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Third Party Gear Up For New Album & Release Party

Oct 17, 2016
Third Party Gear Up For New Album & Release Party
On Saturday October 22nd, Third Party will bring their exciting 'RELEASE’ concept to Amsterdam during ADE boasting an impressive lineup featuring Dimitri Vangelis & Wyman, DubVision, Sick Individuals, NEW_ID, Sem Vox, Asonn and Corey James. In anticipation of the can’t miss night, the duo joined us to discuss selecting the lineup, creating a standout event and of course their upcoming album. Groove away to their latest music and let the excitement build!
How did you guys pick the lineup for the ADE Release Party? Can you highlight one or two artists on the lineup and why you’re excited to have them playing your event?
We always try and pick our lineups based on the DJs we like most and the music they make is normally the key aspect of why we choose to put people on our lineup. New_ID is one of our favourite producers. We've just signed a track he made with Years to Release, so we're really excited to have him come and play that at the show!
What do you think sets a Release event apart from others?
We think because our main focus is always on the fans' experience it helps us try and set our event apart from others. Putting that first always helps you make the right decision when choosing the venue/production/lineup because you want people to walk away from the show having experienced something new and a bit different from a normal night out.
You guys announced your upcoming album on Steve Angello’s residency earlier this summer. Where do things stand with the album currently?
All we can say is the album is very nearly ready! It's been a rollercoaster trying to complete it because it's hard enough for us to be happy and finish one song, let alone a whole album! You'll be hearing the new single from it very soon so watch this space!
As premiered in that residency guest mix [tracklist], can you talk a little about the inspiration and production process of “Guiding Light” ft. Fran Garcia?
So Fran sent us this melody idea a while ago which we really loved, and like many of our tracks, we found the sample for “Guiding Light” not long after and then put the two together and it was a perfect fit. We then had to finish off the final production on the verses and arrangement/mix, but it happened pretty quickly once we put the initial two parts together.
Can we expect to hear some new music from the album at the event? How important is it to you guys to road test your productions?
100%! We're aiming to be playing at least three or four new tracks from the album at ADE that we've never played anywhere before! Road testing is crucial, we recommend that if you have the time to do this. It is very beneficial to finding out what you need to add/takeaway from songs as you have the loudness of the nightclub speakers to listen to as well as watching the crowd reaction.
“Start It” with Sentinel finally came out in August and the reception has been great! What was it like working with those guys and what’s it like dropping that track in your live sets?
Thanks! We held back on that track for quite a while as the buzz was building really well online, so sometimes it's nice to let that ride out a little bit longer than normal! Sentinel are a very talented trio from Australia who have a lot more new music coming very soon on Release. Working with them is so easy as we get on really well. It’s very easy to send each other ideas and be critical without offending one another. Truth is always the key to a great record!
“Start It” has been our main intro track for quite a while now and every time it just starts the night off in the best way possible. We're currently struggling trying to create a better intro track!
Are there any artists or tracks that we should specifically be on the lookout for from you or other Release artists during ADE?
As mentioned earlier, we're really excited about the New_ID & Years track called “Fly Forever” that we've recently signed. Also there's a new Release ID that's been getting some great buzz after we played a snippet of it in our Ministry Of Sound trailer video, so keep an eye out for that one!
Tickets for Release ADE at The Box are available here:
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