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Firebeatz Reflect On 2016

Nov 22, 2016
Firebeatz Reflect On 2016
As 2016 draws to a close, we caught up with Firebeatz to reflect on their biggest productions of the year and favorite shows. The duo revealed that they are working on their own label. They also shared some insight on their Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike and Bolier remixes, discuss their massive Fafaq collaboration, “Sir Duke,” and include some of their must play tracks at the moment.
Let's jump into some of your tracks from this year. Can you talk some about your Fafaq collaboration with “Sir Duke”?
Jurre: Fafaq had the idea for the breakdown and he sent us a little snippet of the first idea and we really liked the idea and ran with it. Once we cleared the rights, we finished it up!
Tim: And then we just started throwing that back and forth and it worked great!
How did you approach your remix of “Stay A While” by Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike?
Jurre: Because their sound and Smash The House's sound is pretty big room, we went back into the big room vibe.
Tim: Our remix actually came out of an old original which we hadn't released. We switched the track up using some of the remix parts and it really worked!
What led to your remix of Bolier - “Ipanema”?
Tim: When we first heard the track, we were just like, "What the fuck?! What is this! It's so good!"
Jurre: It was actually in the Spinnin' office, we didn’t know what the track was or who it was by, but we asked for the parts immediately to make a bootleg.
Tim: It's that old Firebeatz sound, very groovy.
What new music do you guys have in store for the rest of this year?
Tim: Well we are working on a couple of new originals that are really meant for the club, but we also made some tracks with some singer/songwriters at different tempos. And we are working on a new label. We'll look to sign our friends, talented people, and also some younger guys.
Who are some of the younger guys you are watching right now?
Tim: Lucas & Steve, Pep & Rash, Chocolate Puma - those guys are pretty young. [laughs]
Jurre: The young kids on the block! [laughs]
Now Chocolate Puma mentored you guys out of music school, right?
Tim: Yeah, around that time. A mutual friend of ours introduced us and boom, we clicked right away. Next thing you know we are making records and we had good chemistry right away.
For you guys, what's the next step in terms of your productions together?
Tim: Yes, we said we were going to do something, but we didn't get the chance to align our schedules to get in the studio. We've really said one track every year and we had "Lullaby" this year already.
What's been some of your favorite shows this year?
Jurre: Storm Festival in China.
Tim: Yeah and playing in Portugal. It was HUGE! On the beach, like 60,000-70,000 people.
Jurre: The biggest we played was close to 100,000 in Austria once, but our show in Portugal this year was so dope.
What are three must plays in your club sets?
Jurre: Definitely "Lullaby" still.
Tim: The collab between Chocolate Puma and Sander van Doorn - "Raise Your Hands Up." Love that track.
Jurre: What's the name of that other track, Tim?
Tim: "Levels" by Avicii. [laughs]
Anything else you guys wanted to mention?
Tim: We wanted to give a shout out to the user Pjanoo who often tracklists our sets - dude is nuts!
You can always hear the latest from Firebeatz in their weekly radio show, Firebeatz Radio [tracklists].
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