Maxim Schunk Lights Up 2018

Oct 08, 2018
Maxim Schunk Lights Up 2018
We’re delighted today to be joined by Maxim Schunk, an experienced producer, who launched his solo career in 2018. After making an immediate impact with his Reyvn & Kreyn collaboration “My Name” which has amassed over 2 million Spotify streams, he’s back with a strong solo follow up in “Light Up.” We took a deep look at his new track, musical inspirations and influences, and much more in our interview.
Maxim, thanks for joining us at 1001Tracklists today! Could you introduce yourself to our readers and talk a bit about your musical background so far?
First of all thanks for having me, it's such an honour to be with you guys today! Ever since I was a child, music has played a big part in my life. I started playing the piano when I was a little boy, my mum taught me how to play it and I also went to a special school for music when I was older. However as a teenager I was mainly influenced by rap and hip hop – the energy and passion of this music kind of got me, but once I listened to electronic music, I knew that this was the right style for me. I felt like electronic music had some sort of magnetic pull on me.
Later on, I started the Deep House Brothers project, which was great in order to get a feeling for the music itself and to start producing. We mainly focused on deep house, big room and electro house and worked as a group for many years. We even won gold status with our single “Shine” that we released in 2015 – we had a great time. By the end of 2017 however I decided that it was time for me to move on and to start my solo career.
We’re here celebrating your new track “Light Up.” Could you take us through the process from initial inspiration/sketches to production of the record?
Light Up” is a really emotional song for me as I had a lot of changes in my personal life. I wanted to mirror the energetic new feelings that I was having in my new song, thus this was the starting point of the idea to “Light Up.” The song's main theme is about freedom and about letting go. Sometimes you need to break out of old patterns when you feel that they are just not working for you anymore and embrace new adventures. The positive vibe and the freedom that you then feel is the song’s DNA. Based on this emotional inspiration I then started to sketch the beat and the main melody. I played around for a long time until I felt the right vibe the song is supposed to create and then added the right vocals. There is so much more to life and sometimes good things come your way when you expect them least!
What is your favorite element of “Light Up” and why?
My favorite element is the bridge within the song. It’s playful, dynamic and just fun. As if it would scream: “Let’s all just “Light Up” and enjoy our lives.”
Your style stands out as unique, pulling in a variety of house sounds from tropical, deep & future house and you mentioned that “differentiation is crucial.” Can you talk about pulling influences from different genres and finding your own sound?
Yes I use all sorts of inspirations to create a song. I often spend hours and hours in the studio matching new beats, styles and harmonies by using diverse techniques and emotions. As mentioned before, my first musical crush was rap music which I still use as a source of inspiration, but also completely different genres like jazz or Latin sounds inspire me. When a sound gets under my skin, I know that I can use this influence. Also I love to travel and see new cultures and traditions. Opening your mind to new things and new people is motivating and inspiring at the same time.
Earlier this year you dropped an incredible record “My Name” together with Reyvn & Kreyn feat. BISHOP. Tell us a little more about that collaboration and the response to it.
Thanks, I really love that song! For me it was just the right track to start my solo career and to position myself in the scene. The collaboration with Reyvn & Kreyn and with BISHOP was incredible and very professional. We had a great connection and could easily use synergies. The response to the song was more than I ever imagined as it has over 2 million streams on Spotify!! It makes me really proud and motivates me to keep going.
What to you makes a good vocal in a record? Can you talk about your answer to that question in the context of both “Light Up” and “My Name”?
Well in my opinion the vocals give the song the right depth. The sound and the rhythm I create are the heart of my songs, but both “Light Up” and “My Name” need vocals in order to share the song’s key message and transfer its main intention. Also the tone of the voice is crucial as it perfectly mirrors the emotion that I want my songs to have. Vocals are a meaningful supplement in my music.
What’s next for Maxim Schunk? Can you give us a little bit of insight into anything that you're working on at the moment, as well as some future goals of yours?
2018 has been an amazing year for me as I worked with all of these incredible people. I am currently producing more tracks –  “My Name” and “Light Up” were just the beginning. I am working on some new collaborations and I am shooting the video to my new song in Rio. I am very curious and open-minded and really look forward to all of the new things to come.
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