Tom Swoon's Exclusive Mix Showcases His Latest Releases

Aug 22, 2016
Tom Swoon's Exclusive Mix Showcases His Latest Releases
Tom Swoon has recently released six tracks over a two month period on major labels including Flamingo, Armada, and Maxximize. His hard work has paid off, and he has used his Exclusive Mix to showcase these releases as well as other music that he enjoys. While listening, dive deeper into how these tracks came to be and how Tom's musical background has impacted his career as a DJ and producer. 
What were you hoping to achieve your Exclusive Mix? What do you want listeners to take away from it?
I definitely want them to get to know Tom Swoon better – that was my main goal while mixing it up for you! Also I’ve decided to keep it radio show style, without the quick transitions I’m known for during my live sets, so you can hear the tracks I’ve picked for you in full this time. Hope you enjoy! :)
How did you select tracks for your Exclusive Mix? 
I wanted to showcase all of my recent and upcoming stuff, like “All The Way Down,” which is out on Revealed on August 22nd. Also, you’ll find three mashups I’ve made for my live sets and some of my favorite club tracks of the moment! That’s pretty much a small piece of what I present live as it’s getting even more crazy there, so if you want more, come down and see me spin!
You’re having a very busy summer in terms of releases on big labels (Flamingo, Armada, and Maxximize/Spinnin’). How does that feel?
Six releases in two months is definitely something crazy! I’ve been working on some of these records for a long time, but the way they got scheduled felt like a crazy ride from one release to another in no time! All of them are really different from each other too – I wanted to expand my sound as an artist and prove to myself that I’m capable of much more than just delivering the usual progressive house vibe while still staying true to what I do. I think it was a success, but I’m not done yet, expect more different music from my end! Fuck genres, right?
For “Phoenix,” Dank approached you with a demo for this track right after your Ultra set. What was your initial impression of him and how eager he was to work with you?
From the moment I met him, I saw a lot of determination – he really wanted me to check it out, so I plugged in the USB stick backstage and it turned out to be a really good demo!
What was it like working with Dank on “Phoenix”? How many iterations did you go through until you had it perfected?
I worked on the initial demo right after coming back from Miami. We had a really great time nailing it together, continuing to develop it online and discussing the direction over Skype. There were five different versions until we both were happy with the outcome, and that’s how “Phoenix” was born! Or should I say risen from the fire? :)
What was the inspiration for “Never Giving Up”? What was the production process like?
That was sort of a comeback to the classic “Tom Swoon” progressive vibe – with the uplifting melody in my head, and the strong message behind the lyrics I received. I sat down and sketched the main draft in no time. I always start with the hook, the main melody which drives the whole track. For me it’s the heart of the whole song. Then I work on the rest of arrangement, focusing on breakdown parts, lastly on FXes, intro and outro. It may sound like a quick process, but I really care a lot about the details, the small things here and there – my mixer is very often full until the FL Studio 99 track limit is reached. You can see that for example in my “Here I Stand” project walkthrough I’ve done for FL Studio back at Dancefair 2015 – you can check it out on YouTube!
How did you produce “Never Giving Up” to work with Jake Reese’s vocal? Do the lyrics have any special meaning to you?
I had heard the lyrics before and they were really locked down in my head. I decided to work on it with Jake again, after our first piece of music we did a while ago together with Lush & Simon: “Ahead Of Us.” The work for me was very natural and the track happened in no time because I felt that I can relate to the lyrics a lot. They are about someone special and the hard moments in life for one person in the relationship, which always reflects on the second one if you’re really close to each other, but that only makes the second one follow and still stick close no matter what because of the bond they share. Something like this happened once to me, and that’s why I feel myself standing so much behind this track.
How did you approach your edit to Hiisak’s “La Fanfarra”? What drew you to this track?
That’s another of my experiments – I wanted to create a strong track to begin my set with and get people going from the first moments of my set. I think we really touched base with this one! Hiisak is a super talented producer and I’ve been following his work for a while now, that’s how we got in touch!
Many of your tracks (including those mentioned above) have huge artist support. How does it feel to have so many other big artists supporting your tracks in their sets and mixes?
It always brings back a memory of seeing my first big artist support years ago. I remember when I saw for the first time that Tiësto played my track, I was running around the room, jumping and screaming, “No way, no waaaaay!” It’s crazy that now I’m being recognized immediately with many of these top guys whenever we see each other backstage or when I send a new track over to them. Feeling that someone you’ve been looking up to is now your colleague is truly amazing .
What is your early musical background?
It started with listening to all kinds of music, from ABBA to Metallica. I remember finding an old guitar at my grandparents’ place one day when I was maybe 14 years old. I immediately bought the strings, asked my classmate to tune it for me and I started practicing alone in my room after school. Eventually, this led me to getting an electric guitar and even playing for a while in a band with couple of friends!
How does your experience in a rock band impact your career as a DJ and producer?
I believe it really influenced my on stage behavior – if you ever saw me, you know what I’m talking about! Also, playing on the guitar just by reading tabs and even playing it by ear helped me a lot with music production, especially in the beginning when I had no knowledge base in production theory or songwriting – I just felt straight away what sounds good and what doesn’t.
What producers do you look up to? Are there any that have given you particularly helpful music or career advice over the years?
I’m a huge fan of Porter Robinson, Mat Zo and deadmau5. Even though I represent quite a different direction, they’ve been always a huge inspiration for me! I can’t really think of any advice I could receive in the past, but if I had to give one to my younger self, it would definitely be, “Be patient, work hard every day and be ready for all the sacrifices you’ll have to pay, as if you aim high, they’ll come for sure.”
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Manse vs. Tom Swoon vs. Lush & Simon - We Come Ahead Of Us (ak9 Mashup)
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