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Futuristic Polar Bears Exclusive Mix

Jul 10, 2017
Futuristic Polar Bears Exclusive Mix
Futuristic Polar Bears are heating up heading into this year’s performance at Tomorrowland on the Smash The House stage! They’ve crafted an outstanding Exclusive Mix packed with their favorite tracks and some new Polar Bears music! In their story they highlight many of their top tracks including their Dimitri Vangelis & Wyman and Olly James collabs, as well all the new Smash The House material coming! 
How’d you guys approach your Exclusive Mix and how does it compare to your live sets?
We wanted to combine what we play live with what we play on our radio show. There’s so much amazing music out there and we’ve never pigeon holed ourselves to one specific sound so wanted to put together a mix with some of our favourite tracks right now by some of our favourite artists! Plus you’ll enjoy a couple of new remixes and releases from us which we are super excited to premiere with you guys!

Can you highlight three tracks or artists included in your mix and what makes them stand out to you?
One of our favourite producers right now is Offaiah. The remix he’s done of The Magician’s new track is amazing and we’ve been playing it in the radio show and our live sets.
The second track would have to be Tom Staar’s new remix of L’Tric’s “The Way You Are.” We’re in the middle of summer season now and this is the perfect summer track – its just incredible and everything he touches turns to gold.
Finally MADMAC’s new track gets a release on Smash The House. These guys are good friends and super talented so it’s great to see this finally get a release. Dimi & Mike have been hammering this for months and it works every time. We are also working on a collab with them at the minute that we can’t wait for you all to hear!

How’d the chance to remix “The Theme” by Jurgen Vries come about? What elements of the original did you guys particularly like and want to preserve in your remix?
We’ve always been big fans of the record and when the chance came along to do it for Armada we jumped at it. The riff is so incredible and recognisable so we wanted to keep that main element and then add our Polar Bear sound to it. It has worked so well since we premiered it in Ibiza last summer.
How do you feel you’ve made the track your own?
We wanted to give it the same energy that we give our records and wanted to add some more layers and chords into the breakdown to make it even more euphoric. The first drop has so much impact on the dance floor and that came from putting our own stamp on the melody and changing the rhythm slightly.

You guys recently released a collaboration with Olly James, one of the hottest producers at the moment in our eyes. Can you walk us through your collaboration on “Kingpin”?
Olly is a cool guy and it’s so great to have someone else from the UK flying the flag in our genre of music. We came up the initial idea pretty quickly and then kept testing it out on the road until it was perfect! We wanted to give something back to all of the amazing fans out there that give us so much support so we decided to give it away as a free download. The response and support has been incredible.
This year finally saw the release of your long anticipated Dimitri Vangelis & Wyman collaboration - “Grizzly.” Can you take us through the journey of that track?
Dimitri Vangelis & Wyman are so brilliant and it was great to work with them. They contacted us about another track we’d made with Danny Howard and asked for the promo. We then started chatting and decided to make something together. We actually finished it in time for Miami 2015, but couldn’t find the right home for it until they started their own label Buce Records and we decided to put it out on there. 1.5 million plays and counting on Spotify isn’t bad for a club track with no vocals, so we are super happy!

You’ve been doing some heavy touring in China, so how would you describe the crowd there and how do they compare to other parts of the world?
China was absolutely crazy. It was the first time we’d done an extended tour out there and we were blown away by the crowd and their reactions to the music. They were so educated and clued up on our music and it was great to road test so many new tracks there. Some of the clubs as well are incredible. They put a lot of thought into production and the whole clubbing experience! We can’t wait to go back and do it all over again :)

You guys are playing Tomorrowland this year on the Smash The House stage! Can you talk a little bit about what playing that event means?
It’s always great to team up with the Smash The House crew as they have been so welcoming to us. Tomorrowland is the biggest festival in the world and to be part of it is so exciting! We have so many amazing tracks coming out with them over the next 12 months and to get direct feedback from Dimi and Mike is so helpful. It’s great working with all of the other artists as well and expect some big collabs coming up with Mattn, Wolfpack & Yves V!

Any hints or information at some new music or IDs to come from you guys we may be hearing at Tomorrowland or elsewhere this summer?
We have our new remix out this month of Mattn & Angemi’s new track “Let The Song Play” as well as our collab with Wolfpack that Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike first premiered back in December last year. Both of these are out this month on Smash The House! We also have some HUGE remixes coming up on an EP as well as the first plays of our new collabs with Mattn & Yves V. It’s been such an exciting summer so far and there’s still loads more to come!
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Full tracklist info available at Futuristic Polar Bears - 1001Tracklists Exclusive Mix 2017-07-10
Dimitri Vangelis & Wyman vs. Futuristic Polar Bears - Grizzly (Futuristic Polar Bears Summertime Edit) [BUCE]
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Eddie Thoneick - Heart [SIZE]
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Kryder & Leandro Da Silva - Uh Oh [KRYTERIA WHITE (FREE)]
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The Magician & Julian Perretta - Tied Up (OFFAIAH Remix) [B1 (SONY)]
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L'Tric - The Way You Are (Tom Staar Remix) [NEON]
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D.O.D - Satisfy [SIZE]
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Dimitri Vangelis & Wyman - Legacy [BUCE]
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Jurgen Vries - The Theme (Futuristic Polar Bears Remix) [ARMADA CAPTIVATING]
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Mad M.A.C. & Jamis - Renegade Master (Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike Edit) [SMASH THE HOUSE]
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Futuristic Polar Bears & Maddix - Badman [PRESSPLAY]
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MATTN & Magic Wand ft. Neisha Neshae - Let The Song Play (Futuristic Polar Bears Remix) [SMASH THE HOUSE]
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Olly James x Futuristic Polar Bears - Kingpin (Clap) (Futuristic Polar Bears Lose Myself Edit) [FREE]
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Blasterjaxx - Thunderdrums [MAXXIMIZE (SPINNIN')]
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Wolfpack & Diego Miranda - Point Break [SMASH THE HOUSE]
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