all these guys for many years and that’s why I chose them for this tour.
May 6th, your show at the Hollywood Palladium certainly stands out as one of the biggest on the tour to us. What do you look forward to about returning to LA most?
Andrew Rayel: I know there are a lot of Andrew Rayel fans in Los Angeles and in California overall, and I’m really looking forward to creating some wonderful memories together at Hollywood Palladium on May 6! I’m looking forward to seeing the #Rayelfamily and having one the best shows that I can imagine.
Are there any dates on the tour that you are particularly excited for ?
Andrew Rayel: I am super excited for all of the cities on the “MOMENTS” tour, but especially for Toronto at Union on April 28, Montreal at New City Gas on April 29, Vancouver at Commodore Ballroom on May 5, Los Angeles at Hollywood Palladium on May 6, New York at Webster Hall on May 12, Houston at Stereo Live on May 13 and many other cities and countries that we haven’t announced yet! I know that together we can create all those amazing “MOMENTS” that will be remembered forever!
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